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Mennonite School of Nursing Junior-Senior banquet, May 14, 1930

Mennonite nurses, 1930.

Forty nurses, doctors, and supervisors attended the annual Mennonite School of Nursing banquet on May 14, 1930, held at the Illinois Hotel in downtown Bloomington. Eloise Lehmann of Pontiac and Eula Peden of Lexington, presidents of the junior and senior classes respectively, addressed those gathered, as did Dr. H.P. Sloan. Unfortunately we cannot tell you who’s who, since no one is identified in this photo.

Established in 1919 as the Mennonite Sanitarium Training School, this nursing program is known today as the Illinois State University Mennonite College of Nursing.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History

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