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McHistory: World War Two in McLean County

We dip into a half century of diaries of life in McLean County by a carpenter and handiman who wrote fiction and poetry and a log of his daily rounds in Bloomington Normal. Charles Morgan wrote of freight hopping to Kansas City, going to Nickelodeon movies in the nineteen teens, the 1918 flu which killed more than 3% of the world population. And in this episode of GLT's recurring series McHistory Morgan writes of World War Two.

Hear the audio here.

Contributors to this episode of "McHistory" include McLean County Museum of History Archivist Bill Kemp, Jeff Woodard, the museum Marketing Director. GLT's Charlie Schlenker produces McHistory, which is a co-production of WGLT and the Museum of History using the letters, diaries, and documents of days gone by.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History


Kevin Brown8/15/19 2:53pm

My Father David D. Brown was the first disabled veteran from Illinois to return home. He was injured on Guadalcanal. When he passed away I went to the VA office here in Bloomington to tie up any loose ends. The man in charge left the room to go to where the older files were kept. On his return he had a sad expression and stated that he was retiring #1. I have the card and an article from the Daily Pantagraph about his injury. Upon his return my Father was interviewed on WJBC for the Bloomington High School. I’ve since lost the transcript but remember fondly of reading it when I was a kid.

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