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McHistory: Civil War Letter Home After Battle

September 11th, 2013

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McHistory goes back in time to explore big moments and small stories from McLean County history. McHistory episodes can be heard periodically on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

And now, one of GLT's recurring features during Sound Ideas using letters, articles, and diaries from McLean County citizens written in times gone by.

Today's McHistory is about the Civil War Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which took place Dec. 7, 1862.

G.W. Howser died about a year and a half after writing the letter, on July 29th 1864 when the regiment was in Brownsville, Texas.

Contributors to this episode of McHistory include Museum Archivist Bill Kemp and Director Greg Koos and was produced by GLT's Charlie Schlenker. McHistory" is a co-production of WGLT and the McLean County Museum of History.

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