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Brokaw Hospital, Normal 1930s View

Brokaw Hospital, 1930s.

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center opened its doors way back in May 1896, though it was first called Deaconess Hospital. In 1901, it became Brokaw Hospital after a large donation by Bloomington plow maker Abram Brokaw. With expansion and the merger with Mennonite Hospital of Bloomington in 1991 came the “mash-up” name of BroMenn Regional Medical Center. The Advocate part of the name was introduced in 2010 when the hospital became part of the Oak Brook, IL-based Advocate Health Care system.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History


Lori1/24/20 3:05pm

Interesting information. I was looking up where I was born for a passport for my son and happened across this article.

Patricia Schmidgall McElwain2/25/21 1:06pm

I was born at Brokaw Hospital in 1937. I looked up the information to put in ‘My Story’ paper I’m writing for my children. I copied the paragraph but the picture did not copy. I do have a picture of my siblings and I on the steps of the hospital taken in the 1940s.

Glenn Frederick Wellman3/29/21 12:24pm

Ihave a certificate i was born 1939Brokaw Hospital Normal Ill but Brokaw Hospital was in Bloomington from i early memory 15/20 blocks north of Divison Street was that street more or was Brokaw always in Bloomington Whats the deal?? Thants!!!

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