Click here to download instructions to make your very own Thaumatrope, a 19th century optical...

Butter Making

When life gives you cream, turn it into butter! Click 

Pop-Up Museum

Bringing the MUSE 2U, literally this time! Click 

Eighth Circuit Challenge

Click here to download your own copy of the Museum’s Eighth Circuit Challenge game. And...

History Box

Help us preserve the history of McLean County by making your own 

Snack Analysis

Even snacks are artifacts of their time. Click 

TP Tube Car

What better way to commemorate #quarantinelife than immortalizing our most precious toilet paper tubes as cars so cool they’d be right...

Peel Out

Let’s remember that food is fuel! And this time ‘round, our food is fueling delicious and nutritious fun inspired by the Museum’s own...

Butter Cow Contest

Think you've got what it takes to make an udderly-impressive, blue ribbon-worthy butter cow?! Enter to 

Wash Your Hands Everybody

It bears repeating, wash your hands everybody! And with this catchy tune, you won't...

DIY Display Case

Curators take the whole PIE. Preservation, Interpretation, and Exhibition, that is. Show us your very best with this 

DIY Comic Book

There's nothing funny about creating comic books! Find out how to make your very own 

A. Lincoln Letter

When's the last time you wrote a 

DIY Rocket

Celebrate National Bike Month with a bike pump-powered 

Make It Count

The U.S. Census only comes 'round every 10 years, so make it count! Click 

Seed Planting

Let’s channel our inner farmers and grow some plants that we can eat! Watch a 

Mask About Town

Safety first! Anyone can help keep their community safe with a no-sew mask. Click 

Cookie Excavation

Can you dig it?! Click here for the...

Behind the Scenes

Get a sneak peak of what's in store for our Futures in History Camp 2.0! Click here to see behind the scenes!

Box Building

May is Preservation Month! To help celebrate, we are acting like eco-friendly architects. Click 


#ThisPlaceMatters and so do U! Click here for more ways to celebrate...

Architecture Hunt

Every day is a beautiful day to appreciate the architecture in your own neighborhood. Click 

Lotería Museo

If you thought BINGO was the name-o, you'll love Lotería Museo! 

How 2 Parade

People love a parade. Click here to...

What's in a Flag?

For more than 5,000 years flags have...

Poster Making

Consider a conflict that you want to help solve or a cause you want to defend. Will your 


What does freedom mean 2U? Celebrate Juneteenth, Freedom Day, with these 

Moon Sand

Don your nearest space suit and shoot for the moon with these pantry-friendly recipes for