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On the Square Quarterly Magazine -- Winter 2019/2020

Practicing Inclusion at the McLean County Museum of History

Museum Librarian Bill Kemp leads a group of students on a Social Justice tour.

The McLean County Museum of History welcomes and values all visitors. We are committed to representing the entire community by sharing your history, your story. In fact, it is part of our mission to “reflect the diversity of McLean County,” and we take that mission seriously. As an educational institution, the Museum’s job is to illuminate stories and foster opportunities for dialogue so people can learn from the experiences of one another—whether they lived 1,000 years ago or today. These stories must serve both as mirrors that reflect ourselves and as windows that allow us to view the wider world.

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http://www.mchistory.org/blog/winter-20134-newsletterRead about our upcoming events, stocking stuffers for sale at the museum, meet our fall interns (Jared Logan, Kenny Tymick, and Merry Thomas), a new board member (Nancy Flanagan), and a volunteer (Deb Amdor).

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