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Many McLean County residents developed varied skills and talents that they used in the field of entertainment.

Sid Smith

Many local visual artists have created works of beauty. But Sid Smith used his creative talents to make people laugh.

Food on the Run

Food service workers, whether cooks, wait staff, processors, or delivery or management personnel, all helped feed hungry residents, as well as travelers.


Warren Miller, (1926 – 1991), Steak 'n Shake worker

Entertaining the Crowds

A few of McLean County residents used their creative energies to provide entertainment to a broad audience.


Arthur Wilson “Bob” Tucker, (1914 – 2006), writer
Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn, (1854 – 1897), Baseball player

Circus Performers

Troupes of circus performers arrived in Bloomington as early as the 1860s. It wasn’t long afterwards that area youth began careers as trapeze artists.


Fred Green, (1858 – 1897), aerialist circus performer
Howard Green, (1867 – 1952), aerialist circus performer
Harry Green, (1867 – 1952), aerialist circus performers
George Valentine, (1898 – 1955), aerialist circus performer
Lorraine Mather Valentine, (1914 – 1987), aerialist circus performer

McLean County Vocalists

Talented McLean County vocalists have entertained locally and regionally. A few have found themselves on the international stage.


Marie Eugenia von Elsner (AKA Marie Litta), (1856 – 1883), vocalist