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Captain J.H. Burnham and his wife, Almira.

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Historical Sketch

  Captain J.H. Burnham came to McLean County in 1858 as a student at the State Normal University. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Teachers' Regiment (33rd Illinois Infantry Volunteer Regiment) and rose to the rank of captain. He served as editor of the Daily Pantagraph for three years and then started an iron bridge business (King Bridge Compnay) in 1867 which he continued for forty years. Captain Burnham was a founder of the McLean County Historical Society and a corresponding member of the Chicago Historical Society. He also was a teacher, active member in the Second Presbyterian Church, and was active in the community. He married Almira S. Ives in 1866. Captain Burnham was born in 1819 and died in 1917.

Scope and Contents Note

  This collection contains miscellaneous correspondence, essays, and talks given by J.H. Burnham.

Box and Folder Inventory

Folder 1:
Biographical Material
"Capt. J.H. Burnham Dead," Pantagraph, January 22, 1917, p. 7, c. 4-5


Folder 2:
An Ancient Indian Fort
"An Ancient Indian Fort," by J. H. Burnham, no date, 8 pgs (2 copies)
"An Ancient Indian Fort," by H.W. Beckwith and J.H. Burnham, 1881printed by Pantagraph Printing Establishment, 12 pg booklet, An 1880 description of the Kickapoo Stockade at Old Town Township, McLean Co. (2 copies)


Folder 3:
Bloomington Club
"Constitution, House Rules, and List of Members of The Bloomington Club of Bloomington, Illinois," December 1889, Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Co., personal copy 24 pgs


Folder 4:
Transactions of the McLean County Historical Society, v. 1, "Civil War Record of McLean County, Gen. Charles E. Hovey," 8 pgs, discusses the General of the 33rd Illinois Infantry Volunteer (2 copies)


Folder 5:
Forgotten Gift from McLean County
"A Forgotten Gift from McLean County," 15 pgs concerning book Personal Recollections 1849-1865, an account of McLean County and the Illinois State Sanitary Society 1864; A Civil War Hospital Organization (2 copies)


Folder 6:
Lincoln and Douglas
"Lincoln and Douglas in Bloomington; Being a Reprint of Lincolniana in Burnham's History of Bloomington, 1879," Dale Putman, 1936, 12 pgs (2 copies)


Folder 7:
MCHS Collection
"Some of Our Collection," by J.H. Burnham, 2 pgs, A description of the McLean Co. Historical Society Collection, (3 copies)


Folder 8:
Normal University
"Some Influences Which Led to the Founding of the Normal University," A paper by J.H. Burnham, delivered at the Founders Day Banquet, February 18, 1909 (2 copies)


Folder 9:
Prehistoric Copper
"Pre-Historic Copper," by J.H. Burnham, MS 12 pgs (2 copies)
Letter from E.H. Hamilton to Burnham, February 19, 1911; on copper found at Arrowsmith Battle Site, copper artifacts and drift copper found in McLean Co.


Folder 10:
Deceased Members of MCHS
"Our Recently Departed Members," typed MS, 11 pgs, biographical sketches of 5 members of McLean County Historical Society (Dr. Samuel Bishop, Hon. L.H. Kerrick, J. Berry Orendorff, Mrs. J.N. Ward, and Mrs. W.M. Marmon) ( 2 copies)


Folder 11:
Days of the Red Men
"Days of the Red Men," Bulletin, December 5, 1897, news article on Arrowsmith Battlefield (2 copies)


Folder 12:
War Record of Mt. Hope and Vicinity
"The War Record of Mount Hope and Vicinity," by J.H. Burnham, typed MS, 3 pgs (2 copies)


Folder 13:
War Record of LeRoy and Vicinity
"War Record of LeRoy and Vicinity," by J.H. Burnham, typed MS, 3 pgs, from Blackhawk War to Civil War (2 copies)


Folder 14:
Regt. Banners
"Regimental Banners of the 33rd Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry," typed MS, 14 pgs (2 copies)


Folder 15:
Randolph Mounds
"The Randolph Mound and McLean County Indian Relics Discussed," by Mr. J.H. Burnham, Bulletin, December 9, 1900, account of Mound excavation and local Indian tradition (2 copies)


Folder 16:
"A Tribute to E.M. Prince," typed MS, 15 pgs, Ezra Prince was a Founder of McLean County Museum of Historical Society and its most energetic Historian (2 copies)


Folder 17:
Burnham/Way Correspondence-- Flags
Letter to J.H. Burnham from United States Department of Agriculture, Division of Statistics (V.Way), December 22, 1904, letter on 33rd battle flags (2 copies)


Folder 18:
Burnham/Lewis Correspondence
Letter from J.H. Burnham to Captain E.J. Lewis, December 15, 1897, pension for Mrs. C.E. Hovey


Folder 19:
Burnham/Way Correspondence-History
Letter from J.H. Burnham to V.G. Way, October 23, 1908, letter on Prince and Burnham's History of McLean Co. and news article on dismantling Franklin Park Monument.


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