Portrait and signature of Adlai E. Stevenson II.

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Bob Hope and Adlai E. Stevenson II at the Governor's Mansion in Springfield, Illinois before Hope's performance at the Illinois State Fair.
(Photograph located in the Lawrence Irvin Photograph Collection)


Adlai E. Stevenson II campaigning at the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Depot in Bloomington (Photograph located in the Lawrence Irvin Photograph Collection)


Adlai E. Stevenson II, his sister Elizabeth Stevenson-Ives, and two of his three sons
at the Govenor's Mansion in Springfield, Illinois.
(Photograph located in the Lawrence Irvin Photograph Collection)


Historical Sketch

 Adlai Ewing Stevenson II was born in Los Angeles, California on February 5, 1900. He is the grandson of Adlai E. Stevenson I who served as vice president during Grover Cleveland's second term (1893-1897). Adlai Stevenson II grew up in Bloomington on East Washington Street. He attended University High School in Normal, then attended the Choate Preparatory School.

Adlai graduated from Princeton and earned a law degree from Northwestern. During World War II, he worked for the U.S. Navy and State Department. He also played a leading role in the establishment of the United Nations. In 1948, Adlai was elected governor of Illinois. As governor, he helped cleanup government by reducing politics in state hiring practices. He also opposed the anti-communist hysteria of "McCarthyism."

Stevenson had two unsuccessful attempts at running for president in 1952 and 1956. His opponent was Dwight D. Eisenhower. John F. Kennedy appointed him US Ambassador to the United Nations. Stevenson was known as an eloquent orator and speech writer.

 Stevenson married Ellen Borden in 1928 and built a home in Libertyville, Illinois. They divorced in 1949. Adlai Ewing Stevenson II suffered a heart attack and died on July 14, 1965 in London, England. He is buried at Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in Bloomington.

Scope and Contents Note

  This collection contains magazine articles and speeches concerning Adlai E. Stevenson II.


Box and Folder Inventory

BOX 1: Speeches, 1952 Campaign

Folder 1: Inventory List
Chicago Convention through Western Tour (July 21 - Sept. 15)
Eastern Tour through First Chicago Broadcast (Sept. 18-29)
Midwestern and Southern Tours (Oct. 3-12)
Second Western and Southern Tours (Oct. 14-20)
Final Tour


Folder 2: July 21 to August 14, 1952
Chicago, Ill. Stops--
Democratic National Convention; Welcoming Address; July 21
Statement upon leaving Blair home after nomination; July 26
Democratic National Convention; Acceptance of Nomination; July 26
Convention - Introducing Sen. Sparkman; July 26
Springfield, Ill. Stops--
Homecoming; July 28
Illinois State Fair; August 14


Folder 3: August 27 to August 30, 1952
New York City; American Legion Convention; August 27
Asbury Park, N.J.; August 27
New York City Stops--
Volunteers Luncheon, Waldorf Astoria Hotel; August 28
N. Y. State Democratic Convention; Civil Rights; August 28
Liberal Party Convention; August 28
Springfield, Ill.
Remarks to Press; August 29
Broadcast to Armed Forces Overseas; August 30


Folder 4: September 1 to September 8, 1952
Grand Rapids, Michigan; The Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy; September 1
Detroit, Michigan; Labor Policy, September 1
Michigan Stops--
Hamtramck Peace and Freedom in Europe; September 1
Pontiac; September 1
Flint; Social Security and Health Insurance; September 1
Denver, Colorado--
Volunteers Dinner, Shirley-Savoy Hotel; Change; September 5
Municipal Auditorium; September 5
Kasson, Minnesota; Farm Policy; September 6
Cheyenne, Wyoming; McCormack Jr. High School Auditorium; September 6
Portland, Oregon--
Editors and Publishers Luncheon and Q&A; September 8
Benson High School Theater-Picnic; September 8
Seattle, Washington; Civic Ice Arena - Natural Resources; September 8


Folder 5: September 9 to September 12, 1952
San Francisco, California; Veterans' Memorial Auditorium - Foreign Policy; September 9
California Stops--
San Jose whistle stop; September 10
Tracy whistle stop; September 10
Modesto whistle stop; September 10
Merced whistle stop; September 10
Madera whistle stop; September 10
Fresno whistle stop; September 10
Tulare whistle stop; September 10
Bakersfield whistle stop; September 10
Los Angeles Birthplace; September 11
Los Angeles, California--
Town Hall; Corruption; September 11
Shrine Auditorium; "The Promise of the Future;" September 11
Phoenix, Arizona; Fox Theater; September 12
Tucson, Arizona; September 12
Albuquerque, New Mexico; September 12


Folder 6: September 18 to September 29, 1952
Bridgeport, Connecticut; September 18
New Haven, Connecticut; September 18
Connecticut Stops--
Seymour; September 18
Beacon Falls; September 18
Naugatuck; September 18
Waterbury; Connecticut September 18
Bristol; September 18
New Britain; September 18
Hartford, Conn. Bushnell Auditorium; Atomic Energy; September 18
Connecticut stops; East Hartford; September 19
Enfield Village; September 19
Springfield, Massachusetts; City Hall Building; September 19
Washington, D. C.; National Airport; September 20
Quantico Marine Corps Base, Va.; Reason for Korea; September 20
Virginia Stops--
Fredericksburg; September 20
Richmond; Mosque Auditorium; The South and Civil Rights; September 20
New York City; A.F. of L. Convention; Labor Policy; September 22
Baltimore, Maryland
Fifth Regional Armory; Inflation; September 23
Volunteers Breakfast, Sheraton-Belvedere Hotel; Comments on Illinois Fund, September 24
Evansville, Indiana; Courthouse Square, 2 copies; September 26
Indiana Stops--
Evansville; Vendome Hotel; September 26
Indianapolis; New York Street; September 26
Indianapolis; Economy in Government; September 26
Paducah, Kentucky; Court House Square; September 27
Louisville, Kentucky; Korean War - "The Road to Peace;" September 27
Chicago, Illinois; Fireside Broadcast; October 2


Folder 7: October 3 to October 8, 1952
Kentucky Stops--
Covington; October 3
Newport; October 3
Cincinnati, Ohio; Netherland Plaza Hotel; October 3
Columbus, Ohio; October 3
Fort Dodge, Iowa; Airport; Farm Policy; October 4
Minneapolis, Minnesota; October 4
St. Paul, Minnesota; October 5
Saginaw, Michigan; Municipal Auditorium; October 7
Ypsilanti, Michigan; October 7
Michigan Stops--
Willow Run Village; October 7
Wayne; October 7
River Rouge; October 7
Detroit, Masonic Temple; Communism; October 7
Madison, Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin; October 8
Hotel Lorraine; October 8
Wisconsin Stops--
Lake Mills; October 8
Waukesha; October 8
Milwaukee; Milwaukee Arena; October 8


Folder 8: October 9 to October 12, 1952
St. Joseph, Missouri; October 9
Kansas City, Missouri; World War II Memorial Hall; October 9
Illinois Stops--
Alton; October 9
Wood River; October 9
Granite City; October 9
Brooklyn; October 9
East St. Louis; October 9
St. Louis, Missouri; Kiel Auditorium; October 9
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
City Auditorium steps; October 10
Skirvin Hotel; October 10
New Orleans, Louisiana; Beauregard Square; October 10
Miami, Florida; Bay Front Park; October 11
Tampa, Florida; Phillips Field; October 11
Nashville, Tennessee; War Memorial Auditorium; October 11
Springfield, Illinois; Fund-raising Broadcast; October 12


Folder 9: October 14 to October 20, 1952
Casper, Wyoming
City-County Building; October 14
V. F. W. Luncheon; October 14
Salt Lake City, Utah
Roof Garden, Hotel Utah; October 14
Mormon Tabernacle; October 14
Spokane, Washington; October 15
Pendleton, Oregon; Airport; October 15
San Francisco, California; Cow Palace; October 15
California Stops--
Berkley (University of California); October 16
Richmond; City Hall Square; October 16
Vallejo; City Hall Square; October 16
Sacramento, California; State Capitol Building; October 16
Los Angeles, California
Boulevard Theater; October 16
Fireside Broadcast; October 16
Shrine Auditorium; October 16
San Diego, California; U.S. Grant Hotel; October 17
Fort Worth, Texas; Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium; October 17
Texas Stops--
Grand Prairie; October 17
Dallas, Fair Park; States' Rights and the Tidelands; October 17
Uvalde; Home of John Garner; October 18
San Antonio; Milan Square; October 18
San Antonio; Alamo Plaza; October 18
Houston; Music Hall; October 18
Springfield, Illinois
Capitol Airport; October 18 (4 copies)
State Armory; October 20


Folder 10: October 21 to October 23, 1952
Illinois Whistle Stops--
Decatur; October 21
Champaign; October 21
Kankakee; October 21
Tolono; October 21
Chicago, Illinois
Second Fireside Broadcast; October 21
N.Y. Herald Tribune Forum; October 21
South Bend, Indiana
Railroad station; October 22
Notre Dame University; October 22
Indiana Whistle Stop--
Elkhart; October 22
Toledo, Ohio; Court House Square; October 22
Ohio Whistle Stops--
Sandusky; October 22
Elyria; October 22
Buffalo, N. Y.; Buffalo Memorial Auditorium; October 22
New York Whistle Stop--
Dunkirk; October 23


Folder 11: October 24 to October 27, 1952
Erie, Pennsylvania; October 23
Ashtabula, Ohio; October 23
Youngstown, Ohio; October 23
Ohio Whistle Stop--
Ravenna; October 23
Akron, Ohio; October 23
Cleveland, Ohio
Cleveland Arena; Nixon, McCarthy, and the Hiss Deposition; October 23
New York Whistle Stops--
Niagara Falls; October 24
Rochester; October 24
Canandaigua; October 24
Geneva; October 24
Seneca Falls; October 24
Auburn; October 24
Syracuse; October 24
Rome; October 24
Utica; October 24
Little Falls; October 24
Amsterdam; October 24
Schenectady; October 24
Albany; October 24
Troy, N. Y.; Rensselaer Poly-Tech Institute; October 24
Springfield, Illinois; United Nations Day Broadcast (recorded October 6); October 24
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; Nelson House Balcony; October 25
Massachusetts Whistle Stops--
Pittsfield; October 25
Springfield; October 25
Worchester; October 25
Framingham; October 25
Boston, Massachusetts--
Boston Globe Youth Forum, Statler Hotel; October 25
Mechanics Hall; October 25
Veterans Breakfast, Statler Hotel; October 26
Volunteers group, Statler Hotel; October 26
Massachusetts Stops--
Fall River; National Guard Armory; October 26
New Bedford; October 26
Quincy; October 27
Brockton; October 27
Attleboro; October 27


Folder 12: October 27 to October 29, 1952
Providence, R. I.; City Hall steps; October 27
Rhode Island Whistle Stop
Woonsocket; October 27
Connecticut Whistle Stops--
Putnam; October 27
Norwich; October 27 (2 copies)
New London; October 27
New Haven; October 27
Bridgeport, Conn; Kline Auditorium; October 27
New York City
Harlem; October 27
Garment District; October 28
New Jersey Stops--
Paterson; East Side High School; October 28
Garfield; October 28
Newark; October 28
Jersey City; Housing Development; October 28 (2 copies)
New York City; Madison Square Garden; October 28
Pennsylvania Whistle Stops--
Scranton; October 29
Wilkes-Barre; October 29
Allentown; October 29
Bethlehem; October 29
Hazleton; October 29
Philadelphia, Pa.; Independence Hall; October 29
Camden, N. J.; City Hall steps; October 29
Philadelphia, Pa.
Volunteer Dinner, Broadwood Hotel; October 29
Convention Hall; October 29
New York City; Broadcast sponsored by International Ladies Garment Workers Union recorded October 28; October 29


Folder 13: October 30 to November 1, 1952
Pennsylvania Whistle Stops--
Pottstown; October 30
Reading; October 30
Lancaster; October 30
York; October 30
Harrisburg; October 30
Altoona; October 30
Johnstown; October 30
Pittsburg, Pa.; Hunt Armory; October 30
New York City
Broadcast sponsored by Liberal Party; October 31
Springfield Gardens, Long Island; October 31
Brooklyn Academy of Music; October 31
Ohio Whistle Stops--
Alliance; November 1
Canton; November 1
Mansfield; November 1
Crestline; November 1
Bucyrus; November 1
Lima; November 1
Indiana Whistle Stops--
Fort Wayne; November 1
Gary; November 1
Chicago, Illinois; Chicago Stadium; November 1


BOX 2: Periodicals

Folder 1:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Time (2 copies) January 28, 1952 cover, 16 His background
Atlantic February 1952 cover Gambling
New Yorker March 22, 1952 104 New Hampshire Primary results

Folder 2:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
New Yorker April 12, 1952 104 Truman Doesn't Run
Newsweek April 14, 1952 cover, 31 Reluctant Darkhorse
Harpers April 1952 62 Independent voters
Foreign Affairs April 1952 349 Korea by Stevenson

Folder 3:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Townsfolk April 1952 cover Sister Buffie Ives
Reporter July 8, 1952 18 Reluctant Candidate
US News & World Report August 1, 1952 cover If Stevenson is President
Reporter August 18, 1952 cover, 6 Democratic Convention
Democrat Digest Aug-Sept 1952 cover, 2 "I will fight to win"
Time (2 copies) October 27, 1952 cover, 23 The Campaign

Folder 4:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Virginia October 1952 12 Stevenson Virginia Ancestry
Mercury October 1952 11 Case Against Stevenson
New Yorker November 22, 1952 13 Election
Princeton Alumni Nov. 28, 1952 8 Stevenson Background
American Astrology November 1952 3 Cosmic Picture

Folder 5:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
America Dec. 13, 1952 301 Daily Worker on Stevenson
America Dec. 20, 1952 326 Senator McCarthy
Reporter March 3, 1953 29 The Stevenson Phenomenon
Harpers March 1953 23 What Do Democrats Do Now?
Newsweek Sept. 14, 1953 cover, 3 Can Stevenson Lead the Outs In?
Harpers September 1953 ? ?

Folder 6:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Harpers November 1953 56 Seeing the World with Stevenson
Harpers April 1954 25 Reputation of the Government
Princeton Alumni Weekly July 2, 1954 cover, 4 Honorary Degree
Newsweek (2 copies) Nov. 14, 1955 cover, 37 The Man from Illinois
Coronet December 1955 74 If I were 21

Folder 7:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
New Republic January 16, 1956 7 The Waiting Game
Harpers February 1956 31 Party of 2nd Part
New Republic May 7, 1956 6 Why Stevenson?
TV Guide Aug. 19-24, 1956 ? ?
Time August 27, 1956 9 Candidate Stevenson
Newsweek August 27, 1956 cover, 23 Names are Same as '52
Golf World August 31, 1956 cover, 3 Political Play

Folder 8:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Democratic Convention August 1956 General Directory
Democratic Digest August 1956 General Directory
New Republic Sept. 24, 1956 5, 10 Liberalism
Newsweek October 8, 1956 53 Eggheads
Progressive October 1956 3 Business Men should Vote Democratic
Democratic Digest October 1956 cover General

Folder 9:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Newsweek Nov. 5, 1956 23 Election
Stephens College Bulletin November 1957 5 Wake up USA
Foreign Aspects of
National Security
Feb. 25, 1958 26 What Kind of World?
Harpers August 1961 cover, 21 US under Pressure
New Republic Dec. 15, 1962 7 Why Stevenson?

Folder 10:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Princeton Alumni Weekly March 1, 1963 cover, 5 Clipping of Cover
Newsweek Dec. 9, 1963 ? LBJ Takes Over
Cathedral Age Spring 1965 10 Address by Stevenson
Newsweek August 2, 1965 2 Letter to editor from Sydney Lawrence, Normal
ISU Alumni Quarterly September 1965 2 ISNU Honors Stevenson
Chicago Today Fall 1965 39 Article by Sid Yates

Folder 11:

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Northwestern University Law Review Sept-Oct 1965 419 Articles about Stevenson
Northwestern University Law Review Fall 1965 2 Some Friends of Stevenson
Harpers November 1965 18 Foot Notes on Stevenson
Saturday Review July 9, 1966 19 A new vision
Chicago Bar Record September, 1966 413 Adlai Stevenson
Princeton Alumni Weekly Dec. 3, 1968 cover, 7, 8 Memorial to Stevenson

Folder 12: Miscellaneous

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
In Memoriam, Adlai Stevenson, 1952      
Stevenson Speaks, A Candid portrait of the candidate and his ideas      
American Heritage October 1973 20 Roy Jenkins essay
American Heritage Aug./Sept. 1984 49 1960 campaign



BOX 3: Oversize Periodicals

Folder 1: Periodical Clippings

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Look May 19, 1953 cover  
Life March 2, 1953 94-105 Candidate tells candid story
Colliers October 28, 1955 25-27, 50-55 The Democrats, they're off And running for '56
Northwestern Alumni News October 1964 14 Picture
Colliers October 11, 1952 70-73 Adlai's Lady
Red Book June, 1956 28-31+ Adlai, Jr.
Ladies Home Journal December, 1955 62+ My brother Adlai
Look May 19, 1953 29-35 Report by Adlai Stevenson
The New Yorker July 24, 1965 17-23 The talk of the town

Folder 2: Non-Stevenson Periodicals

Magazine Date Descriptions
Unity November-December, 1952  
Life July 13, 1962 The chips are down for J.F.K.
Life   John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition
Life November 29, 1963 President John F. Kennedy 1917-1963
Addresses Delivered:    
The Dedication Ceremonies of The George C. Marshall Research Library; May 23, 1964    
Newsweek August 9, 1965 The next twenty years: The Bomb, Hiroshima, 1945

Oversize (laying flat in Box 3)

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
Saturday Evening Post April 2, 1949 17 Rebel in Illinois
New York Times Magazine February 3, 1952 8 Picture
Life March 24, 1952 cover, 28 New Hampshire Primary results
New York Times Magazine April 13, 1952 11 His background
Colliers April 19, 1952 34 Reluctant Darkhorse
Saturday Evening Post June 28, 1952 26 He'd Rather not be President
Life (2 copies) August 4, 1952 cover, 20 Stevenson Wrestles with Problem
Life March 2, 1953 94 Candidate Tells a Story
This Week March 29, 1953 cover What I Learned about
Look (2copies) May 19, 1953 cover, 29 Report on World Tour
Look June 2, 1953 34 Report on Indochina & Philippines
Look June 14, 1953 49 Report on South East Asia
Look June 30, 1953 70 What Asia Thinks of Adlai
Look July 14, 1953 38 Will India Go Communist
Look August 11, 1953 38 No Peace for Israel
Look August 25, 1953 54 West Builds Balkan Barrier
Look Sept. 8, 1953 60 Five Questions about Europe
New York Times Magazine Sept. 13, 1953 9 Stevenson of Libertyville
Look Sept. 22, 1953 40 The World I Saw
Look Sept. 20, 1955 44 Ike's Failures
Saturday Evening Post (2) October 22, 1955 28 Stevenson Girds for Battle
Colliers October 28, 1955 cover, 25 Demo's are off and Running for '56
Ladies Home Journal (3) October 1955 62 My Brother Adlai
Fortune October 1955 126 Stevenson on Modern Capitalism
Look Nov. 15, 1955 44 The Giant Awakens
Life Nov. 28, 1955 53 Democrat '56 Preview


BOX 4: Oversize Periodicals

Magazine Date Cover / pg. # Descriptions
New York Times Magazine May 27, 1956 11 Best Handshaker?
New York Times Magazine August 12, 1956 8  
Life August 27, 1956 cover, 20 Democrat Convention
Courier-Journal Magazine September 30, 1956 cover, 7 Stevenson Kentucky Background
Saturday Evening Post (2) October 6, 1956 cover, 32 Case for Democrats
Colliers October 12, 1956 cover, 23 As his Sons see Him
Schweizer Illustrated October 29, 1956 cover, 2 (in German)
New York Times Magazine November 11, 1956 13 Private Citizen Stevenson
This Week November 10, 1957 9 My Roommate Rules Muslims by John Fell
Parade November 4, 1956 cover, 12 Vote
New York Times Magazine December 22, 1957 8 Stevenson Back in Limelight
Ladies Home Journal April 1960 76 Stevenson by Margaret Parton
New York TimesMagazine October 1, 1961 cover Stevenson at United Nations
Look October 10, 1961 37 Stevenson in Middle
Saturday Evening Post December 8, 1962 15 In Time of Crisis
Saturday Evening Post January 26, 1963 14 Ike - Danger from Within
Holiday June 1963 36 Mr. Ambassador
New York Times Magazine March 8, 1964 cover  
McCalls October 1964 112 Peace, War by Stevenson
McCalls November 1964 80 24 Hours in Life of Stevenson
Life July 23, 1965 cover, 23 Stevenson of Illinois
Look August 24, 1965 71 Stevenson's Last Article
Look November 30, 1965 81 The Final Troubled Hours of Adlai Stevenson


BOX 5: United Nations Addresses

Folder 1:

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
August 15, 1961 International Astronomical Union, Berkley, CA--Issues USA will raise at the coming United Nations meeting
September 18, 1961 United Nations, New York, NY--On the death of Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold
October 16, 1961 Inter-American Press Association, New York, NY--Addresses on issues
October 23, 1961 American Association for the United Nations--United Nations Day address about the United Nations
November 15, 1961 United Nations, New York, NY--Statement on disarmament
November 16, 1961 United Nations, New York, NY--Statement on Congo situation
November 17, 1961 Fordham Law School, New York, NY--Dedication of new law building

Folder 2:

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
January 3, 1962 Armstrong Circle Theatre Television Broadcast, CBS, New York, NY-- Remarks (2 copies)
January 14, 1962 Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, New York, NY--Received award (America's Democratic Legacy Award) and made remarks (2 copies)
February 22, 1962 Women's National Press Club, Washington, DC--About United Nations
March 6, 1962 Colgate University, Hamilton, NY--Role of the United States in the United Nations
March 8, 1962 North Carolina State College, Raleigh, NC--United Nations
March 13, 1962 American Association for the United Nations, Washington, DC--United Nations
April 13, 1962 Lake Forest College, Lake Forrest, IL--About the United Nations for an African Seminar
April 29, 1962 ABC-TV Program "Adlai Stevenson Reports," New York, NY--Paired with William C Foster, Director, United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and hosted by Arnold Michaelis; questions to Stevenson about the United Nations
May 13, 1962 ABC-TV Program "Adlai Stevenson Reports," New York, NY--With guest Barbara Ward, hosted by Arnold Michaelis; regarding Lady Jackson
May 29, 1962 United Nations Correspondents Association, New York, NY--Questions to Stevenson and his answers about the United Nations
June 3, 1962 Boston University, Boston, MA--Commencement address regarding the United Nations
June 8, 1962 Princeton University, Princeton, NJ--Addressed the class of 1922 on the occasion of their 40th anniversary reunion
June 10, 1962 Tufts University, Medford, MA--Commencement address
June 20, 1962 Seattle "Century 21" Exhibition, Seattle, WA--Re: United Nations Day at the fair (also, a copy of the speech as printed in the AAUN News published by the American Association for the United Nations, July-August 1962 issue)

Folder 3:

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
July 9, 1962 Economic and Social Council, Geneva, Switzerland--"United Nations Development Decade"
September 20, 1962 United Nations in Plenary Session, New York, NY--Review of year
September 21, 1962 United Nations in Plenary Session, New York, NY--Statement in response to the Soviet Representative
September 22, 1962 Emancipation Proclamation Ceremonies, Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC--100th anniversary of Emancipation Proclamation
October 22, 1962 United Nations in Plenary Session, New York, NY--Statement on admission of China to the United Nations
October 23, 1962 United Nations in Plenary Session, New York, NY--Cuban missile crisis
October 25, 1962 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Statement on Cuban situation (Press release no. 4073)
October 25, 1962 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Statement on Cuban situation (Press release no. 4074) (Includes the famous line "Do you, Ambassador Zorin, deny that the the USSR has placed and is placing medium and intermediate range missiles and sites in Cuba? Yes o no--don't wait for translation--yes or no. ... I am prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over..."
November 9, 1962 United Nations Plenary Session, New York, NY--Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt
November 17, 1962 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY--Eulogy at the memorial service for Eleanor Roosevelt

Folder 4:

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
January 22, 1963 Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, Fund for the Republic, 10th Anniversary Convocaton--New York, NY--Prospects for Democracy
February 18, 1963 University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN--Acceptance of the 10th Annual Patriotism Award of the Senior Class and remarks at the University's Washington Birthday exercises
February 19, 1963 Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Chicago, IL--Review of history at the 40th Anniversary Kick-off Luncheon
March 13, 1963 Senate Subcommittee on International Organization Affairs of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC--Foreign relations status and work of the United Nations
April 17, 1963 Organization of American States, Pan American Union, Washington, DC--Pan American Day address on "Our Hemisphere: The Long and Short Views"
May 8, 1963 American Red Cross Annual Convention, Philadelphia, PA--On the United Nations
May 9, 1963 DePaul University, Chicago, IL--Remarks at the Annual Scholarship Dinner
June 7, 1963 Memphis Metropolitan Airport, Memphis, TN--Dedication address
June 12, 1963 Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA--Commencement address
July 10, 1963 United Nations, 36th Session of the Economic and Social Council, Geneva, Switzerland--Remarks (Second copy formatted differently)
July 26, 1963 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Remarks on signing the Test-ban Treaty
July 26, 1963 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Statement on Portuguese Territories

Folder 5:

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
August 2, 1963 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Statement on South African Questions
August 28, 1963 United Nations Security Council, New York, NY--Statement on Israeli-Syrian Question
September 22, 1963 Church Center for the United Nations, New York, NY--Address as the consecration ceremony
October 1, 1963 Committee III, United Nations, New York, NY--Statement on the Draft Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination
October 15, 1963 Committee I, Nations, New York, NY--Statement on Nuclear Weapons Testing
October 15, 1963 Planned Parenthood-World Population, Annual Banquet, New York, NY--Address
October 16, 1963 United Nations Plenary Session, New York, NY--Statement on Chinese representation
October 25, 1963 Memorial Theatre, Dallas, TX--United Nations Day address (18th anniversary of the UN Charter)
November 7, 1963 Grave of Eleanor Roosevelt, Hyde Park, NY--Graveside tribute at Memorial Services
November 18, 1963 New York Hilton Hotel, New York, NY--Address at a testimonial dinner honoring William J. Pachler, President of the Utility Workers Union of Ameerica, AFL-CIO (for the benefit of the AFl-CIO Committee for the UN)
November 20, 1963 United Nations, New York, NY--Statement on Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination
November 26, 1963 United Nations, New York, NY--Statement in tribute to President John F. Kennedy
December 2, 1963 United Nations, New York, NY--Statement regarding international cooperation in peaceful uses of outer space
December 4, 1963 Security Council, United Nations, New York, NY--Statement on the Question of Apartheid in South Africa
December 10, 1963 National Archives, Washington, DC--Address at Human Rights Day Ceremony
December 18, 1963 Press Conference, UN Headquarters, New York, NY--Press conference to discuss the work of the UN on the adjournment of the 18th session of the General Assembly

Folder 6: Miscellaneous; "Progress Despite Problems"

Date delivered Organization/group spoken to and place--subject
Part I: A list of actions of major importance taken by the 16th General Assembly, first session, compiled by Dorothy Crook (Includes a brief summary of principal resolutions passed by the Assembly and the U.S. position on each), 10 pages. (Page 10 lists topics and materials available for programs and discussion groups.)
Part II: Round up of the second session of the 16th General Assembly, January 15 to February 23, 1962, also by Dorothy Crook, 2 pages
January 30, 1962 Message of President Kennedy to Congress asking authority to purchase part of a United Nations bond issue (as reported by the New York Times)
April 28, 1962 Article by Arthur Larson in the Saturday Review, text of a speech titled "Road Map For the U.N." (Larson was Director of the World Rule of Law Center at Duke University)
September, 1962 Issue of the "AAUN News" published by the American Association for the United Nations (Includes an article by Arthur Larson entitled "Do It Through the UN." Larson is reported to have served as Director of the US Information Agency and as Special Assistant to President Eisenhower prior to his position at Duke)


BOX 6: Memorials and Tributes

Folder 1: Publications
1965 United Nations 20th anniversary, 1945-1965, "In memoriam 1900-1965, Adlai E. Stevenson."
March-April, 1965 Focus Midwest, Vol. 4, Nos. 3 & 4, "A Memorial to Adlai E. Stevenson 1900-1965.
September 5, 1965 The Clarion, Parish Newspaper of the First Presbyterian Church, Springfield, IL, "Adlai and You and I."
Sept.-Oct. 1965 Northwestern University Law Review, Vol. 60, No. 4, "In Memoriam: Adlai E. Stevenson." Articles by John Ritchie, Otto Kerner, Carl McGowan and Newton N. Minow.
January 26, 2000 The Cook-Witter Report, "Exhibit to Honor Adlai Stevenson."
Undated "The Stevenson Memorial Room," Illinois State University, Normal.


Folder 2: Resolutions, Proclamations, Tributes and Memorials
July 16, 1965 Proclamation by Illinois State University (4 copies).
July 19, 1965 Memorial Ceremony at United Nations General Assembly Hall. Speakers: His Excellency U Thant, secretary general of the U.N.; His excellence Dr. Carlos Sosa-Rodriguez, permanent representative of the U.N. and president of the Eighteenth Session of the U.N. General Assembly; Mr. Archibald MacLeish; and The Honorable Dean Rusk, secretary of state of the United States of America.
August 9. 1965 Resolution by city council of Bloomington Illinois (3 photocopies).
October 19, 1965 Tribute by Senator Eugene J. McCarthy.
October 24 [no year] Tribute by the Adlai Stevenson Committee on United Nations Day.
Undated, A memorial to Adlai E. Stevenson - The Adlai E. Stevenson Institute.
Undated Enrolled House Concurrent Resolution No. 571, "A concurrent resolution expressing profound sorry and regret on behalf of the people of Oklahoma upon the untimely death of Adlai Ewing Stevenson ..." (2 copies).


Folder 3: Dedications
October 26, 1965 Agenda for dedication ceremony at the site of Adlai E. Stevenson's birthplace, 2639 Monmouth Avenue, Los Angeles.
February 15, 1967 Bust dedication ceremony program, sculptor Frederick Shrady. Speaker is The Honorable John B. Martin. Does not say where the bust is located. (2 copies of program.)
November 9, 1968 Bust presented by the class of 1922 to Princeton University, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, sculptor Elisabeth Gordon Chandler (3 copies of program).
February 5, 1969 Dedication of Adlai E. Stevenson Hall, Illinois State University, Normal (2 printed programs and agenda of groundbreaking ceremonies December 21, 1966).
February 18, 1969 Dedication for Stevenson Tower, a 10-story addition to the Lincoln Douglas housing complex at Eastern Illinois University, Charleston (program and news clipping from Eastern News).
September 10, 1978 Dedication of "Portrait Bust in Bronze" at Bloomington Public Library, sculptor W. Douglas Hartley (9 copies of program and related leaflet).


Folder 4: Exhibit
January 30- "Vision for a Great Tomorrow," documentary exhibit at the Illinois State
March 19, 2000 Museum, Springfield. "Remembering Adlai Stevenson II, a related lecture in celebration of his centennial birthday, by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., February 17, 2000, at the Howlett Building Auditorium, Springfield, Ill., presented by Illinois State Historical Library and University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs. (Materials include printed copies of Schlesinger's speech, a program, a brochure about the Stevenson family and an invitation to the lecture.)


Folder 5: Scripts
October 25, 1965 Kiwanis Party, Illinois House
August 27, 1968 Memorial Program Adlai E. Stevenson, Democratic National Convention, script for Ralph Bellamy, Paul Newman and Dare Schary.


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