Paul Purnell in his University High School football uniform in 1957.

Paul Purnell


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Paul Purnell as an instructor with his dog, Gung Ho.


Paul Purnell in Vietnam.



Paul Purnell Life Timeline


3/31/1939 - Purnell is born and raised in Momence, IL (in Kankakee Co.)

9/1945-6/1946 - Attended Momence Grade School

9/1946-6/1947 - Had moved with his family and attended Grant Park Grade School in Grant Park, IL

1947 - Moved with family to Normal, IL

9/1947-6/1953 - Attended the Illinois Soldier's and Sailor's Children's School in Normal, IL

9/1953-6/1957 - Attended University High School in Normal while living at 400 East Lincoln Street

6/1957 - Graduated from University High

9/1957-3/1959 - Attended Illinois State Normal University as a History Major while living at 304 North School Street and at the YMCA on Washington Street in Bloomington


3/1959 - Joined up with the Marine Corps

3/1959-6/1959 - Lived and trained at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, CA

8/1959-5/1960 - Trained at NAVCOMMTRACEN in Imperial Beach, CA to become a communications man

6/1960-11/1962 - Duty in San Miguel, Philippines

1/1962-5/1962 - Temporary Duty in Pleiku, Vietnam

12/1962-5/1963 - A student at NAVCOMMTRACEN in Pensacola, FL

6/1963-6/1965 - Duty with the 1st Radio Battalion in Hawaii

11/1963-12/1963 - Temporary Duty in Fuchu, Japan

5/1964-9/1964 - Temporary Duty in Khe Sahn, Vietnam

6/1965-5/1967 - Duty in Kamiseya, Japan

9/1966-10/1966 - Temporary Duty in the Philippines

5/1967 - Student at Sea Survival School in Numazu, Japan

6/1967-7/1967 - Student at School for Instructors in Norfolk, VA

7/1967-1/1970 - An instructor at NAVCOMMTRACENTER in Pensacola, FL

1969 - Attended classes at Pensacola Junior College

2/1970-6/1971 - Duty in Phu Bai, Vietnam

6/1971-8/1972 - Duty at Marine Corps Development Center in Quantico, VA, at 2nd Radio at Camp Lejeune, NC, and at Craig Manufacturing at Lawrence, MA

8/1972-6/1974 - Attended Illinois State University in the Armed Forces Program and earned his Bachelor of Science in Social Science

6/1974-12/1977 - Duty with the 2nd Radio in Camp Lejeune, NC

5/1974-8/1974 - Duty with Army Security in Ft. Devens, MA, along with temporary duty in Cherry Point, NC and with a Teamwork/Bonded Item duty in Europe

12/1977-9/1978 - Duty with the 2nd Marine Division in Camp Lejeune, NC

9/30/1978 - Left the Marine Corps for the Marine Corps Reserve

Post Military

12/1978-9/1980 - Worked as a route man and inventory clerk at ISU

9/1980-6/1982 - Earned 2nd Bachelor of Science degree at ISU

1983 - Earned his Master's Degree in Criminal Justice

1983-1985 - Worked as an inmate counselor at the McLean County Jail

1985-c. 1991 - Worked as Court Services officer in Mclean County

1987 - Suffered a severe heart attack

1996 - Underwent a kidney transplant

1998 - Diagnosed with skin cancer

6/29/2003 - Passed away in Normal at the age of 64



Paul Purnell March 31, 1939 - June 29, 2003 Biography Paul Purnell was born on March 31, 1939 in Momence, IL. He was the son of Dewey M. and Maude (Gribbin) Purnell. Paul was the youngest of six children, the oldest of which was sixteen years the elder of Paul. Naomi, Dewey Jr., Leona, Edmund, Grace, and Ruth were Paul's siblings. The Purnell family owned a grocery store in Momence, where Purnell spent his first year of public school. At some point circa 1946, Paul's parents separated, and Paul, along with his older sister Grace, moved around with his mother to Grant Park and then to Normal. Here Paul and Grace attended the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's School (ISSCS) in Normal, except for living for a short while in Bradley, Illinois for the 1949-1950 school year. Paul was active in the Boy Scouts from 1950 to 1953 while at ISSCS. Purnell graduated from the children's school in spring of 1953. Paul attended University High School in Normal after this, which is where most of the students from ISSCS were sent. Paul was very active in the different activities that U-High offered. He was a two year starter at offensive guard and a one-year starter at linebacker on the school's football team. His senior year, Paul was named captain of the football team. That season, Purnell earned spots on all-city and all-conference teams. In addition to his football proficiency, Purnell was captain of the school's wrestling team and was the catcher for U-High's baseball team. Paul was popular at U-High, and was even crowned the homecoming king. After graduating from U-High, Paul attended Illinois State Normal University as a History major for a few semesters. At ISNU, Purnell was a member of the wrestling team and also was a member of the Gamma Phi circus, in which he participated as a gymnast.

1959 was an important year for Paul. His sister Grace, to whom he was very close, passed away at some point that year. Also, this was the year that Paul decided to leave ISNU and Normal and to join the Marine Corps. His family possessed a rich history as far as military service went. His father, Dewey Sr., was in the infantry in World War I. Dewey Sr. was involved in four major engagements in the war and also earned a silver star for gallantry in action. Dewey Jr., Paul's oldest brother, participated in World War II in the Medical Corps. Edmund, Paul's other brother, was in the Air Force during both World War II and the Korean War. Here, Edmund won such honors as the Germany Medal of Occupation and the Defense Service Medal. One of the most touching photographs from the collection features a young Paul at ISSCS, greeting Edmund while his brother was home on leave. Both of these aspects probably affected Purnell's decision to join the military, where he went on to have perhaps a more illustrious career than any of the other members of his family had.

In March of 1959, Purnell went to San Diego, California for training. At some point during his training, Paul decided to become or was asked to become an intelligence and communications specialist. Purnell went to Imperial Beach, California to receive the training necessary for intelligence work at NAVCOMMTRACENTER. When his training was finished in June of 1960, Purnell was sent off to the Philippines, where he probably did some routine intelligence work or became more familiar with equipment or methods in communications. By 1962, the United States was becoming more and more involved in the conflict in Vietnam. In January, as part of the 1st Composite Radio Company, Paul served near Pleiku, Vietnam. Pleiku is located in central Vietnam near Cambodia. The 1st Composite Radio was the first Marine cryptologic detachment to be involved in Vietnam. His work in cryptology made the possibility that he was involved in the actual fighting doubtful. Paul remained stationed in Pleiku for five months, after which time he returned to the Philippines. By December of 1962, Paul was reassigned to Pensacola, Florida for more intelligence training. From June of 1963 until June of 1965, Purnell was assigned to duty with the 1st Radio in Hawaii. In 1963, Paul saw temporary duty in Fuchu, Japan, where he was able to go sightseeing at Mount Fuji and in Tokyo. Paul also was sent back to Vietnam in 1964 at Khe Sahn, which is more north in Vietnam than Pleiku. He served with communications in Khe Sahn for four months.

After his duty in Hawaii was finished, Purnell was assigned to Kamiseya, Japan, where he was to work on communications for U.S. military ships on the seas in Southeast Asia. Paul worked in Japan from June of 1965 until May of 1967. After his stint in Kamiseya was finished, Purnell was sent to Norfolk, Virginia in order to receive training necessary for becoming a communications instructor. After his training in Virginia was completed, Purnell was assigned as an instructor in Pensacola, Florida, where he taught from June of 1967 until January of 1970. The photo collection for Purnell includes many class pictures from Pensacola of the intelligence students who Purnell trained. From his time in Pensacola, Paul seemed to develop his interests of collecting seashells and caring for poodle dogs, both of which can be seen in photographs from the collection. During his stay in Pensacola, Purnell returned, at least part-time, to college. He attended classes at Pensacola Junior College in 1969.

Paul left Pensacola in January of 1970 because he was sent, for the third and final time, to Vietnam. Purnell was assigned near Phu Bai, which is about the same latitude as Khe Sahn but is located on the coast of the South China Sea. One of the documents from his intelligence work in Phu Bai that stands out is the administrative order by a general to keep Purnell away from even a remote threat of capture. Paul undoubtedly had knowledge of a great deal of intelligence information which would have proved hazardous in the hands of the Viet Cong. Phu Bai was Purnell's longest stay in Vietnam, and his only duty there of over a year. He left the country of Vietnam in June of 1971, where he proceeded to work at a variety of military jobs. These jobs ranged from working with the 2nd Radio Battalion in North Carolina to working on Marine Corps development in Quantico, Virginia. In Quantico, Purnell was a part of a team that developed the "Special Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Coordination Center." This was a bulletproof, box-like structure that intelligence men could safely occupy to transmit and/or decode messages.

In August of 1972, Purnell was allowed, with the Marine Corps' support, to return home to Normal to attend Illinois State University. Here, Purnell participated in the Armed Forces program and by doing so received his Bachelor of Science degree for Social Studies, which he would further after his military career ended. After Purnell received his degree in June of 1974, he returned to the Marine Corps and was assigned to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he continued to work with the 2nd Radio Division. Throughout his duty in North Carolina, Purnell was given temporary assignments all along the east coast. In the summer of 1974, Purnell was given the opportunity to work with the Navy on a Teamwork/Bonded Item trip to Europe. This was a NATO exercise, so Paul worked with soldiers from many of the European nations. Paul was able to visit places like Ireland and the Netherlands during the exercise for sightseeing purposes. Around this time, questions from the camp's medical staff concerning Purnell's weight were raised. After being put on several diets and exercise programs, the chief medical officer decided that Paul's weight was okay for the type of body he had and reduced the camp's maximum weight for him. In December of 1977, Purnell transferred from the 2nd Radio Division at Camp Lejeune to the 2nd Marine Division at Lejeune. By late 1978, Purnell had been involved in the Marine Corps for almost exactly twenty years. On September 30th of 1978, Purnell retired from the Marine Corps to the Marine Corps Reserve, in which he would serve for another ten years from his home in Normal.

After leaving full-time military duty, Purnell took a job as a route man and inventory clerk at Illinois State University until September of 1980. At this point, Purnell decided that he should return to school in order to work at the type of job he wanted to do. As a result, Paul attended ISU for the third time and received another Bachelor of Science degree in the spring of 1982. Purnell then continued his schooling at ISU to earn his Master's Degree in Criminal Justice in 1983. With this degree, Purnell took a job as an inmate counselor at the McLean County Jail in Bloomington until 1985. At this point, Paul accepted a new job as a court services officer for McLean County. While working at this, Purnell received quite a few awards for outstanding service to the county. Judging from pictures and clippings from the collection, Purnell was also able to make quite a few friends and affect peoples' lives through his work.

In 1987, Purnell suffered a severe heart attack. Though he was able to eventually continue working at his job until about 1991, this was only the first of the many health problems that would plague Paul the rest of his life. Throughout the 1990's Purnell was diagnosed with skin cancer, basal and squamous cell carcinoma, blood clots, and Type II diabetes. In 1996, Paul had to undergo a kidney transplant. Purnell believed that Agent Orange's use in Vietnam caused some of these problems after reading materials about the effects of the chemical, but agencies he contacted neither accepted nor denied this suggestion. In the 1990's, Purnell also began to seek religion. Paul became a member of Northbridge Baptist Church in Normal, but his attendance was limited due to illnesses. Talking with his church's pastor seemed to ease some of the pain from Paul's infirmities. By his final days, Purnell was required to take large amounts of prescriptions to ease his failing health.

Paul Purnell, a decorated Marine, a well-liked McLean County employee, and a member of Northbridge Baptist Church, passed away on June 29, 2003 at the age of 64 years.


Scope Note

This collection contains documents, newspaper clippings, and other two-dimensional objects that Mr. Purnell compiled throughout his lifetime. All of these items are located in one box, from his birth until his passing.


Collection Condition

Paul Purnell Collection McLean County Museum of History McLean County, Illinois Collection Condition Prior to Sorting The collection of Paul Purnell arrived at the museum stored almost entirely in various photograph albums and scrapbooks. There were about 15 albums in all. Some were packed full and some had very little inside of them. The few items too big to be kept in albums, such as various awards and hard-backed books, were stored loosely in boxes. The categorization of the items of the collection was somewhat chronologically-based. For example, one album included mostly photographs from his military duty while another mostly included photographs of Purnell's friends from working for McLean County. Much of my sorting of photographs was based on the title of Purnell's albums. Only about half of the albums were labeled, but labels such as "Dong Bak Ma" and "Pensacola" were very helpful and provided me with a solid categorization of the materials inside. Labels on albums were mostly on the albums concerning military material, and especially on albums containing Vietnam-related objects. This, of course, was very helpful for my sorting, considering the larger interest in his Vietnam years. Mr. Purnell also labeled the backs of some of the photographs (often the military photos). Many of his more recent photographs of friends were unlabelled, thus making many of Purnell's acquaintances unidentified. Purnell also grouped similar documents together, which made sorting easier. For example, many of his U-High football clippings or documents were placed together in the albums. Many of the awards from military duty that Purnell received were together as well in the albums.

Everything from the collection had to be removed from the albums due to the corrosive nature of the glue in albums used to keep items in place. Also, Purnell had used scotch tape on many of the newspaper clippings to keep them from falling out. Due to the age of many of the photos and clippings, the tape could not be removed without hurting the item, so it remains on some documents and photographs. I was able to use Purnell's storage methods to assemble the collection more appropriately and more conveniently. Overall, Purnell had taken good care of his collection, as nothing at all was ruined by poor storage. The photographs also remained in manageable condition throughout their album storage.


Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1:


Early Years (82 photographs)

Folder 2:
ISSCS (186 photographs)
Folder 3:
University High School and Illinois State Normal University (mid to late 1950s) (87 photographs)
Folder 4:
Pleiku, Vietnam (1962) (155 photographs)
Folder 5:
Imperial Beach; The Philippines; Hawaii; Taiwan; Fuchu, Japan (251 photographs)
Folder 6:
Imperial Beach; The Philippines; Hawaii; Taiwan; Fuchu, Japan (82 photographs)
Folder 7:
Dong Bak Ma, Tiger Tooth Mountain (TTM), Khe Sahn (154 photographs)

Box 2

Folder 8:


Pensacola, FL 1967-69 (115 photographs)

Folder 9:
Phu Bai 1970-71 (90 photographs)
Folder 10:
Massachusetts, Virginia, 2nd Radio, and Europe (105 photographs)
Folder 11:
Purnell Military 1959-1979 (96 photographs)
Folder 12:
Residential Life While in the Military (75 photographs)
Folder 13:
Post-Military Friends and Acquaintances (178 photographs)
Folder 14:
McLean County Employment Years (214 photographs)

Box 3

Folder 15:


Church and Friends (79 photographs)

Folder 16:
206 East Empire Street, Bloomington, IL (84 photographs)
Folder 17:
500 East Summit Street, Normal, IL (45 photographs)

Folder 18:

Planes, Subs, and Ships Part I (24 photographs)
Folder 19:
Planes, Subs, and Ships Part II (21 photographs)
Folder 20:
Non-Military (16 photographs)
Folder 21:
Military Part I (20 photographs)
Folder 22:
Military Part II (17 photographs)
Folder 23:
Military Part III (18 photographs)


Box and Folder Inventory

Folder 1:
Museum/Death Related Items
2-10-03 - Gift Agreement
The transcript of Purnell's funeral
A short oral history with notes from his pastor
7-1-03 - A printout of funerary information
9-5-03 - A copy of the will


Folder 2:
Family and Family History
Pictures from his childhood and a flower drawing
Printout photos of Paul and his family
Printout of Paul and his family's store in Momence
A photo of a possible ancestor
Printout photos of his father, mother (with a lock of hair)
A printout of a horoscope for his birthday (3-31-39)
10-17-57 - Birth certificate from Kankakee County
4-4-62 - Birth certificate from Kankakee County
Photo of Paul as a child in front of the Purnell Grocery in Momence (with a lock of hair)
A photo of Mr. and Mrs. L.J. East
A statement of Purnell's personal history from 1974
3-9-85 - A bulletin from his father's funeral in Houston, Missouri
A collage of pictures of his father, including when Dewey Sr. was in WWI
A copy of his father's obituary
A photocopied article containing information about his father's WWI awards
A newspaper article about his father receiving an award
3-10-94 - An obituary for his brother Edmund
A short overview of Paul's family tree
Several photocopies of his sister Grace, who died in 1959


Folder 3:
Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Children's School (ISSCS): Pre-Graduation
Article "ISSCS Miniature City for 250 Children"
10-20-54 - Article "ISSCS - Proof of State Concern"
10-19-54 - Article "ISSCS - It's not fenced in"
10-18-54 - Article "Cottage Plan Heart of ISSCS"
6-5-56 - Articles about swimming at ISSCS
Articles about FHA, Dance Committee at ISSCS
Articles about ISSCS swimming, baseball teams
Pictures of classmates, including Gloria Leatherhead and James Mason
A Diploma from Felmley Junior High at ISSCS
A football patch with "6-Man Champions" from Felmley Junior High
Articles with pictures of a young Paul concerning ISSCS
A picture and a poem of Paul
2-17-56 and 6-3-56 - Articles about dances with an unidentifiable picture
8-15-57 - A letter presenting an ISSCS scholarship to Paul


Folder 4:
ISSCS Post-Graduation
11-18-96 - A letter from a graduate student at Illinois State wanting an interview about ISSCS
Article "Exhibit Chronicles Memories for ISSCS"
9-15-02 - Articles about documentary of ISSCS, and ISSCS Historical Marker
Article "From Orphanages to ISU, Normal Linked to Education"
2-16-95 - Articles for and against ISSCS
9-1-99 - Articles about ISSCS and memories of ISSCS
Article "ISSCS: How's it Doing?"
Article about orphanages and ISSCS
2-23-02 - Article about ISSCS and the city council
6-27-99 - Article about memories of ISSCS
Letters with Paul attempting to gain his ISSCS records
Different materials concerning child welfare and post-adoptive services from the 1960's until 2001


Folder 5:
ISSCS Reunions/Newsletters
3-00 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
9-13-02 - Letter from Jackie Neal about ISSCS reunion
2-02 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
8-02 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
No date - Address book of ISSCS graduates
8-31-01 - Letter from Jackie Neal about reunion
8-1999 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
1999 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
9-16-00 - Letter for reunion
5-01 - ISSCS Historical Preservation Society Newsletter
No date - ISSCS employees handbook
ISSCS 'Homers' Handbook
Envelope with a survey for a PBS documentary about homes such as ISSCS

Folder 6:
University High School Sports
1955 - U-High football starting lineup sponsored by Coke
U-High 1955 starting lineup vs. Pontiac
1955 - Intercity all-star team - Purnell (Junior guard) Honorable Mention
Clipping from 1955 Football Inaugural Game vs. Monticello
Clipping about 1955 football game vs. Lakeview
1955 football lineup vs. Pontiac
1955 yearbook page with the U-High football results
Clipping "Name 'U' Men for '56 at University"
1956 - Article "Trinity Dumps U-High; Captures Intercity title"
Handout - Annual Rotary Football Banquet
Clipping from vs. Lakeview 1956
Box score vs. Monticello 1956
1956 yearbook page of U-High football results
1956 yearbook - football team photo
Photos of Purnell at football and as homecoming king
Photocopy of Purnell in a football pose
Photo, various articles concerning 1956 U-High football
Articles about U-High football
Articles with pictures, including football 1956 vs. Bloomington
Articles about U-High wrestling
Yearbook cutout of U-High wrestlers
1956 U-High baseball schedule
Yearbook cutout of U-High wrestling
Articles written by Purnell about baseball, wrestling, and other school sports
Article about U-High baseball "Diamond Outlook Good"
1957- Sports articles by Purnell
Yearbook cutout
Baseball related writings


Folder 7:
U-High - Non Sports
A big "U" patch
U-High identification cards from Sophomore (54-55) to Junior (55-56)
Purnell's Senior picture (1957)
Clippings featuring photos of Purnell
Blow ups of Purnell's Senior Picture
6-7-57 - U-High diploma
U-High commencement
Purnell's Secondary school record
Purnell's report cards (54-55, 55-56, 56-57)


Folder 8:
U-High Related (Post-Graduation)
Photocopy of U-High class of '57 reunion booklet
Spring 2000 - "The Pioneer" Alumni newsletter
Letter for 2-2003 reunion from Yvonne Borklund
7-19-02 - schedule for reunion from Yvonne Borklund
7-98 - invite to reunion
Spring 98 - "The Pioneer"
7-97 - Reunion Schedule
7-92 - Reunion Schedule x2
Invitation to 1992 reunion
Class of 1957 reunion booklet
Photocopy of personal notes written by Purnell for the reunion


Folder 9:
Military Awards I
6-21-62 - Letter of Appreciation for professional performance at the 1st Composite Radio Company from E.Z. Grabowski
10-1-66 - Records for discharge to Major Diffen from Company K in Pensacola
10-1-66 - Appointment as staff sergeant temporary
10-4-66 - An endorsement for Purnell's appointment
11-13-66 - Letter of Appreciation from Purdy at the Kamiseya, Japan Naval Security Group
12-9-66 - Letter of Appreciation from Isaman at the Kamiseya, Japan Naval Security Group
11-13-67 - Letter of Appreciation from Tamburello
1-16-67 - Letter of Appreciation from Reisinger
2-3-68 - Certification as a scuba diver
1968 - Clipping honoring Staff Sergeant Purnell's class (17D)
11-12-68 - Letter of Appreciation from Tamburello at the Naval Comm. Center in Pensacola, FL
1971 - Assignment to the Degree Completion Program while at the Quantico, VA Intelligence Deveopment
4-28-72 - Academic Certification Form for his Social Science Degree
5-19-72 - Endorsement for Purnell's participation in the Degree Completion Program while at Quantico, VA


Folder 10:
Military Awards II
11-18-57 - Receipt for Purnell's Marine Corps Application while in Normal
1-1-61 - Appointment as a Lance Corporal
12-29-61 - A Tax Exemption form from Manila
10-17-62 - Records for Purnell's discharge while at NavCommSta in San Francisco, CA
12-30-64 - Citation for Outstanding Performance from May to Sept. 1964 while in the 1st Radio Battalion in Vietnam
6-1965 - Certificate of Completion of a Marine Corps Institute Course in Washington D.C.
Commendation for Achievement from the Secretary of the Navy from Sept. 20-Dec. 22 1966
6-7-67 - A Congratulations on the Commendation from Wallace Green Jr.
1-16-67 - Letter of Appreciation from Pearson at Kamiseya, Japan while training ELINT units
12-18-68 - A Letter of Appreciation from Diffen in Pensacola for the USMC's birthday
12-23-68 - A diploma for an Officers' Basic Extension Course while at Quantico
12-5-69 - Certificate as Functions of Infantry Staff Noncommissioned officer
Proposed Citation as an Intelligence worker in Danang from Feb. 5, 1970-Apr. 1, 1971
5-21-71 - A Letter for a Navy Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Service while in Phu Bai
3-22-72 - Appointment as a Gunnery Sergeant while at Quantico
7-14-72 - Appointment as a Treasurer at Quantico
1-16-78 - An Endorsement for a Transfer to the Marine Corps Reserve from Erwin while in the 2nd Radio Bn. at Camp Lejeune, NC
1-18-78 - An Endorsement for a Transfer to the Marine Corps Reserve from Campbell while in the 2nd Radio Bn. at Camp Lejeune, NC


Folder 11:
Military- Writings and Letters Home
3-24-62 - Letter home to family (had a broken knuckle)
4-10-62 - Letter from a Vietnamese artillery officer
5-4-63 - A birthday telegram to his mother
undated New Year's letter to his mother
"Merry Christmas" note from the "Watchstanders"
A letter by Purnell about some experiences with his buddies


Folder 12:
Military Certificates I
5-2-63 - For a course for Marine Noncommissioned officer from the USMC Institute in Washington D.C. x2
10-25-63 - A course for Basic Radio and Visual Communication Procedures from the USMC Institute in D.C. x2
12-1-64 - Appointment as Sergeant while in the Philippines
3-31-65 - 2nd Certificate of good conduct
11-29-65 - Course for Operations against Guerilla Forces from MC Institute in D.C.
12-13-65 - Course for Military functions in civil disturbances and disasters from the USMC Institute in D.C.
5-31-67 - Air Force Sea Survival Course in Numaza, Japan
1-15-68 - A Certificate of "Self Aid"
3-21-68 - A Certificate from Pensacola Junior College for Guidance and Counseling
4-17-71 - 4th Certificate of good conduct x2
6-1-71 - A Certificate of service from the Republic of Vietnam given by the USMC
6-24-71 - A Certificate for the Navy Achievement Medal while at Phu Bai
4-4-74 - 5th Certificate of good conduct
8-4-75 - A Certificate of Training for EW/Cryptologic Traffic Analyst Course from Ft. Devens, MA
8-4-75 - Diploma for EW/Cryptologic Traffic Analyst Course from Ft. Devens, MA
1-27-76 - 1st Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while with 2nd Radio Battalion
4-2-76 - 100 mile club award while with 2nd Radio Bn.
4-30-76 - 200 mile club award while with 2nd Radio Bn.
6-18-76 - 300 mile club award while with 2nd Radio Bn.
3-24-77 - 5th Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while with 2nd Radio Bn.


Folder 13:
Military Certificates II
3-30-59 - Honorable Discharge
3-31-59 - Certificate of acceptance into the USMC (with a note)
6-23-59 - Appointment as a Private 1st class
3-11-60 - A course at Naval Communications Training Center, to become a Communication Technician at Imperial Beach, CA
5-9-62 - 1st Certificate of good conduct
10-17-62 - Honorable Discharge while in San Miguel, Philippines
7-7-66 - Course for Individual Protective Measures at the MC Institute in D.C.
1-18-68 - Course on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Defense while at Pensacola
3-30-68 - 3rd Certificate of good conduct
12-18-68 - Course for Officers' Basic Extension while at Quantico
12-5-69 - Course for Function of the Infantry Staff Noncommissioned Officer in D.C.
10-17-71 - Honorable Discharge while at Quantico
3-22-72 - Appointment as Gunnery Sergeant
5-3-76 - 2nd Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while in 2nd Radio Bn.
8-19-76 - 500 mile club award while in 2nd Radio Bn.
12-6-76 - 4th Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while in 2nd Radio Bn.
4-6-77 - 6th Certificate of good conduct
4-7-77 - 6th Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while in 2nd Radio Bn.
8-8-77 - 7th Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while in 2nd Radio Bn.
10-4-77 - 8th Commendation Certificate for Physical Fitness Test while in 2nd Radio Bn.
10-1-78 - Transfer to the Marine Corps Reserve (Retirement)
10-17-78 - Honorable Discharge
7-28-67 - Course for Instructors, Class C, 'A' Course at Norfolk, VA


Folder 14:
Foreign Language/Foreign Places
1976 - Track Chart across the Atlantic Ocean
4-71 - Article written in Vietnamese
4-71 - Article about Phu Bai
Flyer from the "Taiwan Gift Shop" in Taiwan
Australian "Cook Bicentenary" stamps
Label from Philippine rum
Card from the Dong Khanh Hotel
1962 - A Picture from a show in Saigon
Cards from the Saigon Hotel and the Lenar Bar
Four paper monies (5, 5, 10, 100 yen)
Hotel Harbor card with Purnell's room number
"Safety First Guarantee" for sexual relations
Vietnamese liquor labels
A Japanese Christmas card
A card from the 1970 World Expo in Osaka, Japan
Three titles from English-written papers in the South China Sea ('60, '61, '66)
Label for "Tanduay Rhum"
Flyer in favor of U.S.-Japanese relations
Writing of "U.S. Navy Land Fighting Force" in Japanese?
Three flyers (possibly propaganda) in Vietnamese
Four 'military payment' bills (5, 10, 10, 10 cents)
Bills from Vietnam and Australia, along with military payments (25, 50, 100 cents)
Vietnamese money (5, 20, 20, 500 yen)
Labels for a German wine and for "Kuro Neko"


Folder 15:
Military- Patches, Badges, and Stickers
1-4-62 - Appointment as a Corporal (E-4) "probational" with a patch - green stripe on red - Received in the Philippines
12-26-66 - A Letter of Appreciation from Karlowicz with a patch - three green stripes on red
1-16-67 - A Letter of Appreciation from Reisinger
6-7-67 - A Commendation for Achievement with a picture and with a patch - three green V's with crossed guns on tan (Staff Sergeant) - Received in Norfolk, VA
A letter for Guidance and Counseling Techniques with a patch - three green stripes on red from Pensacola
"Justification" for unknown award with a patch - five green stripes on red
An "I've been there" sticker - referring to Vietnam
A patch - "Paul" written on it
A patch - three green V's below and two green stripes above (Gunnery Sergeant) with crossed guns in the middle of them
A patch - four green stripes on red
Two stickers that say "2nd Radio Battalion FMF"
A U.S. Marine Corps patch with a cat on it
A patch - crossed lightning bolts
A patch - an American flag
A sticker - the U.S. Naval Communications Training Center


Folder 16:
Military- Medical Related
10-3-58 - Recommended discharge due to possible albuminuria
4-21-59 - Letter for honorable discharge
11-3-74 - Doctor's diagnosis of Proteinuria with prescribed limited duty while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC
2-6-75 - Letter regarding a deficiency in Purnell's military appearance while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC
9-2-75 - A form for commuted rations while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC
10-23-75 (last recorded) - Individual training record for Purnell while at Camp Lejeune, NC
11-75 - Doctor's diagnosis of a contusion acremiom process with prescribed light duty while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Camp Lejeune, NC
11-13-75 - Purnell's assignment to a Remedial Physical Exercise Training Program for being deficiently overweight while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC
11-14-75 - A doctor's diagnosis of a ligament strain with prescribed light duty while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Camp Lejeune, NC
7-6-77 - Letter about being overweight with a weight goal of 186 pounds while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Camp Lejeune, NC
10-3-77 - Letter from a medical officer increasing Purnell's target weight to 196 pounds
11-21-77 (last date on sheet) - Physical fitness tally sheet with a failed medical exam while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC
11-29-76 & 10-4-77 (last dates on cards) - Two individual training report cards while with the 2nd Radio Battalion in Lejeune, NC


Folder 17:
Military- Restaurants, Postcards, Invitations
1958 - Two postcards addressed to "Mom and Jim" about Paul's first "liberty"
4-19-59 - A church bulletin from the San Diego Recruit Depot
6-13-60 - A postcard addressed to Dewey Sr. (father) with picture of the boat he came over on
1962 - A greeting card from Atsugi, Japan to one of his parents
2-21-64 - Two postcards from the Pacific; one to his mother from Wake Island
11-10-65 - Invitation to the USMC 190th birthday
5-6-65 - Postcard to his mother from San Francisco on arrival back in U.S.
12-27-65 - A Christmas card to his mother from Kamiseya, Japan
3-16-66 - Three postcards from Taiwan; one to his mother from "Paul and Yoko San"
11-66 - Thanksgiving menu from USS Keppler sent to his mother
1-16-67 - Awards ceremony in Kamiseya, Japan for U.S. Naval Security Group
1967 - Postcard from the USS Waddell
11-10-67 - Invite to the USMC "Birthday Ball"
11-10-168 - Two invites to USMC "Birthday Ball"; one sent to mother
1971 - Napkins from Bassin's in D.C., The Hi-Hut, Canlis with words "Elaine and me", Jim Beam, and the Empress in D.C.
Clipping about Purnell in the Associate Degree Completion Program and a USMC matchbook from Quantico, VA
11-10-71 - Menu for USMC birthday
11-71 - Thanksgiving menu from Quantico, VA
Matchbook from Yogi's in D.C., the Marines' Memorial Club in San Francisco
Different coasters from clubs in Virginia
Unmarked postcards from the Netherlands
Unmarked postcards from Taiwan with architecture
Unmarked postcards from Vietnam with the local market
Unmarked postcards from Vietnam with local women
A postcard from Pensacola, FL
A Ramada Inn booklet from Panama City, FL
A "Be a Marine" clipping


Folder 18:
Intelligence Work
8-10-60 - Certificate of Clearance after background investigation
11-19-70 - Letter for completion of special communications course
5-7-71 - Letter informing Purnell of transfer to Danang, Vietnam
8-16-71 - A command to keep Purnell out of "hazardous duty... capture and interrogation" while he was at Quantico, VA
9-1-71 - Authorization to carry documents up to "secret" while at Quantico
1974 - A Department of Defense National Agency Check Request
12-18-74 - Description of the duties of "Traffic Analyst" and "Army Equivalent Mos"
12-18-74 - Description of the duties of "Non-Morse Intelligence Analyst"
8-11-75 - An example of communications while with the 2nd Radio in Camp Lejeune
Random dates 1976-77 - Different duty assignments (Elint Analyst, NCOIC S/EWCC, Elint Analyst Chief) while in 2nd Radio at Lejeune
2-22-77 - Temporary Active Duty Travel Order from 2nd Radio in Lejeune, NC to Cherry Point, NC
8-18-77 - Example of communications while with 2nd Radio in Lejeune
6-10-82 - Letter by Purnell attempting to collect any information gathered on him
6-25-82 - FBI letter informing Purnell of no available information
A restriction of Purnell from "hazardous duty" or "hazardous travel" until 8-1-1979
An unsigned certificate for cryptographic clearance
List of dates and assignments (cryptographic related) from 1959 through 1978


Folder 19:
Early Military Documents
4-15-57 - Selective Service Registration Certificate Letter
4-29-57 - Selective Service Card
12-29-61 (date issued) - Purnell's passport


Folder 20:
Miscellaneous Military I
11-10-61 - The Commandant's USMC Birthday Message while in the Philippines
Poem about "Charlie"
1962 - Two articles about Purnell's reenlistment "Marine Corps NCO in P.I. 30 months"
1962 - Two articles about Purnell going home on leave as a corporal
1960 - Article about Purnell heading back to the military in the Philippines
1965 - Two articles "Marine Purnell Home on Leave"
11-65 - U.S. Naval Security Group Activity in Kamiseya, Japan for Thanksgiving
1967 - Various clippings and articles including "Purnell Back from Far East"
Article of Purnell as "Company 'K' Highlight" (x2 + photocopy)
Short list of U.S. operations in Vietnam from March '62 through May '70
2-13-71 - Various clippings and poems, including "My Son" from his mother
2 Company 'K' clippings
10-11-71 - Obituary for Lt. Gen. L.B. Puller
1-27-71 - Purnell's ration card
1972 - Clipping and photographs "Marine first in area in college program" at ISU
1969 - Article "Marine Purnell named 'Man of Month' at Base"
9-11-76 - Department of Navy 'Plan of the Day'
1-11-95 - Letter from Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense Health Affairs
4-8-96 - Purnell's selection for survey of retired military personnel
NATO cartoon
Marine poem
The Marine's Prayer
Two 'screwed' cartoons


Folder 21:
Miscellaneous Military II
5-20-60 - News clippings for the USS Mann
1962 - A photo of Detachment "A" from the 1st Composite Radio in Pleiku, Vietnam
1964 - A pamphlet for the USS Craig, which Paul rode on
8-65 - Article "Wahoo...Unit win citations" - Paul was on this sub at that time
3-29 & 30-67 - Pamphlet for the USS Tappahannock
5-23-67 - A letter to Mrs. Coy Rowe with a questionnaire concerning Paul
5-23-67 - The questionnaire as filled out by Rowe
1968 - Clippings about Company K's football and fundraising
8-69 - A photo clipping of SSgt. George Varney and his wife
12-10-71 - Side and front official photographs of Purnell
5-24-72 - The slip for Purnell's donation to the Navy Relief fund drive
1974 - Filled out discharge paperwork while at Quantico, VA
1976 - A cut-out photo of Purnell
A picture of Captain Rowe; the husband of the aforementioned Mrs. Coy Rowe
A used ticket stub to a showing of "Gone With the Wind"
A Marines' prayer card
1974 - Clippings for the USS Mt. Whitney
Article - "First RadCo No Longer Designated 'Composite'"
Misc. cartoons; from Marines
A Philippine peso
1978 - Transfer paperwork while with the 2nd Radio in Lejeune


Folder 22:
Copies of Photos - Vietnam
1962 - Photograph of Purnell with sandbags in Vietnam
1962 (late) - An article announcing Purnell's reenlistment
Two photographs of Purnell's communications truck in Vietnam


Folder 23:
McLean County Government Employment
12-11-78 - A Notice of Participation from the State Universities Retirement System
A resume for application to McLean Co. Gov't. Employment
11-8-82 - A letter to accompany a resume to the Law & Justice Center
4-28-84 - A certificate for completing the Medic First Aid Program
10-11th thru 13th -84 - A pamphlet for the National Conference on Health Care
10-8-85 - Letter of Resignation for the McLean County Sheriff's Department
10-16-85 - Administrative order appointing Purnell an Adult Probation Officer
9-29-86 - Letter concerning Purnell's speaking engagement to an ISU class about government employment
10-8-86 - Thank-you letter for Purnell's work in Inmate Services
12-15-86 - A memorandum for Purnell's work on a case subject
10-27-88 - Letter of congratulations from Circuit Judge William Caisley concerning Purnell's work with a juvenile offender
10-29-88 - Two articles and a photocopy of "Probation Officer Receives Award for his Services"
A laminated card for "Official Business" in the Court services
A thank-you for joining the Illinois Probation and Court Services Association
A generic 'Code of Ethics' for Probation and Court Services work


Folder 24:
McLean County Employment Awards
6-26-85 - A Certificate of Attendance for a Mental Health Code Workshop
6-25-85 - A Certificate of Attendance for a Suicide in Jails Workshop
8-29-85 - A Certificate of Attendance for Behavior Management of the Mentally Ill
1-27 to 31-86 - A Certificate for Completed Training
1986 - A Certificate of membership to the Illinois Probation and Court Services Association, Inc.
8-8-88 - A Certificate of Completion in Handling Anger and Emotions
10-20-88 - A Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Contributions
6-8-89 - A Certificate of Attendance in Introduction to Cult Victimization
10-89 - Membership to the American Probation and Parole Association
1-13-90 - A Certificate for the Illinois Network for Management of Abusive Sexuality (x2)
7-23-90 - A Certificate of Training for How to Handle Angry and Emotional People
4-25 and 26-91 - A Certificate of Training for a Gang Seminar
8-7-91 - A Certificate for Officer Safety and Drug Identification Program
11-20-91 - A Certificate for Conflict Resolution


Folder 25:
Illinois State (Normal) University - and any other colleges
1957-59 - Purnell's report card history from ISNU
9-9-71 - Purnell's report card from Pensacola Junior College
5-10-72 - Purnell's assignment to ISU by the Marine Corps
1972-73 - Purnell on the Dean's List for 2nd semester
1974 - Bachelor of Science degree from ISU
1972-74 - Purnell's report card history at ISU
1981-82 Fall Semester - Purnell on Dean's List
2-9-82 - Congratulations for making the Dean's List
1982 - Purnell's 2nd Bachelor of Science Degree from ISU
A pamphlet for a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Studies at ISU
3-17-83 - Purnell's plan of study for his Master's Degree
4-5-83 - Schedule for Purnell's Master's exams
5-26-83 - Purnell's sign-up for his Master's exam
6-21-83 - Letter informing Purnell of passed Master's exam
1983 - Purnell's degree - Master of Science
No date - Letter for alumni of ISU
A sticker for the ISU Alumni Association
Spring 2002 - The ISU Criminal Justices Newsletter


Folder 26:
Organizations and Non-Military Awards
6-25-52 - A Boating Badge from his time in the Boy Scouts
8-18-52 - An archery diploma from the American Boys' Camp
7-15-53 - Ribbon for 2nd place in the 100 yard freestyle swim
7-24-54 - A ribbon for Inter-city Diving
8-10-55 - A 'Naturalist' Diploma
1955-56 - A Certificate for being a Study Hall Monitor at U-High
1956 - Certificate for the "Royal Order of Elbow Benders"
1956 - A clipping for the Inter-city football All Stars, including Purnell
12-6-56 - Clippings and a copy of Purnell's election to the National Honor Society
1956-57 - Clippings of Purnell being All-Conference, Baseball captain, and Homecoming King
6-18-74 - A jogging award from the YMCA
6-18-74 - A commendation letter for Purnell's graduation from college from State Senator Harber H. Hall
1980 - Instructions for after a blood donation
4-13-84 - A Certificate for a Suicide Prevention Conference
12-23-87 - Completed Cardiac Rehabilitation
1-1-89 - A Membership to the National Geographic Society
3-31-03 - Completed Cardiac Rehabilitation (2nd time)
A membership to the National Rifle Association
Sticker for "Career Marine"
Badge for qualified scuba diver
Membership to the American Legion
The Purnell family coat of arms and historiography


Folder 27:
Medical (Post Vietnam)
An article from a Vietnam Veterans' hotline about Agent Orange
7-11-01 - A statement by Purnell with an application for disability under Agent Orange
A list of Purnell's many medications and a short medical history
A copy of a list of "Previous Malignancies"


Folder 28:
Writings and Postcards I
Poem "A visit from you know you"
Miscellaneous cartoons
9-11-73 - A dog postcard from his family - "Thought you'd like it"
Two moon postcards; one for his mother, bought one for himself
Postcards with fossils on it
1976 - Ireland postcards
1976 - Postcard of Stonehenge
Postcard of a beach in the U.S.
1976 - Postcard of the Queen of England
1976 - Britain pamphlet and British postcards to mother ? wrote about where he was docked, what he was doing
1976 - Amsterdam postcards
Postcards of ISU campus
9-11-01 - Writing about the Sept. 11th attacks
A letter from Sharon, who was away from home and felt lonely
A visitor tag from the Circle Baptist Church in Pensacola
1980 - The Thomas Gribbons funeral
A pamphlet and a card endorsing Charles Reynard as States' Attorney and Ron Dozier as Circuit Judge
Miscellaneous jokes and a three dollar bill
"The County Squire" and a free 72 oz. steak if you can eat it all
The Salaam Restaurant in Washington D.C.'s menu
Letter from friends Jac and Tomoka, who liked Purnell's dogs
Writings by Purnell, including odd experiences, getting forgetful, and an introduction to one of his scrapbooks


Folder 29:
Writings and Postcards II
1967 - Three Christmas poems from Elaine Casella
3-31-68 - A birthday poem from Elaine
6-9-71 - A poem from Elaine
1979 - The Lardis family Christmas card
5-21-82 - The Hammond Baptist High Commencement - for child of friend?
1-27th thru 31st -86 - A visitor sign to Sangamon State
1990 - A veterinarian's appointment card
6-4-92 - The top of an envelope addressed to Mildred Johnsen
1992 - A letter from the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
1998 - A Christmas letter from Elaine
Poem - "Invisible" by Elaine Casella DaSilva as featured in Outstanding Poets of 1998
1-2-00 - A letter from Bridgit
6-29-00 - An obituary for Donald Templeton, who taught Purnell at U-High
9-10-02 - A letter from his sister Ruth
2-29-01 - A notice of public hearing for One Normal Plaza - bought land ISSCS was on
A Charlie Brown "Christmas Happy Hour" invitation
Invite for a wedding reception at the Bone Student Center
A story about Paul at Graduate School
A show bill for a showing of Paul Simon's Rumors
A poem and a postcard with a bride on it
An article about Ron Bacon being on a Board of Directors
A complaints card with Diana Ritchie
Message notes
A poem sent by Purnell's sister Ruth
A letter from his brother, Edward
Poem by Elaine
Poem by Robert Fulghum "All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
An invite to a party of Purnell's
A long letter from Barbara Ann (relation) about becoming a Christian
A cartoon and an ad for lingerie


Folder 30:
Clippings and Printouts I
2-10-86 - The U.S. News front cover from the Challenger explosion
5-29-00 - Article "A Tearful Goodbye" to First American Baptist Church
A photocopy of one of Purnell's dogs
Obituaries - Richard Raycroft (meatcutter in Bloomington), Gordon Simpson (McLean County Deputy), Mildred Swearingen (worked at ISSCS), and Francis Madlinger (Bingo Tavern) ranging from 1991 to 2001
Clippings from Court Services about Christina Bailey, Roxanne Castleman, and Sheriff Steve Brienen
Clippings of acquaintances - Dallas Lyle honored; Ruth and Paul Reeves and teaching
Court Services clippings - Robert Bingham, Elizabeth Holbrook
2002 - Obituary and funerary schedule for Amy Gipson
Obituaries for Renae Rider (died young in motorcycle accident) and Eugene Sleeter (Holy Trinity Church)
Article "ISU's Jones returns as assistant coach"
Anniversary and wedding announcements - Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wall (friends of Purnell), Giles-Kosky (Giles was adult probation officer), Hodel-Losher, Hodges-Lewis (Lewis was probation officer), Taylor-Barr (both worked in Human Services), Sweeney-Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Michael (friends of Purnell)
Two clippings about drugs, including "Helmet for my Pillow"
An obituary and funerary schedule for Joan Thacker, who was a correctional officer at McLean County
Religious articles
Obituaries - George Holder (x2), Anton Gall (father of a friend), Judy Michael, Joseph Freese (teacher at ISSCS), Donald Wright (an army veteran)
Cutouts of Judge Knecht
A couple of cartoons
Article about the poisoning and subsequent recovery of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Wall's dog
1960 - Clippings including military rituals
1953 - Photocopies of Dick Coon, Tyrone Lee, and "Girl graduats"
Photocopies from the 50's, including Dean Welker as 'Airman of Month'
Photocopies from the 50's; mostly girls shown
Photocopies from the 50's, including "Christmas Coffee Hour"
Photocopies from the 50's
Photocopies from the 50's, including one of Vita Bauer
Obituaries for George Wiegand, Jr., and Burton O' Connor (Purnell's football coach at U-High)


Folder 31:
Clippings and Printouts II
8-10-78 - An article about a shark tooth
12-14-84 - An invitation to Purnell's Christmas Party
1986-7 - A note reminding of Marilyn's New Year's Eve Party
12-29-98 - A printout from an Internet search for Virginia Coley
10-21-02 - Articles about methods of senior citizen exercise ? Purnell perhaps was in these exercise classes
A photocopy of Purnell's MasterCard
8-28-70 - at Phu Bai Rvn. - A news clipping of a woman with a hole in the paper ? perhaps a bullet hole
A photocopy of Purnell and a lady friend from his marine days
A photocopy of Purnell in military dress with a lady friend
A clipped photo and an article about martial arts
Photos from article about karate "A Deadly Game"
Articles about martial arts, Marine Joe Menton, and a skunk-sprayed dog
Different religious cards and an Alcoholics Anonymous card
A picture of the "Blue Angels"
A postcard of a man from the Old West; a doodle on a slip of paper
An unidentifiable photocopy
Clipping of Marty O' Conner (U-High coach's son), Anna Christiansen, and Char Christiansen (daughters of a friend)
An address for Marcia Shaw


Folder 32:
Military Transfers/Citations
9-20-66 thru 12-22-66 - A Proposed Citation (Navy Commendation for Achievement)
1-23-67 - A Recommendation for the above citation from F.J. Reisinger
6-19-67 - A letter accompanying the presentation of the above award
2-70 thru 4-71 - Citation for duty in Vietnam
4-25-72 - A forwarded Certificate of Appointment (x2)
1-12-78 - A letter acknowledging Purnell's application for transfer to the Marine Corps Reserve
1-18-78 - A 2nd letter of endorsement; from E.J. Campbell
1-16-78 - A 1st letter of endorsement; from H.A. Erwin
5-10-78 - A letter with instructions for a transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve (x2)
5-18-78 - A letter with 'best wishes' from P. Yadlowsky concerning Purnell's transfer
6-28-78 - A nomination for the Naval Security Group Meritorious Service Award
8-11-78 - An endorsement from Gen. E.J. Bronars for the above award
A proposed citation (the Meritorious Service Award) for service to the cryptologic community from 8-1959 to 8-1978
8-22-78 - A letter from Admiral G.P. March accompanying the presentation of the Naval Security Group Meritorious Service Award
8-20-87 - A letter acknowledging Purnell's official retirement from the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve
A list of cryptologic-related duty assignments (3rd copy) from 8-1959 to 9-1978


Folder 33:
McLean County Employment Related
12-7-85 - An invitation to the wedding of Tryon and Meyer
3-21-87 - An invitation to the wedding of McKimmey and Roth (with a short note)
9-12-87 - An invite to the wedding of Tipler and Long with a bulletin from the wedding service
Fellow employees honored clippings - Kay Meyer and Lori Tipler-Long
Fellow employees honored clippings - Greg Allen and a promotion
Fellow employees honored clippings - Cheryl Gaines
Fellow employees honored clippings - Henry Simpson Jr., Kathy Teague
Engagement clippings - McKimmey-Roth, Hodges-Lewis


Loose Items
-1974 Diploma (B.S.) from ISU
-1982 Diploma (B.S.) from ISU
-An empty book from the Department of the Navy. It may have contained Purnell's Naval Security Group Meritorious Service Award
-A book (in poor condition) from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot 1st Battalion, Platoon 120: in San Diego, CA where Purnell went when he first joined the Marine Corps
-Packet Non-Military (credit, membership) cards I
-Packet Non-Military (credit, membership) cards II
-Packet Non-Military (credit, membership) cards III
-Packet Military (membership, identification, immunization, meal) cards I
-Packet Military (membership, identification, business, license) cards II


Paul Purnell Photograph Collection

Folder 1:
Early Years (82 photographs)
Bag 1
82 photographs, black and white
1 of a battleship model
14 of friends from Purnell's childhood (late ISSCS or early U-High)
13 family members (Grace, Edward)
17 from childhood before ISSCS from Momence or Grant Park
15 of Paul as somewhat older; most from ISSCS in early 50's
20 of Paul as teenager at ISSCS or U-High - up to 1955
2 larger photos already incased in plastic of the Purnell family and the Purnell grocery in the 40's


Folder 2:
ISSCS (186 photos)
Bag 1
91 photographs total; 54 black and white and 38 color
32 of the ISSCS campus; 10 from 1950s, 22 more recent
11 from ISSCS reunions in the 1980s or 1990s, mostly of old friends
48 of friends from ISSCS as taken while attending; 47 color and 1 black and white
Bag 2
55 photographs total; 19 black and white from the 1950s, 36 color from 1980s to1990s
4 black and white photographs from the 1950s
4 black and white photographs of his sister Grace and her friends
3 black and white and 1 color photograph of ISSCS friends
8 from his ISSCS graduation in 1953
35 color photographs of the ISSCS campus and its machinery
Bag 3
40 photographs; 34 color and 6
3 black and white photographs of ISSCS friends from the 1950s
3 black and white photographs of ISSCS campus from the 1950s
4 color photographs of ISSCS buildings' interiors
11 color photographs of ISSCS campus's exteriors
19 photographs of old friends from an ISSCS reunion


Folder 3:
U-High/ISNU (mid to late 50's) (87 photos)
Bag 1
40 black and white photographs and 3 color photographs from the mid to late 1950s
3 black and white and 1 color photograph of Purnell on school sports teams
2 black and white school related photographs
7 black and white photographs of ISNU friends
29 black and white photographs and 2 color photographs of U-High friends
Bag 2
44 photographs total; 40 black and white and 4 color
6 black and white photographs of neighborhood animals
5 black and white photographs of Purnell with his family or with a sports team
7 black and white and 4 color photographs of Purnell from 1955-1957
15 black and white photographs of friends and teachers from U-High
2 black and white photographs from Purnell's homecoming
5 black and white photographs of Purnell in his football uniform


Folder 4:
Purnell's 1st tour in Vietnam; Pleiku, Vietnam (1962) (155 photos) Pleiku is in southern Vietnam at 14° latitude
Bag 1
69 black and white photographs
11 of Purnell's army friends
13 of Vietnamese towns and markets
31 of the local Vietnamese - both adults and children
14 of what his camp was like
Bag 2
86 black and white photographs
3 of Purnell
3 of Vietnamese countryside
13 of Marine equipment and encampment
6 of Pleiku's marketplace
4 from a visit to Saigon
12 of Vietnamese children
17 of friends and comrades


Folder 5:
Imperial Beach; Philippines; Hawaii; Taiwan; Fuchu, Japan (1960s) Part I (251 photographs)
Bag 1
156 photographs 63 black and white and 93 color
10 of planes, ships, and the ocean from September and October 1963
13 of Taiwan from September and October 1963
5 of Japan (Tokyo, Fuchu) from December and November 1963
3 of the Philippine Islands 1960-1963
9 of living arrangements and equipment
24 of local people (especially in Japan and the Philippines) - 1962-1967
34 of Hawaii from 1963 to 1965; 23 of landscapes and 11 of beaches and communications equipment
58 of friends and army buddies (mostly 1963 and 1965)
Bag 2
95 photographs 1 black and white and 94 color
1 of Taipei, Taiwan from September 1963
1 of Yokohama, Japan from 1965
2 of Odawara, Japan
1 of Japanese girl
1 of satellite dishes in Japan
4 of Hakone, Japan - from a national park located there
7 of Tokyo from November and December 1963
11 of a burning officers' club in Kamiseya, Japan - December 1965
29 of friends in Kamiseya from late 1965 and early 1966
9 of Fuchu, Japan from November and December 1963
12 of Purnell's stereo and radio from his place in Kamiseya from Dec 1965
17 of Mt. Fuji and its lodge while visiting with there with friends in Jan 1966


Folder 6:
Imperial Beach; Philippines; Hawaii; Taiwan; Fuchu, Japan (1960s) Part II (82 photographs)
Bag 1
37 photographs 7 black and white and 30 color
4 from 2nd Radio in NC - 1974
5 from visits home on leave - 1965
1 from Yokohama, Japan - November and December 1963
2 from Tokyo, Japan - December 1963
2 from Kamiseya, Japan - December 1965
7 from Fuchu, Japan - November and December 1963
4 of Purnell relaxing in Hawaii - 1963 and 1966
4 of Purnell at work in Hawaii - 1963 and 1965
8 of Purnell's living quarters in Hawaii - 1963
Bag 2
45 photographs 5 black and white and 40 color
3 from aboard ships - 2 black and white from 1963-4, 1 color from 1976
3 photographs at home and an official photograph - 2 black and white 1964-1968
1 from on a Taipei street - September 1963
5 of Purnell at Mount Fuji, Japan in January 1966
12 of Purnell at his living area in Kamiseya, Japan in 1965
1 class photo of Sea Survival Course in Numazu, Japan - May 1967
11 from Pensacola, Florida with friends - 1967 and 1969
1 photograph of Purnell's trailer in February 1969
1 photograph of one of Purnell's training groups
7 photographs of Purnell relaxing


Folder 7:
Dong Bak Ma, Tiger Tooth Mountain, Khe Sahn, Vietnam (May-September 1964) Purnell's 2nd tour in Vietnam (154 photos)
Bag 1
74 photographs 26 black and white and 29 color
14 of friends and fellow soldiers
6 of helicopters
15 of Purnell's unit's living arrangements
20 of the Vietnamese landscape and vegetation - many taken from a helicopter
5 of Purnell's communications equipment
10 of just Purnell in and around his camp
4 from Purnell's 1971 campaign
Bag 2
80 photographs 46 black and white and 34 color
3 of weapons
5 of the local South Vietnamese
9 of helicopters
19 of the camp's living quarters and areas
24 of fellow soldiers
20 of the Vietnamese landscapes and vegetation


Folder 8:
Pensacola Photographs (1967-1969) (115 photos)
Bag 1
59 color photographs
10 photographs of "Pooper," Purnell's dog
4 photographs of a 1966 Mustang, either Purnell's or a friend's
6 of the sea and the dock at Pensacola
39 of Purnell's friends - mostly military acquaintances
Bag 2
56 photographs 8 black and white and 48 color
5 photographs of Paul's dog(s)
4 of where Purnell lived and worked while at Pensacola
8 from a visit to an aquarium with friends in April of 1968
19 of Purnell's military buddies
20 of friends and of visiting family members


Folder 9:
Phu Bai, Vietnam (1970-1971) Purnell's 3rd stint in Vietnam (90 photographs)
Bag 1
40 photographs 4 black and white and 36 color
3 black and white larger-sized photographs from military ceremonies from May of 1971
3 photographs of Purnell's unit's camp and their defensive positions from May 1970
9 photographs from cultural or tourist areas of Vietnam, including Hue City (fmr. Capital of Vietnam) from May of 1970
18 of native Vietnamese from August 1970
7 of comrades -1 black and white and 6 color from 1970-71
Bag 2
50 total photographs 7 black and white and 43 color
4 of the soldiers' living areas
4 of landscapes or nature from Vietnam
7 photographs of Vietnamese locals in the American camp
18 of friends and fellow soldiers
13 photographs of a building that was either mortared or bombed
4 of ceremonies or awards from service in Vietnam


Folder 10:
Massachusetts, Virginia, 2nd Radio, and Europe (105 photographs)
Bag 1
71 color photographs
2 landscapes (location unknown) from 1977
7 from Ft. Devens, MA from 1975
10 of encampments in woods (NC?) from 1975
12 of Purnell's army buddies
15 from on board the Mt. Whitney battleship, on which Purnell crossed the Atlantic to Europe in 1976
8 of Europe (Amsterdam and Norway) from September 1976
6 from Purnell's temporary home in Camp Geiger, NC from September 1977
11 from Jacksonville, NC from 1976 to 1978
Bag 2
34 photographs 10 black and white and 24 color
12 from Quantico, VA in November 1971
5 from sightseeing in Washington, D.C. in November of 1971
12 from D.C.: a boxed communications wagon form December 1971 - 10 black and white and 2 color
5 of the communications wagon out on country roads in Dec 1971


Folder 11:
Purnell in the Military from 1959 to 1979 (96 photos)
Bag 1
96 photographs 43 black and white and 53 color
2 black and white photographs from training in 1959
3 undated official photographs of Purnell
20 photographs from the Philippines with his buddies in 1960-1961
11 black and white photographs of Purnell from Pleiku, Vietnam in 1962
3 black and white photographs of Purnell's friends from Saigon, Vietnam in 1962
8 color and 3 black and white photographs from Pensacola in the late 1960s
3 while away from unit; 1 from home in 1974, 2 in Europe in 1976 - color
5 color and 1 black and white photograph from the 2nd Radio Battalion in 1975-1977
8 color photographs from boats while Purnell was on a "Teamwork/Bonded Item" in August and November of 1976 and in May 1977
2 black and white photographs from Danang, Vietnam in 1964
4 color photographs from athletic events in Pensacola in 1968
9 black and white and 9 color photographs from Phu Bai, Vietnam in 1970-71
3 color photographs from Hue City, Vietnam in May of 1970
2 color photographs while Purnell was with the 2nd Radio Bn. in Quantico, VA in 1974


Folder 12:
Purnell's Residential Life During his Military Duty (75 photos)
Bag 1
44 color photographs
2 at home from 1966 during leave
3 from Pensacola in 1967
3 from 1968; 1 from Pensacola, 2 at home in Bloomington-Normal
4 from 1969; 3 from Pensacola, 1 while at home
6 from 1970 in Pensacola
14 from Quantico, VA in 1970
7 from 1972; 3 in Quantico, 4 from a visit home
5 from 1973-4 while at home on leave in Bloomington-Normal
Bag 2
31 photographs 11 black and white and 20 color
1 black and white photograph of girl from Tokyo from November 1963
4 black and white and 2 color photographs of Purnell with friends in Hawaii (Bellows Air Force Base) in 1965
9 color photographs of friends while with the 2nd Radio in NC in 1975 and 1976
9 color and 2 black and whtie photographs of friends in Pensacola from 1968 and 1969
3 black and white photographs of girls in East Asia
1 black and white photograph of friends while in Taiwan in March of 1964


Folder 13:
Post-Military Friends and Acquaintances (178 photos)
Bag 1
34 color photographs
4 photographs of Norm and Judy Michaels from 1980
3 photographs of Kay Carnahan (a friend of Paul's from U-High) taken in the 1980s or1990s
15 photographs of Joe Turbyfill (friend from the 2nd Radio Bn.) and his family from 1981
12 photographsof friends (most identified on the back) from 1979 through the 1980s
Bag 2
144 photographs 100 color and 44 black and white
17 of U-High friends from the 1950's - 16 black and white and 1 color
11 of friends from the military in the 1960's - 8 black and white and 3 color
7 of Elaine Casella (who wrote him poetry) from the 1960s - 2 black and white and 5 color
5 of Yvonne Willan (ISSCS friend) from the 1950s until recently - 1 black and white and 4 color
11 of Doug Agner (ISSCS friend) and his family from the 1950s until recently - 9 black and white and 2 color
17 of Bob Christiansen, (U-High friend) later with his wife Annette and their children, from the 1950s to the 1980s - 4 black and white and 13 color
7 of Judy and Norman Michael from the 1980s and 1990s - 1 black and white and 6 color
6 color photographs of Carol Lyle (co-worker at the Department of Corrections) and her child from the 1980s
5 of Purnell in group shots with his co-workers from the 1980s and the 1990s
14 of Purnell with friends from the 1970s to the 1990s
44 of Purnell's friends from the 1950s until recently - most unidentified - 3 black and white and 41 color


Folder 14:
McLean County Employment Years (1980s and1990s) (214 photos)
Bag 1
59color photographs
2 of Purnell while on vacation
4 of Purnell with father or with his dogs
7 of just Purnell
46 of Purnell with friends and co-workers (a few identified)
Bag 2
64 color photographs
3 Christmas card family photographs Paul received
12 from weddings Purnell attended
49 of Purnell's friends and co-workers (some are identified)
Bag 3
91 color photograph
7 from weddings Purnell attended
84 of friends, parties, and co-workers (most unidentified)


Folder 15:
Church Friends photos (79 photographs)
Bag 1
79 photographs 73 color and 6 black and white
2 of Purnell's church (Northbridge Baptist)
5 of Purnell's house and his belongings
72 of friends from the 1950s through the 1990s (most unidentified)


Folder 16:
Photographs of 206 East Empire in Bloomington (84 photos)
Bag 1
84 color photographs
12 of Purnell's neighborhood
5 of the cars he's had
12 of pets (dogs and cats) Purnell's had since 1972
18 of the exterior of the house
21 of interior of the house
16 of Purnell's different collections and hobbies


Folder 17:
Photographs of 500 East Summit Street in Normal (45 photos)
Bag 1
45 color photographs
1 photograph of Purnell
3 photographs of pets (dogs, cats)
5 photographs of Purnell's neighborhood (houses, street)
8 photographs of the outside of Purnell's house
12 photographs of the interior of Purnell's house
16 photographs of Purnell's different collections (shells, toys, etc...)


Folder 18:
Large Photographs: Planes, Subs, and Ships Part I (24 photos) stored separately
24 photographs 22 black and white and 2 color
2 black and white and 1 color photograph of submarines from the 1960s
3 black and white and 1 color photograph of aircraft carriers from the mid to late 196's
1black and white photograph ofan aircraft and an aircraft carrier
3 black and white photographs of aircraft from the 1960s and 1970s
13 black and white photographs of battleships


Folder 19:
Large Photographs: Planes, Subs, and Ships Part II (21 photos) stored separately
21 photographs along with a track sheet of Purnell's route to Europe 18 black and white and 3 color
19 of battleships from the mid to late 1960s, along with the battleship from his trip to Europe in 1976
1 of an aircraft carrier
1 of a submarine


Folder 20:
Large Photographs: Non-Military (16 photos) stored separately
16 larger photographs from ISSCS, U-High, and ISNU from the 1950s 15 black and white and 1 color
1 large color photograph of Purnell's senior picture at U-High
2 from ISSCS
1 of Purnell's class
1 from the ISSCS tumbling club
13 from ISNU
1 of the "Old Main" building
1 of the school's wrestling team, including Purnell
11 from the Gamma Phi circus
1 of all the performers
10 of different performers, including Purnell, doing stunts on a trampoline


Folder 21:
Large Photographs: Military Part I (20 photographs) stored separately
20 photographs 18 black and white and 2 color
4 black and white photographs of Purnell's communications equipment
4 black and white photographs from the Marine Corps' birthday celebration in 1970
2 black and white and 1 color head shots
Photographs of Purnell, Todd Mason, and Richard Nixon
5 black and white photographs of training classes with Purnell as the instructor from the 1960s (most while in Pensacola)
4 class photographs from Purnell's communications training from 1959-1960 - 3 black and white and 1 color


Folder 22:
Large Photographs: Military Part II (17 photographs) stored separately
17 photographs (some small and taped to the larger ones) 15 black and white and 2 color
14 black and white photographs of Purnell's instructed classes while at Pensacola from the late 1960s
2 smaller color photographs taped to letters from 1971
1 official front and side color photograph of Purnell from 1976


Folder 23:
Larger Photographs: Military Part III (18 photographs)
Black and white class photographs of the classes Purnell instructed, Pensacola, FL 1968-6918