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Summer 2010

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Earl and Carol Reitan, 1989


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Historical Sketch

World War II erupted in September 1939 with the German invasion of Poland and ended with Japan's surrender in September 1945. The US, still recovering from the Great Depression, initially remained in isolation as the war blazed in Western and Eastern Europe and North Africa. The Japanese bombing of the US naval base at Pearl Harbor in December 1941 catapulted the US into war against all the Axis powers in Asia, Europe and Africa. Millions of Americans eventually served in the armed forces during the war.

These are the stories of a few of the surviving U.S. servicemen as captured by students in the history classes of Dr. Earl Reitan at Illinois State University (ISU) in Normal, Illinois, in the 1980s. Also included are the stories of a few European soldiers, plus civilians in wartime US and Europe. Each paper is based on an in-person interview between the student and the subject.

Dr. Reitan wrote his 2001 book Riflemen: On the Cutting Edge of World War II based on his own experiences and those of his fellow riflemen while serving in the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. It is available in the Museum Library Stacks, call number 940.54 REI 2005.

Scope and Contents Note
This collection includes copies of nearly 350 student-written papers.


Box and Folder Inventory

Please note that a few individuals were interviewed multiple times. Occasional notes in italics are obtained from the interviewee, their family or other records (census, enlistment, casualty, phone) in 2010.






Pre-war residence

Post war--immediate or later












Aaberg, Richard E.


Post office in US; guard duty, etc.


IL: Bloomington State Farm worker

Map given to German soldiers

1984 Apr 29

Burke, Curtis

Abbott, Harry

5th Army

614th Fighter Squad




Viennese occupation. Russians

1983 May 2

Senger, Cary

Adams, Darrell C.

61st General Depot / XXI Bomber Command


IL: Springfield



Saw Enola Gay on fateful day.


Caselton, James A

Alfeld, William Woodrow

Signal Corps. At McArthur's HQ; then6thArmy

Teletype operator- incl at McArthur HQ

IL: Livingston


New Guinea; Philippines; occu-pied Japan. 9pp.


Alvarado, Diego

Alvarado, Joseph (Jose')

Air Force

Crew chief; top turret gunner

B17, C46 & C47





Ashley, David A.

Ashley, no first name





US servicemen in England Handwritten

1985 May 1

Shaw, Daryl

Aubertine, Horace


Civilian: college student



Comments on Japanese inter-ments in US

1987 Jul 30

Cain, Renee K.

Augstin, Lyle

1st Marine Div / 5th Marine Reg/ 2nd Bn/ E Co


IL: Randolph (actually Heyworth)

IL: Shirley. IL State Univ accountant. Per Lyle.

Okinawa. Operation Iceberg


Baldridge, Jack

Baldridge, Walt

667 Field Artillery Bn

Vehicle maintenance



Roving unit in Europe.

1988 Apr 29

Bamberg, Bradley M.

Bamberg, Charles E. "Charlie"

9th Air Force / 362nd Fighter Gp / 378th Fighter Squad

Refuel planes from tankers

IL: Freeport cattle buyer & butcher

IL: Apple Creek Own/operate salvage co.


1988 Apr 22

Kleckner, Chris W

Banks, Roosevelt

45-15th Quartermaster Outfit


IL: Freeport

IL: attended Illinois State Normal Univ on GI Bill. Teacher & Dean at Freeport High.

One black man's perspective on US army segregation. le Shima, Okinawa

1985 spring

Kozik, John

Barich, John

1st Infantry Div/ 29th Infantry / 1st Bn; 9th Div Artillery Brig.

Forward artillery observer; Asst battery commander; instructor

IL: Oak Park univ student

IL: Chicago lawyer

No. Africa; Sicily; OK

1987 Jul 30

Barton, Robert R.

Barton, Art

1st Marine Div / 2nd Bn


NY: Brooklyn garage

NY: Brooklyn garage



Bauman, Chuck

Bauman, Morry

75th Infantry Div / 289th Reg

Reconnaissance (LOng Range Patrol)

IL: ? Messenger at Chanute AFB



1985 May 2

Brown, Jeff

Beaty, George

102nd Infantry Div / 405h Infantry Reg /3rd Bn

Machine gunner

IL: Jefferson County

IL: Marquette Heights. Peoria Caterpillar Employee

France, Germany. Bulge. Stugen Vanginian.


Purdy, David

Becker, Russell F

Navy Supply Corps

Dairy food specialist (ice cream & cheese for navy troops)

IL: Mgr of Oak Park Bowman Dairy plant

IL: Crystal Lake

Native Mor-ton Remained in US.


1985 spring

Hoerr, Rick

Behrman, Catherine



Australia (German)

To US-WI: Milwaukee

Jews escape Germany in 1938

1987 Jul 30

Rives, J.

Beutner, Harvey

Navy Pacific Amphibious Div on LCI



IL: Ill State Univ professor of English

Pacific. Attitudes tow. Japanese actions

1983 May 1

Korasidas, Robert

Bickley, Eric

Navy special Service/Fleet Aircraft Service Squad #6

Produce variety show/Counsel for Defense


IL: Ill State Univ theatre professor



Angel, Martin

Bishop, Ferman

Navy: USS Lyons attack transport

USS Porcupine tanker



IL: Ill State Univ English professor

Mediterranean. Witnessed friendly fire disaster at Sicily


Shook, Lyle

Blackledge, Harold J.

Navy USS Yorktown

Bomb loader


IA: Cedar Rapids


1986 May 2

Burton, William L.

Bliming, Dean

Navy LST


IL: Murrayville

IL: Maintenance at Ill State Univ residences

Pacific islands in mid 1945

1986 Apr 30

Boehm, Robert

Boehm, George Karl

German Army

Digging fox holes & anti-tank traps on the Maginot Line age 14

Germany: Eichstatt

US in 1955

Youth Camps. German civilian perspectives

1984 Apr 30

Borland, John

Borland, John W. "Jack"


Basic training instructor;


IL: dairy & dairy farm

IL: dairy



Occupied Japan

1982 spring

Prince, Russell H.

Born, Harold

9th Army / 84th Infantry Div

Machine gunner. supply line.

IN: Evansville engr student at Evansville

IL: IllState Univ physics professor

ETO. POW Stalag II A. Neubrandenburg work camp. 9 pp.


Arends, Ross

Born, Harold J.

9th Army / 84th Div/HCo weapons squad

Supply tank driver. then machine gunner.


IL: Ill. State Univ Physics professor

POW Germany Stalag 2A & 11B

1985 May 7

Waido, Kent P.

Bristol, Benton K.

Field Artillery

Air Force; Corps of Engrs

Instructor, mostly


IL: Normal - probably late in life(phone directory)

US & Philippines

1983 May 5

Doeckel, Linda

Brown, Francis

Air Force 76th Fighter Squad "Flying Tigers"

Teaching airplane mechanics then airplane maintenance onP40s, P51s, P47s


Il: Milliken then Ill State Univ math professor


1985 Apr 23

Powell, Keith A.

Brown, Francis

4th Army Air Gp / 76th Fighter Squad / 23rd Fighter Group

Ground crew chief (plane maintenance) P-40 Warhawks; P-51 Mustangs; P-47 Thunderbolts


IL: Normal

meth teacher at Millikin and then Ill State Univ.

Kunming, China. "Flying Tigers"

1984 May 1

Brown, James

Brown, George R

628th Field Artillery Bn; medical unit

Phone linesman;


IL: Chicago?



12 pp.

1988 Apr

Thomas, Mark

Bubert, Russ

671 Anti Air-craft Artillery Machine Gun Battery

50 caliber covering air strips

IL: Mason County flower grower employee

IL: Normal
GTE employee

New Guinea

1988 Apr 27

Bulgrin,Mark O.

Bulgrin, Mrs.


Civilian: young teen girl

WI: Belleville farm girl




Cahill, Paul

Cahill, Joan


Civilian teenager

IL: Chicago south side


Home Front. Butcher's price list. Sheet music

1987 Jul 30

Buscher, John

Callahan, Raymond "Red"

Amphibious DUKW unit

Driver DUKW

IL? Tazewell? At brothers tavern

Tending another bar

Naples & Anzio

1988 Apr 18

Marchese, Steven

Campbell, Eugen Sherell

8th Air Force / 466th Bomber Gp / 785th Sq

Gunner B-24;

later gunnery instructor B-29.

IL: Marion but student at So Ill Univ

IL: Rolling Meadows sometime after finishing SIU

Base= Norwich, England. Combat diary attached.


Amraen, John

Capasso, John

2nd Marine Div

Machine gunner


IL: Ill State Univ Milner Library

Kwajalein, Saipan.

1983 Apr 28

Busa, Gary

Capasso, John

2nd Marine Div / 2nd Bn


IL: Ill Wesleyan College freshman. From Mt Vernon, NY

IL: Degree at Ill Wesleyan. Worked at Ill State Univ's Library. Married Chenoa woman & settled there.

16 page transcript of interview. Marianas. Saipan.


1988 Apr 23

Schmidt, Paul

Capasso, John



IL: Illinois Wesleyan freshman



1988 Apr 25

Montellano, Eric A.

Carey, Kathleen



WI: Kenosha

WI: Kenosha



Karch, Jeff A.

Carver, Joe

87th Infantry / 334th Field Artillery / C Co

Forward artillery observer

IL: Lewistown farm work

IL: Attend Bradley Univ. Work for a Peoria power co.

ETO Buchenwald.

9 pages.

1986 May 2

Willner, Merle L

Chaddon, Lyle



IL: Bloomington C&A Railway conductor

IL: Bloomington C&A Railway

Paper is on IL Railroads in WWII


Diersen?, Matthew

Christner, Bud

Air Force

Trainer: bombardier, counter espionage

IN: Purdue Univ soph in ROTC

Finished degree. ITT employee

Various US. Nor-den bomb sight.

1985 Apr 20

Churney, Daniel

Churney, Fred


7th Army

Handling supplies; guard; dispensary.

IL: Streator glass plant worker

IL: Streator

No. Africa, Sicily, Naples, Marseilles


Clancy, Robert L

Clancy, Robert L. Sr.

Navy Guavina SS 362

Repair engine, etc.




1988 May 1

Coffey, Peter

Coffey, James F. Jr


Civilian teenager

IL: Chicago


Isolationism that changed during the war


Lear, Darrell

Coit, Bill

28th Div /

110th artillery

20th Div / 112th artillery


IL: Bloomington,

IL: Bloomington

Illinois Wesleyan University


1984 May 1

Haerr, Michael

Comfort, Thomas

Navy: LST




IL: Ill State Univ foreign language faculty

Pacific: Palaus, Philippines, Okinawa


Comfort, Michael J.

Comfort, Thomas?

Navy LST 687

Communications officer

IL: graduate Northwestern U


Pacific esp Philippines 9pp


Conti, Robert

Conti, Marie & friend Rose



IL: Chicago


Home front including black mkt.


Cooper, Tom

Cooper, George L

8th Airforce / 1st Air Div / 1st wing /398th bomb gp / 601st bomb squad

Chin turret and togglier (Bombadier) B-17.

--- May be Syracuse, NY, resident per census

NY: Attend Syracuse Univ.

Bombed Germany & Czechoslovakia

1986 Apr 28

Sale, Dan

Corum, Mike


Civilian child

England, London

England: History professor -Brighton Polytechnic

London & countryside


Long, John

Courtney, William

3rd Infantry Div?

Infantry lieutenant


IL: Deerfield

France, Germany. POW.


Hulseberg, Dennis

Coverdill, Wesley James

Navy USS Alchiba AKA6 USS DePorter

Signalman for amphibious force; destroyer escort; then shore patrol



S. Pacific


Craig, Steven

Craig, Earl

Army 29th Engineer Topographic Bn / C Co

Company clerk in personnel;

Sergeant- admin.



Portland, OR

Manila, Philippines


Cranwill, Kirk

Cranwill, Joseph



IL: Ntl Guard Delevan

IL: Pekin Keystone employee


1987 Jul

Chandler, Theresa

Crist, Robert

3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Div



IL: Illinois State Univ professor;

PhD on GI bill



Shattuck, Jason

Crist, Robert

Attached to Patton's 3rd Army


IL: Chicago

IL: Ill State U professor of psychology


1988 Apr 25

O'Beirne, Matthew T.

Cross, Samuel


Civilian: Childhood

England, London

IL: Galesburg

Incomplete--pages missing.

1983 May 1

Banno, Karen

Crumley, Mrs.

WAVES.Naval Intelligence. Later Bureau of Naval Personnel

Translator (Japanese) in DC; later exit counselor in CA

OH: Ohio State Univ. student


Handwritten paper

1983 spring

Krylowicz, Mark J.

Cunningham, George E.




IL: Ill State Univ history eventually

Black man's perspective


Schafernak, Troy W.

Dailly, Francis Mrs.


Civilian, age 10

Scotland: Glasgow

Scotland: Glasgow

Near shipyards


Bell, Daniel L.

Daly, Lewis B.

2nd Marine Div / 8ith Marine Reg / 1st Bn / B Co /1st Platoon

Radio operator

IL: Morris. Graduated HS. Part time at dairy.

IL: Morris

Federal Paper Board employee

Tarawa Is. Marianans incl Saipan.


Keene, William

Davis, F. James

S.S. Oliver Hazard Perry;

Comedor; SS Andrew Moore

Radio operator; later teacher.


IL: Ill State Univ sociology professor

Atlantic. Mediterranean. Several stories..

1985 May 2

Shigut, Vicki

Davis, F. James

Armed Guard on Liberty Ship

Radio operator



Atlantic. Mediterranean


Smith, Patrick

Davis, James

Navy: Olivier Hazard Perry & Andrew Moore

Radio & signal man; later teacher

IA but student at Wash State U

IL: Ill State Univ sociology professor

Invade Sicily & Italy


Dillman, Christian

Davis, James F.

Navy USS Oliver Hazard Perry

Radio aboard ship. Mathteacher TX.

IA: grad student in WA


No. Atlantic

1984 May 1

Devine, Patrick

Devine, Hugh


Clerical - repatriating Koreans

IL: Chicago Loyola student


Occupied Japan

1984 Apr 26

Bredeman, W. Scott

Dieckow, Clyde



IL: Bartonville

IL: Bartonville

Philippines. Bataan Death March. Osaka coal miner POW

1986 May 2

Jackson , Rob

Diffenderfer, John

Air Corps / Special Services Div / 364th Bn


IL: Danville

IL: Danville

Oak Ridge TN Drove load to Los Alamos


Docherty, David L

Docherty, James F.

Navy USS Denabola USS David W. Taylor DD551 USS Chas R. Ware DD865

Machinist on destroyers & destroyer tender



N. Atlantic; mostly S. Pacific on David W. Taylor


Hamann, Earl

Doherty, John Lawrence

3rd Army / 26th Div; later 101st Reg


IL: small town in Gallatin County




Winks, Tim

Donaho, Ellis


Civilian policeman

IL: Salem policeman

IL: Salem furniture store mgr

Police stories


Warford, Edward B.

Donath, John William

Navy: USS Essex aircraft carrier

Gun director-trainer

IL: Lincoln

IL: Lincoln power co. employee



Overton, Stephen

Donovan, Irv


Civilian youth

IL: Lake Fork

IL: Warrenville


1988 Apr 25

Doran, Michael S.

Doran, Roy

69th Div




Belgium, Germany


Jacobs, Jeff

Downey, Shawn


Civilian teen

IL: Farmington


MD dad ran field hospital; at just liberated Buchenwald.

1985 May 8

Dragstrem, Peter F.

Dragstrem, Ernest E.



IL: Niantic


Anvil, France. Limited info.

1985? May 2

Dugo, Denise S.

Dugo, Joseph R.



Public info officer

IL: Chicago

IL: Chicago. Elk Grove Village TV repair

Alaska; Guam

1988 Apr 25

Armstrong, Julie

Dunlap, Robert H. "Bobby"

3rd Marine Parachute Bn / B Co

5th Marine Div

Platoon leader.



IL: Abingdon. Student at Monmouth College


South Pacific. Iwo Jima.

8 pp.


Gosewisch, Pat

Easton, Bill


Drill sergeant;
Military Police

MI: Upper Peninsula



1985 Apr 23

Wilcox, Jan

Easton, Tobe


Civilian lady riveter

CO: rural


WY. CA. AK. Riveter.


Comisky, Troy

Easton, William




Asst Drill Instructor.



IL: Ill State Univ professor

Camp LeJeune, N.C. / Pearl Harbor.


Reeg. John

Easton, William


Military Police - guard.

OH: civilian at army airfield

MI: Grand Rapids



Gross, Steven M.

Eckert, Albert

1st Army / 99th Infantry Div / 395th infantry / G Co

2nd Gunner in light machine gun gp

IL: Normal


France / Germany

Battle of Bulge

See Leifel's book PFCAlbert Eckert


Hedstrom, Bob

Eft, Robert

6th Div / 122nd 1st Marine airwing

Air gunner.

Mortar operator guide.

IL: Bloomington


Guadalcanal. Okinawa. Malaria.

1983 Apr 24

Stumpf, Susanne

Ehmke, Heinz Erich & wife

German army infantry division

Machine gunner. Later, communication unit

Germany: Wismar

East Germany: Wismar. Policeman. Prisoner. Later, Heilbronn.

Ukraine. France. POW in France- US army kitchen. Handwritten.


Kowalkowski, Jeff

Ellis, Mel

78th Infantry Div / 309th Reg

Rifleman; mortarman

forward observer; cleanup; Water ballet.

IL: Chicago Jr College student

College degrees. Managed daycare company

France & Germany

1988 Spring

Trueblood, Todd

Enos, Newman Isaac "Bud"

3rd Army/90th Infantry

Tech sgt

MI: Homer

Steel factory


France. Germany. Czech. Belgium.


Perlman, Cary

Erenberg, Mike

7th Div / 3rd Marine Div.

Confidential clerk





Erwin, Dave

Erwin, Stan


Civilian: teen & farmer

MO: Fairfax farm



1986 May 2

Bacon, LeonR.

Feathers, Al

Air Corps




B-17 bomber. Black market

1988 Apr 24

Feinblatt, David

Feinblatt, Harry



POW Guard.

Shoe store mgr




Bieschke, Tom

Felski, Hadi


Worked on war parts production line; husband tool & die shop supervisor


IL: Chicago

Husband Clement Bieschke


Gibson, John

Fleming, Carrie


Wife of POW in Germany (Gail)

IL: Belvidere

IL: Belvidere farm



Chappell, John

Floyd, Walter

9th Air Force / 323rd Bomb Gp / 455th Squad.

Radio operator & machine gunner B-26

CO: Aurora


Based at Earlcombe, England. 6 pp

1983 May 5

Bottrell, George M.

Ford, Raymond

Army Air Corps

Aviator: Ferry B-24 in So. Atlantic. Later B25, B26, A20

IL: Niantic

IL: Cropduster in South. Exhibition shooter. Mortician. Machine repair in Decatur.

Also P39. And, Sub patrols


Fornaciari, Jim,

Fornaciari, Earl

27th Infantry Div

Light machine gunner

IL: Chicago, Finished High S.

IL: Chicago school principal


1988 Apr 25

Rosengarten, Rob

Fox, Joe


Civilian: timekeeper for gov't in Washington, DC.

IL born

DC: Washington auditor/adjustor for US IRS; later ret'd to Bloomington IL



Daniels, John

Franklin, Charles

13th Armored Div / 93rd Cavalry Recon-naissance Squad

Drive armored jeep to scout enemy troops.

Police occupied Germany.






Friedhoff, Walter

"15th Air Force"

Bombadier Navigator support resistance troops & allied agents for OSS

SD: student at Augustana

SD: Univ of SD

Later IL: Ill State Univ psychology prof. Also reservist

Brindisi & Liverno, Italy. B24 & B-17

1985 May 7

Malin, Jerry D

Friedhoff, Walter

15th Air Div

B-24 Crew Leader: Air Support to Intelligence ops


IL: Ill State Univ Psychology Professor

Support Italian & Yugoslavian resistance & secret agents of RAF & OSS


Reid, Thomas L.

Friedhoff, Walter

Air Corps

Bomber navigator to support underground resistance in No Italy/Yugoslavia

SD: college student

IL: Ill. State Univ professor



Wolinski, Kenneth T

Friedhoff, Walter

15th Army Air Corps

Bombardier / navigator on B-24 "Black Cats" to support OSS.


IL: Ill State Univ

Base: Brindisi, Italy to reach central/eastern Europe


Koss, Tony

Fritzum, Cletus

8th Air Force/ 359th Fighter Div

Crew Chief P-51s.



Based in England.

1987 Jul 29

Smith, Linda

Fry, Max

Marine 4th Div




Iwo Jima

1984 Apr

August, Laurel

Fuehrer, William

Army Signal Corps


MI: Borjne college student

IL: Ill State Univ German instructor

London. France. Germany.

1983 May 4

Barclay, Jean

Fuehrer, William

Army Signal Corps / Radio Intelligence



IL: Ill State Univ languages professor

London, France, Germany


Buzzard, Tony

Fuehrer, William

Army Signal Corps / Signal Intelligence Detachment D


MI: College student

IL: Ill State Univ language instructor

London. France. Benelux. German.

1983 Apr 30

Nonte, Yvette

Fuehrer, William

Signal Corps "Delta" unit.

Crypticanalysis (of radio transmissions, etc.)


IL: Ill State Univ teacher

England. Sicily. Italy. Battle of Bulge.


Square, Greg

Fuehrer, William

Army Signal Corps

Cryptographer to analyze enemy traffic

MI: Grand Rapids

IL: presumably Ill State Univ teacher

England, France


Maier, Ray L

Gadbury, Leslie

3rd Marine Div / 9th Marine Reg / ist Bn / C Co

Machine gunner

IL: Central IL

(name appears age 7 in Monticello in 1930 census)

IL: Central IL. Ill State Univ graduate. High school teacher in Monticello area.

Bouganville, Guam, Iwo Jima. Posed for DC Iwo Jima memorial.

1986 Apr 28

Gilliland, Brian

Gilliland, Bernard Stewart

Army AirCorps Quartermaster;

77th Tactical Reconnaissance Gp

Purchasing supplies & equipment;

Clerk - various roles incl aircraft maintenance records

IL: Aledo posts office employee



India Burma


Wills, Lori

Glocer, Jack


Civilian: teen

Poland: Warsaw

US 1949. Central IL eventually.

Jew Auschwitz 3 yr



Goergen, John

17th Airborne Div /513th Infantry Reg


IL: Bloomington

IL: Normal; State Farm employee

POW. 2 failed escapes. Later at Stalag 4B.


Brooks, Robert

Granahan, Lea A.



PA: Olyphant church pastor

Catholic Priest

Staten Island; France


Lach, Michael J.

Green, John


Post office on base; later post office on sea plane tender

IL: Springfield post office


Farigette, ID, base. Later on Salisbury Sound


Solorio, Stephen R.

Griffith, Paul

5th Cavalry


IL: electrical worker for Sanagamon Electric

IL: electrical worker for Sanagamon Electric

Occupied Japan. Acting Provost Marshall.

1984 Apr 27

Grosso, William A.

Grosso, John


Constructing the Joliet Ammo Plant. Also ran weld shop.

IL: Kankakee

IL: Kankakee

Plant operations, too. 6 pp.

1984 Apr 27

Haas, Matthew P.

Haas, James J. "Jim"

Navy U.S.. Monrovia. U.S.S. Makin Island


Load B24s & watch duty.

Admiral's Barge.

IL: El Paso

IL: attend Bradley Univ.

Sicily. Patton contact. Tarawa.


1986 spring

Hass, Thomas J.

Haas, Robert J.


Civilian teenager

IL: Forest Park


8 pp.Chicagoland.

1983 May 1

Smith, Darrell

Hall, Harber H.

Air Force

Radar instructor

Bombardier B-29

IL: Chicago

IL: Bloomington Politics and real estate

Guam base to bomb Japan

Postwar: Berlin airlift pilot

1986 Apr 30

Berg, Steve

Hansen, Oscar

Navy 9th Construction Bn "CBs"


WA: Seattle carpenter (from ND)


Iceland. HI. Marianas. CA


Zogg, Jeff

Harper, John


In charge of a wave of boats taking Marines ashore

IL: Ill Wesleyan Univ student

IL: State Farm Insurance employee

Iwo Jima. Okinawa. Liguyan Gulf.


Marek, Craig

Hartge, William P. Sr.


Military Police in occupied Germany

IL: Fults high school farm boy


View from US German/Czech farm town


Hatcher, Jim

Hatcher, Maurice

60th Armored Infantry Bn / B Co


VA: Lovettsville Family saw mill


France, Germany, Czech.

1984 May 7

Ternes, Linda

Heffernan, James

Army Intell


Military intelligence gathering

IL: U of Ill math graduate

IL: Chicago?

Cairo, Egypt.

1988 Apr 25

Fesser, Dennis

Heil, Wallace

3rd Army / 7th Armored Div / B Co (later 1st5 Armored Div)



Coal miner


France. Germany


Heinzinger, Russell

Heinzinger, Richard


Civilian: preteen/teenager

IL: Chicago north side


Includes brother Bill soldier at Guadalcanal


Haynel, Kevin

Herbert, John

per wife Samantha


Civilian. Black man.

LA? Work at International Can


Financial success --job promotions during wartime

1988 April 25

Topping, Beth

Heringer, Luella


Civilian: nurse

OR: McMinnville

OR: McMinnville

Married to civilian MD


Poundstone, Jeffrey E.

Hicks, Eileen R.


Worked at Seneca shipyard briefly

IL: Seneca

IL: Ottawa

Homefront commentary


Poundstone, Jeffrey E.

Hicks, William. R.

Army 192nd Aviation Bn. Then 3rd Army Ordnance Bn.

Worked on Tanks in Egypt; later ammo driver in Europe

IL: Seneca

Worked at International Rubber

IL: Ottawa carpenter & millwright

Dachau liberation. Transcription of the interview.


Baumeister, Dana

Hillsberg, Lloyd "Dick"

3rd Armored Div

Surgical technician

IL: Evanston


ETO. Nordhouse. 5 pp


Gebhardt, Randall

Hiltbrand, William


Fighter pilot


IL: Springfield

Based in Britain


Conti, Robert

Hirchbach, Manfred


Civilian youth.



Hitler's Youth Corps. Air attacks Filed under Conti.


Larson, Richard

Hitzmann, Edward "Eddie"


Civilian: shoe factory in US




1985 May 2

Bass, Ryan

Hodgson, Vera


Civilian mother

England: Richmond

England: Richmond

Wartime London area

1982 May 5


Jeff E.

Holdridge, Robert


Radio communications & surveillance

IL: Attending Augustana College

IL: IL State Univ. communications professor


1988 Apr 25

Holsclaw, David

Holsclaw, Harold "Slim"

Army Air Corps

Repair & maintain trainer planes



South Carolina, & other US locations


Hungate, Bill

Holt, John

8th Air Force

Maintenance crew.

Occupation forces.



England, France. Occupd Germany


Hood, Edmond

Hood, Edmond & Marlowe


Civilian: teenager & child

IL: Champaign IL: Chicago


1987 Summer

Hoss, Eric

Hoss, Frank L.


Civilian: child

IN: Crawfordsville farm


Paper also includes Msarsa, Madeleine

1984 spring

Neff, Charles E

Huisman, Hannelore "Honey" nee Eppler


Born 1940 in Darmstadt. Later in Russelsheim


IL: Rock Island

Father was high level engr at Opel. Vivid memories.

1988 Apr 25

Humphrey, ?

Humphrey, Charles

1st Army

Truck Driver in medic battalion

IL: Crystal Lake


D-day France/ Germany.Nordhausen..


Humphrey, Patrick

Humphrey, unnamed

Navy: USS Cowpens

Tend boilers, etc.



Gilbert & Marshall Islands


Baker, Michael

Hurley, Nora


Civilian Housewife

IL: Chicago

IL: Chicago


1985 Spring

Meek, Jill

Ison, Laura


Civilian preteen

KY: Kingdom Come


Homefront rural


Romanas, Gordon

Ison, Paul Edward

5th Marines; 1st Marine Div /3rd Bn/ HQ Co



FL: Ft Myers

Okinawa, 1st wave. Famous photo enclosed.

1983 Apr 28

Daly, Kevin

Jacobsen, James

36th Infantry Div "Fighting 36th"

Minesweeping. Battle. Road construction. Train on German bombs.



Salerno--in advance wave. Riviera.

1987 Jul 30

Vance, Terri

Jankauskas, Juozas


Civilian - his farm was destroyed by both Nazi & Russian

Lithuania: Railroad Master & wealthy land owner

Germany: refugee camp.Then,

NE: Omaha.

Lithuania under Nazis & Russian invasion.

1986 Apr 2

Peterson, Scott

Jenne, Loren

Assigned to British

B-25 pilot


IL: Springfield pilot

No Africa & Italy


Jackson, John

Johnson, Morris

34th Infantry Div




No. Italy "mopping up"


Jefferson, Yatta P.

Jolly, Thurmon L.

374th Engineer Genl Service Reg / D Co

Repair roads/bridges

Transport ammo.5

IL: Chicagotruck driver

IL: Chicago

In all-black co.



Jones, Steven

Jones, Norman


Civilian: jr. high school student

IL: Pekin

IL: Pekin letter carrier

Served post war.


Jordan, Bruce

Jordan, Ruben

3745th Quartermaster

Drive troop trucks

IL: Chicago store window trimmer

NY: Buffalo then IL: Chicago



Luzzo, Richard H

Joyce, John


Civilian: B&O Railroad

IL: Chicago from County Cork Ireland

IL: Chicago

Opinions on public percep-tions & politics


Mangieri, BrianF.

Jozwiak, John

Unassigned; 104th

Supply & reinforemt; M.P.; infantry

IL: Chicago machinist


Italy. France, Belgium

1984 May 1

Piercy, Phil

Kauffman, "Buck"

Navy Battleship TN; APA Susan B. Anthony. Cargo ship Corvus.

Mechanist Mate

IL: Chenoa


At Pearl Harbor.

North Africa. D-day. Philippines, Saipan, Guam, Okinawa.

1986 Apr 24

Staehely, Joanne

Keeney, Leo

Navy USS Wilhott destroyer escort

Control electrical supplier & interior communications



N. Atlantic; Mediterranean

1984 May 4


Cornley, Henry L. Jr

Keif, Bob

Navy CV19

(USS Hancock?)



IL: Ill State Univ Trainer of Men's Athletics

Russia.No. Africa. Pacific.

1984 Apr 26

Moore, Timothy E.

Kennard, Kenneth C.

Air Force

Celestial navigation trainer

IL: Wheaton College student

IL: Ill State Univ professor of philosphy

Charleston, S.C.

Earlier, worked in bomb factory.


Albuck, Troy J.

Kennedy, Joanne


Civilian: teenager



Emma Willard School for Girls


Kenny, James

Kenny, Donald L.

41st Infantry

US: airport guard


IL: Chicago


Australia. New Guinea


Engelhorn, Tom

Kilcoin, John

26th Infantry Div /104th Infantry Reg Later 9th Radar Collaboration Unit


Later Radar Officer checking B-24s under Lend Lease; Later set up radars


IL: Normal General Electric employee

Paper focuses on Saipan & Pac. islands where set up airfield radars.


Kim, Joseph

Kim. Soo


Civilian young man

Korea. Garment factory worker

IL: Chicago eventually

Korea during Japanese occupation

1985 May 7

Martin, Mazelle

Klass, Robert

126th EVAC hospital

Truck driver for evacuation (EVAC) hospital

IL: Princeton

IL: Princeton businessman in air compressors

Jewish. Buchenwald camp. Discrimination.


Morgan, Sandy

Kohn, Walter


Civilian: German Jewish teen; then alien in England

Germany: North Balvaria


Persecution in Germany. English farm activity during war


Susberry, John

Korobov, Mr & Mrs


Civilian children.



Leningrad under siege/blockade.


Walsh, James E

Kowelski, Stanislaw

Polish Army


Poland: Krakow

Poland; came to US in 1980s?


1985 Apr 28

Nelson, Todd L

Kowerko, Mariano

Polish Free Army.


Ukraine: near Lvov. Farm.

IL: Normal tailor. First Argentina, eventually US citizen.

Soviet concentra-tion camp. Later Polish Free Army in Italy.

1988 Apr 24

Feinblatt, David

Krvinsky, ?


Beautician; Husband mfg quality inspector for Dept of Defense.



Prosperous during the war. Husband named Mr. Dauer. Filed under Feinblatt.

1988 Apr 22

Harbough, Tim

Lacefield, Olous

83rd Div/ 330th Infantry Thunderbolt

Squad/platoon leader

KY: McHenry farmhand


France Germany


Buck, W.D.

Lacey, Melvin J.

1112th Cavalry Reg / G Co

Troop scout: varied activities

IL: Bath


CCC. Pacific. Heavily bombed

1988 Apr 25

Reams, Dave

Landers, Bill

5th Div / 27th Reg / L Co




Iwo Jima casualty

1984 May 1

Greer, Brian

LaRock, Sam

202nd Coastal Artillery; then 5th Infantry

Rifleman (infantry)
Before that, Ntl Guard

IL: Chicago Grocery store mgr


Homefront plus France & Germany


Graves, Kent D

LeVert, Edward A.

Army Service Group; attached to 9th Air Force

Company clerk

IL: Maywood. Bank employee

Retired eventually to FL & WI

Egypt, Sicily, etc.

1984 May 2

Kreiter, Samuel D.

Levine, William P.


Major General

Intelligence gathering


IL: Highland Park

ETO. High level questions on politics, strategy.


Keim, Bob

Limer, James


OSS agent

IL: McLean per enlistment & family

IL: Stanford farmer then insurance agt

China India Burma & more.


Maten, Luke

Love, Stanley G.

104th Infantry

Machine gun platoon (30 caliber)

CO: Machinist apprentice


France. Germany.

1988 Apr 25

Richards, Beth

Luerhman, Alfred

German Army conscript

Communication cables; observe shell hits, etc.

Poland: Prussian area

IL: Lake Zurich carpenter. Labored in Poland first.

Eastern front. "Silliest war I'd even seen."


Crockett, Doug

Lynche, Edwin




IL: Palatine


1985 May 6

Flynn, William L

Lype, Meryl

Air Corps / 17th Pursuit Squad


IL: per POW record

IL: U of IL degree. Taught history.

Bataan March.


Marks, Joseph

Marks, Edward Bernard

Southern Defense Command; 762 Field Artillery Bn


Forward Field Observer;


IL: Wenona postal clerk

IL: Wenona

Texas; Ardennes, Rhineland, & Central Europe; Belgium

1986 May 2

Cross, Galyn L.

Martin, Will

Navy U.S.S. Baltimore

Seaman on cruiser

IL: Danvers


Pacific. Transport FDR.

1985 May 7

Flood, Thomas C

Martin, Willard F. "Will"

Navy U.S.S. Baltimore

Boats Mate manning guns



Japan. Plane ditching.


Sobotia (sp?), Stephen

Martin, Willard F. "Will"


USS Baltimore



IL: Normal Barbershop operator

Attitudes tow. Germans & Japanese

1984 May 2

Kazienko, Loretta

Maxian, Thomas

Navy USS Card


WV: Weirton steel mill mason


Atlantic No & So

1982 April 22

Callaway, Geoff

McAdams, Robert


Aviation navigator



POW. Stalagluffe #1 in Barth, Germany

1988 Apr 21

Thompson, David

McCowlan, Joe

Air Corps 77th Pursuit Squad. /20th Pursuit Gp 20th Ferry Gp

Airplane mechanic

IL: Lexington

IL: Bloomington auto mechanic


Europe: C-47s

1984 May 1

Smith, Irvin

McCraery, Samuel

1st Armored Div /


IL: Springfield Allis Chalmers assy line

IL: Springfield clothes store.

No. Africa. German POW. Attempted escape

1988 Apr 25

McGuire, Robert A

McGuire, James R. & wife


Civilians : Link Belt salesman & housewife

IL: Oak Park

IL: Oak Park



McKeen, Mark

McKeen, Chas. A.

70th Infantry Div / I Co 274 Infantry Reg.




France: Voghes Mtns. POW Salag 11A & 12B


Taglioli, Bob

McShane, John

123rd Survey Bn




Occupied Japan Oct 46-Apr 47


Flaherty, Thomas

McWalter, William



Ireland: Castlebar in County Cork

Ireland: Castlebar in County Cork

Irish neutrality and war participation

1988 Apr 25

Blair, Joseph W.

Meiner, James E.

44th Bombardment Gp / 506th Engr Section

Aircraft maintenance officer in B24 bomber gp

IL: Bradley Univ graduate


No. Africa; France; Germany; Italy; Rumania, etc.

1988 Apr 25

Gurfinkel, Paul

Merriam, Robert A.

84th Div / 333rd Reg / 3rd Bn / kCo



FL: Manage car dealership

France. Germany.


Buente, Tom

Messerschmidt, Mrs.


Civilian married to US citizen

Germany: Frierichsville

Germany then US citizen in 1955

Life in Germany with US husband

1987 Jul 28

Lynch, Kevin

Miner, William D.

31st Infantry

Advisor to 81st Philippine Infantry Reg; communications

IL: Table Grove (per on-line "passenger list" of Oryoku Maru)

IL: Charleston: completed PhD at Ind U. Taught at Eastern IL U.

Pacific. Japanese POW. Oryoku Maru. See attach-ed paper. 8pp.


Moore, Melinda

Moore, F.T.

Repair Dept E

Repairman- blower & injector for ships



Samar, Philippines.


Zehr, Ed

Moscicki, Lucjan

Polish Army; 2nd Polish Corps; 1st Polish Corps

Soldier. Then officer. Then medical officer.

Poland: med student & laborer

IL: Fairbury physician after Chgo. 1st got MD in Italy: Bologna

Lithuanian front. Soviet POW Murmansk. Iraq. No Africa. Italy



Motley, Coey Jackson

95th Infantry / 377th Reg.

Anti-tank gunner 57mm.

IL: central IL


France. Details from his letters home.

1985 May 7

Bennett, Julia D.

Motley, Coey Jackson "C.J."

95th Infantry / 377th Reg

Anti-tank gunner 57mm

IL: Charleston


France, Germany.


Adams, Kim

Moulton, Robert Delos

8th Army Air Force

Pilot B-24




France. Germany

1986 Apr 4

Atz, Terry

Moyer, Robert

3rd Army /

Bomb disposal unit

Midwest small town


France, Germany.

8 pp.

1987 Summer

Hoss, Eric

Msarsa, Madeleine "Maddy"


Civilian: Christian Arab child

Palestine (Israel)


Filed under Hoss, Frank

1986 Mar 25

Mular, Kevin

Mular, Frank

Navy SS Thomas Pollett; SS Daniels

Security on ship assigned to Merchant Marine

IL: Streator work at furniture factory

IL: Streator work at furniture factory

No. Atlantic. Mediterrean.


Myers, Donald Matthew

Muntz, Harry II


Building roads & houses for troops

IL: Canton


Naval Academy extension at Richmond, VA

1984 Apr 24

Upton, Roy A.

Musko, Mike

Navy USS Oglala ; USS Mugford

Fire control officer (adjust gun aim)

IL: southern

IL: U of I electrical engr graduate.

Aboard when Oglala fatally hit


VandenBurg, David

Myroup, Cornelius


Civilian working at lumber yard & volunteer welder at Pullman (ship bld)

IL: Chicago

IL: Chicago

Lumber yd made bunk beds for Great Lakes Naval

1983 May 2

Dresbach, Jim

Nelson, Robert

Air Force

Bombardier & navigator



Hawaii 7 Dec 1941; D-day. German POW.

1986 May 2

Newquist, Dennis

Newquist, George Calvin

7th Army

Civilian teenager then M.P. in Germany

IL: Steger

IL: Steger

Mostly civilian

1987 Jul 30

Tucker, Rebecca

Nichelson, Glenn E.

13th Coast Artillery. 276th Coast Artillery & Aircraft

Ramming crew.


IL: Girard


FL. BoraBora; Efate; Guadal-canal.NewGuinea. Philippines.


Nichols, Chris

Nichols, Helen





General homefront

1986 May 2

Nitzel, Michael

Nitzel, Paul

33rd Div of IL Ntl Guard; Americal Div; 62nd Infantry Training Bn

Rifleman; Mortar Squad & Section Leader; Instructor; Supply Sgt.

IL: Moline cement business

IL: Moline eventually back in concrete business

Australia. New Caledonia. Guadalcanal

1984 spring

Voggetzer, Anthony F

Noren, William L. "Bill"

41st Div / 163rd Infantry / 2nd Bn / E Co

Communications lines

Route supply trains

IL: Taylorville


New Guinea. Philippines.

1984 Apr 26

Reljic, Boro

Nyberg, Willard



IL: Chicago




Walton, Matthew

O'Dell, Charles

Air Corps

Reconnaissance navigator


25 yr Air Force.

Oahu, HI. Life in HI.

1988 Apr 18

Frank, Brian

Obremski, Joseph

35th Transportation Service Group

Marine engr tech supervising/repairing supply ships

IN: East Chicago


Philippines & New Guinea


Riley, Timothy A

Olson, Richard L.

Army Airways Communication Commission

Constructing bases; communications system;cryptography



Philippines. New Guinea.


Osborne, Craig A.

Osborne, Samuel D.


Civilian schoolboy grades 6-9

IA: Cedar Rapids. IL: Peoria during war

IL: Virden commercial pilot


1988 Apr 25

Gifford, Robert

Paden, James

Mobile unit Attached to 3rd Army's specialized service

Anti-aircraft artillerist


IL: Danville


Battle of Bulge


Lemon, Mike

Page, Cornell


Guard war prison.

Then clerk.

MI: Detroit factory but from Hillview, IL


Occupying Germany

1986 Apr 20

Pappas, Terry

Pappas, Anthony

Navy USS Lancer's Gold freighter

Navy gunner on merchant ship

IL: Argo

IL: Chicagoland.

No. Atlantic. Mediterranean.

English channel.

1985 May 5

Barnes, Richard

Parissi, Angelo





Philippines. Shell shocked forever.


Parker, Don

Parker, Dan

Army Air Corps




Iwo Jima (24 days afterwards)


Anderson, Wallace

Parkinson, Frank & Keenan, Greta


Civilian teen / preteen

England: London

England: London but eventually US

London Blitz

1985 May 7

Loman, Linda

Pasquiloni, Robert "Bobby"

9th Div / 84th Field Artillery Bn




Africa, Europe




Walles, Wayne M.

Patinos, Nicholas T.


Support services in US

PA, Franklin & Marshall College




Sartoris, C.

Pavletic, Anna


Civilian housewife

IN: Gary. US Steel (husband)

IN: Gary

Home front.


Thomsen, Alan

Pearson, Noble

Navy PC580 Hell Horse

Sonar man on subchaser

CA: Los Angeles printer

Printer, carpenter, eventually IL: Chatsworth


1982 Apr 27

Hayden, Michael

Pech, Ernie

130th Infantry (Ntl Guard, Delevan, IL)

Truck driver. Load & unload ships.


IL: central

Molotai, Luzon, Japan.

1985 May 7

Boyd, Randy

Perry, Bill

131st Infantry / B Co




France. D day +12. Reims.

1985 May 8

Dragstrem, Peter F.

Peter, Mary Elinor


Civilian: Illiopolis defense plant worker

IL: Illiopolis


Limited info. Filed under Dragstrem.


Petersen, Jim

Petersen, William

ArmyAir Force 93rd Bomber Squad. Air Transport Command

U-board watch.

Radio operator.




Alleutian Campaign.


Pletkovich, Thomas P.

Pletkovich, John R.

Navy USS Jacob Jones destroyer escort DE 130

Chief Master of Arms (enlisteds' conduct); defense guns; observer.

IL: graduated Western Illinois Univ

IL: Kewanee census

IL: Kewanee

Between US & Europe/Africa


Buczynski, Don

Plut, Louis F.



PA: Steelton, Plant security

PA: Steelton.

ETO. Philippines.

1987 Jul 28

Traum, Mark

Poffenberger, Walter

70th Infantry Div / 30th Reg / 270th Co C Medical / BE Bn


IL: Mt. Carroll bartender





Poole, ---

Navy USS Tate attack cargo ship

Aerial gunner. Air patrol, reconnais-sance, maintenance.


-- Used GI bill. junior high principal


1986 May 2

Miller, Margaret

Prewitt, Jesse R. Jr.

531st Engineer Shore Reg ;

3052nd Engineer Combat Bn

Assorted line duties; operate bulldozer.

Bridge defense; survey & recon.

AR: Tillar. Univ student

AR: Tillar. University student.

Mediterranean & France/Germany

22 pp.


Graue, John

Purpus, William


Civilian adult.

IL: Clayton?

IL: Clayton

Homefront views

1988 Apr 21

Harris, Joseph

Ramsey, Ray

313th Wing / 6th Bombardment Gp /24th Squadron

Pilot / lead aircraft inspection team

IL: Herscher

IL: Herscher sheriff



Reed, Frank

Randolph, Verdun

86th Army Air Corps Fighter Wing

Sanitation engineer

Setup new airstrips & radar, etc.

IL: Springfield area? Sanitation Engr for State

IL: Chatham Sanitation Engr for State of IL

CA. New Guinea, Morotai, Leyte, Luzon 9pp

1986 Apr 26

Thornsbrough, Bruce

Redden, George

2nd Bomb Troop "Flying Fortress"




Italy as base for missions.


Richmond, Thomas

Richmond, Wilson

Air Corps

Flight instructor on various; test pilot

IL: Normal pilot training at ISNU

IL: Chanute Field

TX. Some WASPS trained.


Richter, Chuck

Richter, Charles H.




IL: Ottawa

Occupying Germany

1983 May 2

Rillie, Jim

Rillie, George


Supply sergeant

IL: Stockton farmer; then ordnance depot


Panama Canal Zone

1985 May 7

Boddy, Edwin

Roche, John Patrick


Medic but also infantryman

OH: Toledo

IL: Chicago business exec.

1st Generation from France

1983 Apr 28

Drazner, Todd

Rocklin, Morris "Rocky"

3rd Army / 65th Infantry Div / 650th Medical Clearing Co

Clear out wounded from battlefields (treat & transport)



France,Germany, Austria. Dachau. Berchtesgaden.

1986 Apr 30

Miller, Scott

Rodgers, Bob

8th Air Force

Pilot P-47 Thunderbolt

IL: Sheffield ?

IL: Sheffield farmer

ETO. POW.  Stalag Lufte-3, etc. 10 pp.

1987 Feb 4

Rohan, Bryan

Rohan, Rodney

Navy Patrol Bombing Squad 202


Patrol Bombing Mariner (PBM)

OH: Cincinatti area. Newsppr distribution.

OH: Univ of Cincinnati electrical engr degree

Pacific Islands. "Leemans Demons"


Bertelsen, Eric J.

Rosen, Eleanor


Civilian: teenager



Nazi propaganda efforts; citizen awareness; Dresden ruins; Russians


O'Connor, Michael

Rosol, James

Army Combat Engineers

Laying mines; building bridges. Occupying Germany

IL: Chicago graduate high school

IL: Elmhurt

France, Germany

1985 May 7

Kimball, Steve

Ross, Mike

Army US; Army Australia independent convict co


WI: Milwaukee pre med student

WI: Milwaukee


1983 May 4

Mackenzie, Scot

Roth, Stephen L.

German Army

Tank squad


IL: Colchester MD


Very proud

1985 May 3

Gonzalez, Alvin

Rouse, Samuel

131st Infantry

Prison guard (US)


IL ?

IL: Chicago upholsterer



Luster, Lyndell

Royse, Ernie

Army Anti -Aircraft. Later Combat Engineer Gp.

Operate/maintain power generator for 90mm anti-aircraft guns

IL: central, farm.


Casablanca landing. France/Germany


Todd, Steve

Rudd, George

257th Signal Corps

Stringing communication wires

IL: Peoria

IL: Peoria

Black solder on race relations

198t May 3

Burke, Dan

Rudnicki, John


Civilian child

Poland: Rebrentu

US in 1960



Rutkowski, Donna

Rutkowski, Raymond S.

Navy 26th Construction Battalion


IL: Chicago


Guadalcanal Malaria.

1981 May 4

Morton, Michael

Ryan, Gloria


Civilian 25 yr old. husband in Army

MO: St Louis? Accountant at dress factory


Home front.

1988 Apr 18

Lang, Don

Ryan, Patrick

3rd Armored Div / 32nd Reg / 1st Bn / A Co

Tank driver & crew.



7 mo Egypt with British 8th Army. Omaha Beach.


Gardiner, Donald

Sacks, Donald J.

29th Div

Supply unit

NY: training as actor

NY. CA. Britich Columbia realty


1987 Jul 28

Sasek, Thomas

Sasek, unnamed



IL: Univ of IL student

College student


1985 May 6

Cargie, Tom

Schellhase, Wilbert

Navy USS Cincinnati cruiser

Ship's clerk

IL: Chicago

IL: Chicago

Father was German nationalist


Schatz, Mike

Schmidt, Cecil

2nd Marine Div/ 2nd Marines

Machine gunner

NE: farm boy


Guadalcanal. Saipan.

1985 May 7

Hippensteele, Sheryl

Schmidt, Hans

German Army


Germany: youth

Germany: jeweler. US later.

Italy. Comments on political acts

1983 Mar 4

Stebbings, Phil

Schroeer, Elizabeth



Germany: near Berlin

Germany: Urm. Then OH: Dayton

German homefront

1985 May 2

Jones, Bert Lee Jr.

Selders, Ross T.

30th Infantry Div / 730th Ordnance


IL: Bloomington area

IL: Bloomington area

ETO. Originally Natl Guard in Bloomington

1987 Jul 11

Antal, Todd A.

Seveck, John L.

1st Marine Div / 1st Marine Reg /2nd Bn / F Co


Combat intelligence scout.

WI: Somers

WI: Kenosha

Auto plant - supervisor

So Pacific islands. 7 pp.


Schooley, Bob

Sevier, Donald

313th Wing

Central fire control on B-29s (i.e., set gunsights)


IL: Pekin Caterpillar Tractor Co.

CA. Tinian Is.

Hollywood celebrities.


Jensby, Thomas A

Shatkus, Walter


M.P. Supply truck driver

IL: Chicago warehouse worker

IL: Chicago plumber. Later Berwyn, IL

India. Ir.

1987 Jul 30

McReynolds, Ralph

Shecter, Irv

106th Infantry Div 422nd Bn HQ

Truck driver.

Captain's driver

OH: at Ohio State Univ

IL: Quincy shoe store owner

England. France. Belgium Bulge. POW Stalag 4B.

1985 May 9

Kuntzelman, Scott G.

Sheffer, C.B. "Jim"


Cook, Guard, assault forces, occupation


IL: Aurora dry cleaner



Shelton, Ron

Shelton, Ray


Operating engr at power plant for locks

WI: Beloit fab plant worker

IL: Lansing


1986 May 1


Sheperd, Ollie




IL: Danville

France. POW Mooseburg.


Kaeser, Pete

Shuler, Jim

101st Airborne Div /306th Reg / 3rd Bn / I Co




Normandy; Rhineland; Ardennes; Central Europe

1988 Apr 18

Price, Randall

Shulman, Sol

Guerilla against Nazis;Partisans


Belorussia / White Russia

IL: ISU Chemistry Professor

Started age 13. Belarus


Sinde, John A.

Sinde, John J.

Navy: 7th Fleet Air evacuation Squad 1and Air Maintenance Squad VR10

Radio operator & cryptographer aboard aircraft

IL: Chicago


New Caledonia

Mariana Is.

1988 Apr 25

Logsdon, Tracy

Singleton, Fred

43rd Infantry Div / 103rd Regiment / Co H; later 649th Ordnance & Ammunition Co

Water carrier in machine gun crew

IL: Bloomington truck driver

IL: Cowden


1986 May 6

Budzius, Christopher A.

Skolek, Sergiv


Civilian early adulthood




IL: Chicago. Businessman at Texaco Oil

Bucharest Jew during Nazi occupation

1985 May 7

Corso, Robert

Sleightom, John


"busy work" tho trained for combat

IL: Atwater farming

IL: Atwater farming


1986 Apr 14

Lathrop, Suellyn

Smith, Herman

11th Airborne / 511th Parachute Inf Reg / E Co


Occupation forces.

IL: Wayne City


Pacific. Honor guard at armistice signing.


Wong, John

Soon, Ho Hung


Civilian: air raid warden (8 days); translator for Jap.

Hong Kong: student at HK U

Hong Kong: businessman - Hong Kong &Macau

Smuggler for food trade for Macau

1984 Apr 26

Cooney, Michael P.

Sotiros, Alex

43rd Div / 172nd Regular Infantry, Co K, 4th Platoon

Small mortar



Guadalcanal. Munda, New Georgia.

1984 May 1

Anderson, David

Spencer, Charles

Navy amphib-ious supply unit

Storekeeper, recordkeeping


IL: (eventually) Teach at Ill State U

S. Pacific. All black men's unit.


Strohl, Willy

Spencer, Charles

Navy amphibious supply unit


MS: Grenada

IL: Ill State Univ professor

New Caledonia. Guadalcanal.

1988 Apr 10

Chapman, Tom

Sphasia, John



IL: Madison County. Depot employee.

IL: Venice. Owns Granite City drive-in

New Guinea. Philippines.

1984 Apr 26

Starman, Lynn G

Starman, Everett E.


Drive LCVPs

IL: Quincy


So. France. Landing area tactics.

1985 Apr 15

Talkington, Mark

Stauffer, Karl

Air Force 384th Bomb Gp / 545th Squad.

Ball turret gunner


IL: Girard

IL: Girard. Pillsbury Co employee. War bride from England.

Base in England.

POW Stalag 17B

1986 April 25

Campbell, Michael

Steiner, Victor


Civilian preteen schoolboy

IL: Chicago north side

IL: Barrington MD

Home front from youth perspective

1988 Apr 25

Bailey, Koby

Stevenson, Arthur

Southern Defense Com; Army overseas intelligence

Intelligence - seeking spies, info leaks, etc.

OH: Columbus area. Casket Co salesman

IL: Normal. Casket Co salesman.


France / Germany


1987 Jul 30

Stone, Kevin

Stone, Art

101st Airborne Div

Battalion Intelli-gence. Exercise wounded soldiers.

IL: Quincy


England. After injury, US hospital.


Johnson, Brian

Stonemark, Howard

34th Div / 168th Infantry / I Co




Tunisia. POW camp near Naples. Stalag IIB

1984 Apr

Tannenbaum, Fred M.

Streeter, C. Edward

Navy: USS Blower (SS-325)

Diesel mechanic on minesweeper & then submarine


IL: Ill State Univ instructor of commumications

South China Sea/Borneo. Thailand.


Hickstein, Jeffrey J.

Streeter, Edward


Mine sweeper; submarine

IA: Dubuque




1985 May 6

Hughes, Colleen

Streeter, Edward

Navy USS Blower submarine

Engine repair

IA: Dubuque

IL: IL State Univ communications professor


1984 May 1

Lawrence, Steve

Streeter, Edward

Navy: USS Blower

Engr on mine sweeper; then Engr & gun loader aboard submarine Blower


IL: Ill State Univ Professor of communications

Atlantic mine sweeper; Pacific submarine duty



Riddle, Doug

Studeman, Freddie

3946th Quarter-master Truck Co.

Truck driver.

Later truck mechanic

IL: Heyworth per nephew writer.

IL: Heyworth farmer



Sutton, Michael

Sutton, Edsell Scott Jr


Civilian farmer

IL: Petersburg farmer

IL: Petersburg farmer

Farming, price controls, taxes, etc.

1988 Apr 25

Frankiewicz, Cindi

Sweeney, Donald

4th Marine Div / Regimental Combat Team #25


MA: Greenfield

ME: Kittery



Vohland, Todd

Tandy, Ralph

5th Infantry Div / 11th Reg.


IL: Canton fast food (From Terre Haute, IN)


Iceland. France. The Bulge, Etc.

1985 Apr 4

Durr, Michael

Terinaka, Yoshiko


Civilian girl

Japan: Osaka


Civilian per-spective 12 pp


Priest, Aaron

Thompson, James A. "Teeny"

3rd Army / 128th AAA Gun Bn / Battery C

Radar technician

KY: Louisville


France. Pilsen. Dachau


1988 Apr 25

Thoms, John G

Thoms, Margret


Civilian: Husband in China with Merrils Marauders

IL: Normal

IL: Normal

Husband caught malaria.

1986 May 2

Osthus, S.M.

Thorp, Ernest

Army Air Corp

Pilot B-17 bomber


IL: Wapella farmer and seed co. owner.

German POW 9 mo. Stalag Luft III & Moosburg.

1987 Jul 28

Morris, Laurie

Thorp, Mary


Civilian farm

IL: Wapella

IL: Clinton


1984 Apr 26

Tingwall, Daniel

Tingwall, Lois


Civilian age 34

IL: Peoria


Home front

1988 Apr 23

Livingston, Doug

Toti, Evo

45th Infantry / 3rd Div "Thunderbirds"


IL: Rockford

IL: Rockford

Italy. POW. Nationalism.

1988 Apr 11

Koestner, Steve

Trapp, Colette Dufour


Civilian child; father was German POW

France: Vierzon

France, but later TN: Memphis lawyer's wife.

Underground activities in France.


Trompeter, Michael R.

Trompeter, Robert E.

Army Air Corps / 95th Bomber Squad

Gunner B-17.

Waist gunner.

NY: Rochester


Based in England.

1988 Apr 29

Mitton, Michael T.

Tuck, Edward



IL: East Peoria


Oran, Algeria, landing

1988 Apr 25

Brieser, Cynthia

Tunney, Jack

17th Infantry


IL: Mineral

IL: Annawan. Worked at Midland Coal Co in Victoria

CA. Aleutian Is; Marshall Is; Phi-lippines; Okinawa


Turner, Kevin

Turner, Dennis


Civilian teenager

KS: Wichita farm


Impact on farm community

19988 Apr 25

Luedtke, Diana

Turner, Paul

Merchant Marines

Ship's watch.

IN: northwestern

IN: northwestern. apprentice brick-layer in steel mill



Houchin, Kirk

Unger, unnamed

35th Infantry Div / 320th Infantry / G Co

Coastal defense;

Infantry Platoon sergeant

IL: Coal City gas station att

IL: Coal City garage

West US Coast.


1984 Apr 27

Dedek, Claudia

Unnamed Chicago schoolgirl


Civilian schoolgirl

IL: Chicago


Childhood memories

1985 May 2

Turley, Leanne

Unnamed Los Angeles woman



CA: Los Angeles




Wedding, Mike

Unnamed medic

3rd Army /

Field medic

Also interpreter



France. Germany. Bulge


Farlette, Chris

Unnamed Philadelphian

Civilian housewife

Work at Frankford Arsenal

PA: Philadelphia

PA: Philadephia ret'd to housewifery


1988 Ap4 25

Friedman, Mike

Unnamed Viennese woman



Austria: Vienna

Austria: Vienna. Later Argentina.

Nazi & later Russian occupied Vienna. 10 pp.

1986 Apr 4

Schwahn, Larry

Unnamed, Don


Guard Germany prisoners.



TX, Camp Hood. Disability.


Campbell, David

Unnamed, 4 US women


Civilian women



Home front

1987 Jul 30

Hershey, Janet

Unnamed, Anna


Civilian youth. Completed MD during war.

Germany: Alsace Lorraine

Germany, then US IL: Chicago (married US citizen)

Hitler Youth.


Worley, Chuck

Unnamed, Ches

505th Parachute Infantry Reg



Munitions plant

Sicily. Salerno.


Haveman, Michael L.

Van Der Haveman, Karl

German: SS Panzer Division Wiking

Panzer-grenadier division

Holland: town near German border

AL: owns cotton farm in northern AL

Russian front. 12 pp.

1986 May 2

Pizzato, Barbara

Varner, Ida


Civilian girl

Germany: small village


Wartime Germany


Healy, Steve

Varner, Iris


Civilian young child

Poland: Silesia farm


Stories from her family.

1983 Apr 28

Klemchen, Karen

Varner, Iris Zerbe


Civilian: Childhood in Silesia; father = farmer & soldier

Lowenberg, Silesia. Later Dresden refugee

IL: Illinois State Univ. professor

Lowenberg, Silesia (SW Poland).



Leavitt, Daniel S

Vejr, Frank

Navy Coastal Patrol

Fireman i.e., shipboard engines

IL: Cicero McCook locomotive factory

IL: Cicero area

Whidbey Is, WA. Patrol coast, torpedo practice target

1984 Apr 30

Stutsman, Mark

Vitkevic, John

494th Bombardment Wing / 865th Squad.

Pilot B-24

IL: Catlin factory worker


Saipan. Iwo Jima.

1988 Apr 22

Henderson, Philip

Vogel, Michael (orig. Miso)


Civilian youngster

Slovakia: Topolcany

IN: Indianapolis

Jew at Auschwitz, etc.

1988 Apr 25

Diestelmeier, Mark

Waggoner, Donovan P.

90th Infantry Div /

MP platoon. Handled mail, guard duty, direct traffic.


? auto parts supply co.


9 pp


Judy, Eric J.

Waity, Nelson


Civilian: teenager

IL: Sheldon