Scrapbooks of Josephine Sanders/Irene Delroy



It is not known who constructed these scrapbooks, but one can deduce that they were composed by either Josephine Sanders or someone very close to her. This conclusion can be drawn due to the original photographs that are included in the scrapbooks. It is highly implausible that someone outside her family and close friends would have had access to such rare photographs.


Scrapbook 1
Labeled "The Ideal Scrapbook" - Shoelace tie.
Time span: July 1921 – April 1922
This scrapbook chronicles the life Josephine Sanders or Irene Delroy, as her stage name dictated. The majority of the materials in this scrapbook are newspaper clippings, some from The Pantagraph but most are from the cities that her shows were performed in. The shows that are chronicled by these newspaper clippings are her "bit" in The Inside of the Cup and The Girl and The Dancing Fool in which she assisted Tom Patricola. The Girl and The Dancing Fool was praised for its comedy, the peculiar dancing of Tom Patricola, and the elegant dance steps of Irene Delroy. Many of the newspaper articles come from the cities that The Girl and The Dancing Fool was performed in as a part of the Orpheum Circuit. This circuit ran from New York City to Los Angeles, heading as far north as Winnipeg and as south as New Orleans.
Other items in the scrapbook include magazine articles, advertisements that she posed for, original photographs, poems, and Christmas telegrams. These articles and original photographs document Irene Delroy’s rise to stardom. There are original photographs that are of her family and friends. Also, there are original photographs that were used in advertisements and magazine articles. There is an article on Irene Delroy and why she chooses not to flap, as well as a newspaper article that shows her helping recruit men for the 117th Field Artillery Division in Pittsburg. The final newspaper clipping calls Irene Delroy the most beautiful girl in Vaudeville.


Scrapbook 2
Not labeled, covered in brown paper.
Time span: March 1922-February 1927
In this scrapbook one will find a considerable collection of newspaper and magazine clippings which chronicle her success in Vaudeville. The majority of articles are reviews of her two acts during this time span: Hitchy-koo 1923 and The Greenwhich Village Follies which began in 1924 and went through 1929. Irene Delroy signed a five year contract with Ziegfeld’s Follies, a time that would take her to the zenith of her fame. Amongst these newspaper clippings you will find an article that reports that Miss Irene Delroy was awarded the most beautiful and shapely legs in the world by an international committee of artists.
Along with these newspaper clippings you will find magazine articles, fliers from benefits she attended, original photographs used for advertisements, magazine covers that sport Irene Delroy’s face, as well as a weekly newspaper article which featured Irene Delroy teaching readers how to do the Charleston. One of the more peculiar newspaper articles is one that reports of a man dressing up as a cab driver and driving away with Miss Delroy and a friend of hers. The cab driver, whose intentions were to finally meet Miss Delroy, drove several blocks before the girls could escape. The scrapbook ends with articles asking if Irene Delroy will answer the call of Hollywood, in which she replies that she is happy living as she is now.



Scrapbook 3
Black cover and not labeled,pencil star on inside cover in lower right hand cover.
Time span: 1924-1930
This scrapbook is primarily filled with newspaper clippings that follow her time spent in the Village Follies from 1924 till 1928 and reviews of her further work. After her five year contract with the Village Follies, she appeared in Here’s Howe! in 1928 and Follow Thru starting in 1929, both which were musical comedy acts. In June 1927, Irene Delroy won the Queen of Musical Comedy crown. Along with her huge success with her performance in Follow Thru, she took part in Show Folks which was a radio program on WABC. In 1930, she appears in the musical comedy Top Speed, and intermingled with the articles on this show are reports that she is heading to Hollywood to perform in talking movie pictures.
Other content in this scrapbook includes: original photographs, including those of her vacation to Europe, Irene Delroy’s biography in The New York Times, clothing and tanning advertisements, comic strips in which she was featured starting in 1927 that were published in The New York Daily News, various Broadway programs of her shows, and various autographs of people she met. Miss Irene Delroy was quite the personality in show business at the time, and there are several articles collected in this scrapbook that are interviews of her and how she lives her daily life. There are articles that are similar to the ones that can be found today in celebrity magazines. She is seen as an expert on fashion and dancing, which the newspapers loved to cover. As well as articles on Irene Delroy, there is quite the collection of articles that cover Charles Lindbergh coming to New York City.


Scrapbook 4
Brown paper cover with Irene Delroy written on the cover.
Time span: 1927-1929
  This Scrapbook includes various articles, newspaper clippings, and photographs of and about Miss Irene Delroy. Several of the newspaper clippings are duplicates of those found in
Scrapbook 3
. These include newspaper articles on the race for the Musical Comedy Queen Crown and reviews of her work in Follow Thru. There is also a cut out of her cover story in the New York Herald Tribune titled "Vaudeville Beauty". Also, there are several pictures of her posing in front of cars and with her friends, as well as the original photographs used in advertisements. Along with her various cover stories, there is an article in 1928 that shows Miss Irene Delroy standing in front of the world’s largest television at the World Fair.


Scrapbook 5 Black with blank cover. First picture is of Irene Delroy dressed for Follow Thru.
Time span: January 1929-January 1930
  This Scrapbook includes many magazine and newspaper articles that follow her career from January 1928 to January 1930. There are many pictures in the magazines and newspapers, as well as personal photographs that focus on Irene Delroy’s beauty. Many of her pictures were used as advertisements, including lipstick, tanning, and clothing advertisements. An interesting piece in this scrapbook is a small pamphlet titled, "My secrets of Charm by Irene Delroy" which is actually an advertisement for Marquisette Beauty Products.
  Also, included in this scrapbook are interviews of Irene Delroy and an article on her participating in the first "talkie" television transmission. The scrapbook does well to show the busy life that Miss Irene Delroy lived at the height of her fame. As the newspaper and magazine clippings dictate, she participated in benefits and banquets for causes such as the Israel Orphan Asylum at Madison Square Garden. Along the lines of personal mementos, this scrapbook includes personal photographs, letters addressed to her including a happy New Year’s Day card from her father, and post cards from a trip to New Mexico.


Scrapbook 6 Has "Scrapbook" on the front, string tie, feathered string sticking out of the top.
Time span: March 1930-September 1931
  This scrapbook follows the career of Irene Delroy, as she began to act in movies. The scrapbook contains articles that cover her roles in Oh, Sailor Behanve (1930), The Life of the Partu (1930), Divorce Among Friends (1930), and Men of the Sky (1931). Irene Delroy was quoted in a couple of articles saying that she enjoyed her life in Hollywood and had no interest in returning to stage life, a quote that contradicts her previous statements, in which she stated that she had no interest in the Hollywood lifestyle. There are several magazine covers and articles of Irene Delroy, focusing on her new role in Hollywood and also her superior sense in fashion. There are also original photographs in the scrapbook as well as a colored drawing that appeared in Dayton News on March 8, 1931. There are also programs from events she attended, including the dedication of the first oceanic theater, the S.S. Belgenland, in which she was in one of the opening shows.
  Towards the end of the scrapbook are a multitude of articles that chronicle her marriage on July 15, 1931, to William L. Austin Jr. Irene Delroy and her husband honeymooned at a summer home in Quebec. It is on her honeymoon that she was thrown from her horse and suffered a cracked skull, a broken finger, and hip injuries. There are several articles that cover her accident as well as her official retirement from screen and stage.


Scrapbook 7
"Scrapbook" written on the front, two silver bolt ties, first picture is of her and locomotive.
Time span: January 1930- August 1931
  This scrapbook includes magazine articles, magazine covers, original photographs, and telegrams. Most of the subject matter covered in this scrapbook is that of Scrapbook 6. Some of the peculiar items are the telegrams to Irene Delroy, wishing her a swell trip to Hollywood as well as several original photographs from promotional shots of The Life of the Party. One particular article on Irene Delroy focuses on how American fashion has come into its own, and that Miss Delroy is heading the way. Other articles cover her career as well has the superior fitness that she has maintained throughout her life. Her marriage and accident are also covered at the end


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