Bessie Hibarger Family Collection

Inventoried by Kristy Gebhardt Spring 1994 and Carol Straka Spring 2012

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Hibarger Family Home- Daniel (in chair), Mabel, Emma, Dorothy (on floor), Bessie and Mrs. H. C. Judy at Piano. Click picture to enlarge.  

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Two boxes
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1882- 2009
Provenance: Most of the items were acquired by Arden and Dora Vance as part of their purchase of the Hibarger residence in 1972 after Bessie Hibarger's death. The items were later (1991 and '99) donated by daughter Carol Vance Koos. About 2009 William Walters, Jr., donated additional research mostly focusing on Zella Maude Judy Beck.
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Historical Sketch

Some key family members included in the Collection:
Maternal grandparents:
Henry Clay Judy
(26 Dec 1841-14 Mar 1921) wed Almira "Myra" Fisher (20 Aug 1847-3 Mar 1911) in 1866. Henry was the son of Tazewell County pioneers and a Civil War veteran from Co. I of the 94th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He appears to have been living at the State Hospital at Jacksonville from some time in the 1890s until his death in 1921. The two younger daughters spent some time at the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home in Normal while wife Myra worked as a housekeeper. Myra herself was confined at the State Hospital during the 1880 census due to a case of "mania."

Next generations (children of Henry and Almira Judy):
Emma Violet Judy
(1867-11 Oct 1932) who married Daniel Lee Hibarger (10 Aug 1863-17 Dec 1939) in 1887. By 1907 the couple was farming near Sibley, Illinois, where they raised four children. In 1922, the couple moved with their daughters to Normal where Daniel worked as a janitor and daughters Bessie and Dorothy attended Illinois State Normal University (ISNU.) The couple also boarded female ISNU students at their home. Emma & Daniel's children were:
     Bessie Hibarger (24 Apr 1888-15 Nov 1972) See biography of the Collection's namesake below.
     (Edward) Ralph Hibarger (19 Sep 1891-8 Dec 1983) married California native Verna E. Ward and lived mostly in      CA. He worked as a farmer, restaurateur, and laborer at various times.
     Mabel Hibarger (1899?-?) wed Thos E. Hanley. The couple raised Thomas, Ruth and Zoe Anne. In 1939 the      family moved from Chicago to Constantine, MI.
     Dorothy Hibarger (20 Feb 1904-21 Apr 1964) attended ISNU and taught school for a while. In 1934, she was      admitted to Peoria State Hospital for catatonic schizophrenia and remained there more than a decade.

Berta I. Judy (1879-1948) married Frank Burke in Chicago 1903 and had children Madeleine (1904) and Paul (born 1909; died 1911). Around 1914-16 Berta worked as a nurse, divorced Burke and married Duncan McLennan. The couple lived in Bakersfield and then Los Angeles, CA, with Berta's daughter Madeleine. Duncan was a Santa Fe railroad brakeman.

Zella Maude Judy (20 Mar 1885-4 Apr 1973) See biography below.

Bernice E. Judy (21 Oct 1887-12 Jan1968) taught school, married Roy J. Conant, lived in Springfield, IL, with his parents, and had two sons, Roy F. & Ralph N. Conant. Husband Roy did office work for a railroad.

Two other children died very young including Anna Della Judy (1872-76) and Howard Allen Judy (1890-93.)

Extended family members of note:
Elva E. Rulon (14 Sep 1868- ?) Niece of Almira Fisher Judy via Almira's younger sister Clarissa Mildred Fisher Rulon. Elva worked as librarian at Peru Normal School in Peru, NE. In her later years, she snowbirded between FL and MI.

Bessie Hibarger (24 Apr 1888-15 Nov 1972)
     Born in Sibley, Ford County, IL, Bessie graduated Hopedale High School (Tazewell County) in 1906. She taught at Hopedale and at the Sibley school. Later, she attended Illinois State Normal University (ISNU) and graduated from the Teacher's College in 1926. Meanwhile, she and her family moved to Normal to live at 200 W. Mulberry St.      Bessie also attended Boston University for post-graduate work. Upon returning to McLean County, she served on the ISNU education department faculty where she supervised student teachers at Price and Little Brick Schools (Bloomington Twp Districts 82 and 86.) Bessie also taught Sunday School at First Presbyterian Church in Normal for many years.
     Bessie retired from teaching about 1935 and began writing children's books and magazine articles. Her most noted works included "New Bridge to China," written for the Christian Science Monitor, and Secrets of Mother Nature. She joined the National League of American PenWomen and served as president of the Springfield Branch from 1950-52. In 1970, she was listed in Who's Who of American Women.
Bessie, who remained single all her life, maintained ongoing correspondence with her sisters and other relatives.

Zella Maude Judy Beck (20 Mar 1885-4 Apr 1973)
     With her father in Jacksonville State Hospital, Maude spent part of her childhood at Illinois Soldiers and Sailors Orphans Home. Later she lived with her much older sister Emma who appears to have been a surrogate mother. In 1912, she entered the Illinois Training School for Nurses in Chicago and graduated in 1915.
     Maude signed up for nursing in WWI. In 1917 she was assigned to Base Hospital 12, one of the first US medical units to be sent to the war. En route to Europe, two of her fellow nurses were killed aboard the troopship on their way to Europe with Maude standing next to them. In France Maude witnessed the horrific condition of her soldier patients. She herself was gassed and later stricken by influenza; yet she remained committed to nursing her soldiers. She and some companions arranged an unauthorized trip to the front after the armistice and faced a court martial. Later she volunteered to go with the American army of occupation to post-war Germany. Maude returned to Europe in 1920 with the Red Cross and served in Poland in a hospital during the Polish-Soviet war.
     In 1921, she married William Beck and later bore a son David. Unfortunately, her husband struggled with alcohol and with keeping a job. Eventually Maude was on her own raising her son in the Chicago area.
     Poor health plagued her later years. She died in 1973 and was buried at Butler National Cemetery in Springfield.


Emma Hibarger feeding her buff chochins on the Sibley farm (1912) Click picture to enlarge. Bessie Hibarger's (back center) Sibley class. Click picture to enlarge.

Scope and Contents Note

 This collection includes:

Over 600 letters, mostly personal and handwritten among family members but also some business correspondence. Letters span 1884-1952 but are especially frequent from 1900-1945. A few examples include:
     -About 75 letters related to the WWI and Polish-Soviet War experiences of Maude Judy serving as a nurse at a      base hospital in France and in 1920 with the Red Cross at a Polish hospital.
     -Many letters from, to, and about Dorothy Hibarger while institutionalized at Peoria State Hospital for catatonic      schizophrenia (1934-49). The collection also includes her daily diary from 1944.
     -Letters from Dorothy while teaching school in other communities.
    -Letters from young women teachers who had boarded with the Hibarger family in Normal while students at      ISNU.
     -Letters to Bessie Hibarger from newsletter and book publishers either scholastic or religious.

In addition to letters, the collection includes about 160 postcards. One set is vintage 1910s postcards with pictures taken by the family. These include photos of Emma and Dan Hibarger on their farm, Sibley's school and Swedish church, etc.

A book of nurserymen's hand-colored plates, circa 1880, and other nursery materials.

Some of Bessie's grade school teaching materials, teacher association conventions programs, etc. Plus a variety of other materials.



Box and Folder Inventory

Box 1 (51 Folders) Correspondence and Diaries
Includes both personal and business correspondence and photo postcards made from family photos. Includes info on WWI nurse Zella Maude Judy, her wartime correspondence, and electronic copies of photos from her scrapbooks.


General Correspondence (Folders 1-38)
Folder 1:
1884-85 Correspondence
E.R. Davies at Hopedale, IL, to Daniel Hibarger at Lincoln, IL, 11 Dec 1884 concerning a farming accident, church meeting conversions, business changes in Minier and Hopedale, etc.
John G. Krabill (sp?) near Sparta, KN, to Daniel Hyebarger (sp), 1 Feb 1884, concerning life in KS countryside, wheat crop, excellent land buying opportunities there.
F.F. Holley at "Bointon" to unidentified, 24 Jan 1885, concerning recipient's romantic disappointments.
E.R. Davies at Hopedale to "Friend Dan," 1 Feb 1885, concerning social life, Schneider case in Pekin, money owed to Dan.
D.W. Orendorff to Daniel Highbarger (sp) at Lincoln, 2 March 1885, concerning Daniel doing seasonal farm work.


Folder 2:
1891-95 Correspondence
From Elijah W. Halford (sp?), private secretary to the President at Washington, to Mrs. H.C. Judy, 2 Mar 1891, concerning pension info.
Social invitation addressed to Mrs. Myra Judy for 80th birthday open house of Wilson Richmond on 8 Sep 1895. Also includes souvenir card of the occasion with his photo and a photo of unidentified man.


Folder 3:
1900-1909 Correspondence
F.L. Evans, Deputy Clerk of Pawnee County, NB, to Mrs. H.C. Judy, 29 Mar 1900, concerning mortgage held by Almira Judy.
J.H. Selz of Selz Schwab & Co. of Chicago to Miss Bessie Hibarger of Hopedale, 23 May 1903, congratulating her on winning the Selz Liberty Bell Medal via her schoolwork. Also includes booklet on Liberty Bell.
L.F. Fulwiler at Bloomington, IL, to Miss Bessie Hibarger at Hopedale, IL, 10 Jun 1905, concerning Bessie switching from Hopedale to Normal High School
"Grandma" at San Francisco to Bessie, 9 Apr 1906, concerning cooking and other activities, death of Susan Hobbs, etc.
C.J. Fesler, principal of Hopedale Public School to "any School Board or Superintendent,"16 May 1906, recommending her for any teaching position.
Hopedale Public Schools Dist. 32 clerk Geo. A. Britton from Hopedale to Miss Bessie Hibarger at Hopedale, 28 Apr 1909, offering her a teaching position.
L.F. Fulwiler of Saybrook Public Schools to Miss Hibarger at Sibley, 1 Nov 1909, regarding her request for a certain school drill.


Folder 4:
1910-1919 Correspondence
Note: See also wartime correspondence of Maude Judy in Folders 41-51
Postcard from Mildred and Beulah Elliott to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 17 Nov 1910 with get well greetings.
Invitation to wedding of Lena A. Henderson to Robert N. Intri at Hopedale, 19 Jan 1911.
Emma Richmond at Delevan to Emma Hibarger at Sibley, 24 May 1911, regarding Bernice Conant, death of recipient's grandmother and news of Maud going to France.
E.A. Morrison of the Prang Company in Chicago to Miss Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, 18 Apr 1912, regarding sending their new catalog.
W.E. Johnson (on Chicago Burlington & Quincy Railroad Co stationary) at Peoria to Miss Bessie Hibarger of Sibley, 17 Oct 1912, regarding arranging travel.
Minnie Brennemann to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, 22 Dec 1912, concerning Bessie's "perfect letter," local news, presidential election results, etc.
J.D. McBride of Ralston & Fonda in South Omaha to niece Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, 27 Mar 1913, concerning minimal storm damage, recent illness, etc.
Aunt Berta Burke at Bermuda to Bessie, 27 Feb 1914, concerning Bermuda climate and customs, sightseeing, etc.
(Sister) Berta Burke at Bermuda to Emma, 12 Mar 1914, concerning Madeleine and her boyfriend, Berta's work, local health, sightseeing and photos, etc.
Sister Berta from Royal Mail Steam Packet Company ship Caribbean to Emma, 10 Apr 1914, concerning the Bermuda voyage, Berta's upcoming visit to New York City and future employment as a nurse.
Berta Burke in New York City to Emma Hibarger at Sibley, 17 Apr 1914, concerning working at the Neurological Institute of New York, gifts sent home, living arrangements, local church services, hopes for divorce.
Ralph at Paicines, CA, to "Mother and all," 27 Jan 1915, concerning his first week working on a farm, climate, etc.
Maude at Chicago to Dorothy, 26 Jan 1916, concerning recent entertainments, etc.
Aunt Berta at Bakersfield, CA, to Bessie, 20 May 1916, concerning vacation plans, sewing projects, potential visit to Sibley, successful fishing, ostrich farm.
Maude at Deer Lodge, MT, to Dorothy, 16 Sep 1916, concerning gift of educational materials; local flowers and crops; etc.
H.M. Rudolph, County Superintendent of Schools of Ford County, to Mabel Hibarger at Sibley, 13 Jan 1917, concerning Mabel's exam results and future exam times.
Maude to Bessie, 21 Mar 1917, concerning general news and Maude's ill-fated romance.
(Sister) Jean to M/M Duncan McLennan at Sibley, 21 Apr 1917, concerning family news, an election recall, etc.
Berta at Los Angeles to Emma, 7 May 1917, concerning trip from Bakersfield to LA, finding a rental house, settling in, etc.
Ralph Jr. (Fisher?) at Kootenai Home, ID, to Peggy, 28 May 1917, regarding likelihood of his being drafted for military service, Grandma's death, etc. (accompanying enveloped postmarked Bonners Ferry, ID, 29 May 1917, addressed to Mabel Hibarger at Sibley)
Sibley Branch American Red Cross Society to Fellow Citizens, 19 Jun 1917, soliciting donations for national Red Cross fund drive.
Louis Rust (on train to Chicago) to Bessie, 10 Feb 1917(?), concerning trip to NY, phone call, etc.
Louis Rust, 210 Squadron at Long Island, NY, to Bessie, 13 Feb 1918, concerning trip to NY, marriage proposal.


Folder 5:
1920-25 Correspondence
Wm? Henry Day at Sparland, IL to Mabel Hibarger at Anchor, 24 May 1920, acknowledging Mabel's correspondence and inquiring about family. Original split into two pieces and photocopy.
Maude Judy at Ashville, NC, to Emma Hibarger at Sibley 18 Jun 1921, concerning travels by Bertha, Miss Lindquist and Maude; renting a house near Ashville before finding work; "M.J." (possibly Beck?)'s anticipated arrival etc.
Harper Sibley, Trustee for Estate of Hiram Sibley at Rochester, NY, to Bessie Hibarger at the Brethorst School at Sibley, 22 Nov 1921, concerning $25 contribution to the school for equipment and compliments on the school's accomplishments.
"Mother (Emma?) to Bessie, undated, concerning harvesting, a day trip, lavender stockings, men fined for driving on oiled pavement, etc.
John R. Cranor of Drummer Twp High School to "The Teachers," 9 Jan 1922, concerning upcoming joint session of Ford County Teachers' Assoc with Farmer Institute.
Minnie Brennemann at Hopedale, IL, to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, IL, 21 May 1922, concerning enjoying a concert trip, local entertainments, etc.
"Mother" at Sibley to Bessie, 7 Jul 1922, concerning July 4th festivities, Mr. Christensen asking Bessie for a teacher, canning, family news, etc.
Berta at Los Angeles to "Bessie and All," 6 Aug 1922, congratulating Bessie on her position at ISNU, news of other family members, hair bobbing, L.A. murder case, daughter Madeleine's activities, etc.
Eva P. Brown to Bessie, 9 Aug ?, thanking Eva for the photos, and about lending furniture from a rental apartment.
Maude at Chicago? to Bessie, 7 Sep 1922, asking to borrow $100 as Wm. has spent hers, discontent with Wm., etc.
(Son) Ralph at Oakdale to "Folks" 17 July 1923, concerning baby's whooping cough, low farm prices, baby's antics, effort to sell the restaurant, etc.
Aunt Berta at L.A. to Bessie, 2 Oct 1923, encouraging Bessie to visit CA, visits from other family, auto accident, etc.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Highland Park, IL, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 27 Feb 1924, concerning Oscar Wilde play, Women's Club dedication, kitchen staff strike, etc.
T. Reighton Jones of Central Illinois Conference Methodist Episcopal Church at Sibley to Bessie Hibarger, 7 Mar 1924, asking her to play at an upcoming church dedication service.
Invitation to join ISNU's Hieronymus Club with Dorothy Hibarger's signed pledge to join, 16 Oct 1924.
Mabel at Chicago to Bessie, 11 Mar 1924, concerning her easy patient case at the Edgewater Beach Hotel, etc.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Allandale, Ontario, to Bessie Hibarger, 3 Jun 1924, concerning job search, recalling days staying with Bessie and family, reading recommendations, etc.
Maude at Chicago to Bessie, 25 Mar 1925, concerning moving to new apartment, William behaving well, new haircut, etc. on stationary of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Highland Park, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 6 Apr 1925, concerning job change, visit to Danvers, reading recommendations.
Oliver W. Stewart, President of Flying Squadron Foundation in Indianapolis, IN, to Mr. D.L. Hibarger of Normal soliciting funding for their prohibition work. Includes "The Flank Movement," reprint from their National Enquirer newspaper 30 Apr 1925, concerning attacks on the 18th Amendment.
Elva at East Lansing, MI, to "Emma & All," 20 Dec 1925, recalling childhood Christmas at Grandfather Fisher's, other family news and plans.


Folder 6:
1924 Pi Kappa Delta Homecoming Banquet Correspondence
Invitation to Homecoming banquet for Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta on 25 Oct 1924 at Bloomington YWCA.
Nine letters or other responses regarding attending the banquet addressed to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, Oct 1924.


Folder 7:
1926 Correspondence
Jean Robman at Chicago to "Miss Hibarger," 22 Jan 1926, regarding jobs changes, sick and dying friends and family, Miss Pierce and Miss Rhodicap of Danvers, etc.
Opal Mayes at Carlinville to Miss Hibarger, 31 May 1926, regarding teaching, plans to take summer classes from Hibarger, etc.
Mabel to Dorothy, "Monday AM," about item left behind at visit.
Small congratulations card to Bessie Hibarger from M/M Lee Brison & Bonnie, undated.
H.H.Schroeder at Univ. of Chicago to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 9 July 1926, concerning attending initiation ceremony for Kappa Delta Pi .
H.J. Robinson at Chicago to "Friend" 19 July 1926, congratulating her on upcoming graduation and discussing trip to California.
F.A. Owen Publishing Co (Dansville, NY) form letter acknowledging receipt of manuscript entitled "How We Built a Superior School," 21 July 1926,
Blanche at Sibley to Dorothy 27 Jul 1926, concerning recent visit, harvesting, etc.
Bessie at Normal to Dorothy 27 July 1926, concerning household matters, photograph, and school.
Mry Owen, Editor with F.A. Owen Publishing Co. at Rochester NY, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 27 Jul 1926, acknowledging receipt of "How We Built a Superior School."
Mabel at Chicago to Bessie, 4 Aug 1926, concerning enclosed payment of debt, Tom's job, etc.
Mildred M. Livsey at Montgomery IL to Dorothy, enclosing requested photo.
Elizabeth W. at Putnam, IL, to Dorothy 20 Aug 1926, concerning pictures from Beverly Hills Camp, school year memories, etc.
Addie Miller at Bloomington to Bessie I. Hibarger at Normal, 24 Sep 1926, concerning her daughter's ownership of a parcel of land.
Mary Owen, editor at F.A. Owen Publishing Co at Rochester NY, to Bessie Hibarger, 19 Nov 1926, with editorial inquiries on the submitted manuscript plus contract to purchase same for $20.
Madeline at Los Angeles, CA, to Cousin Dorothy, 6 Dec 1926, congratulating Dorothy, birth of Maud's child, and other family matters.
Mabel to Bessie, 23 Dec 1926, with thanks for young Thomas' gifts.


Folder 8:
1927 Correspondence
Mabel at Chicago to "Papa and All," undated, concerning recent banquet, etc.
Mary Stenger at Mendota, IL, to Dorothy, 3 Jan 1927, concerning requested photos; teaching jobs; etc.
Dorles Jordan at Streator, IL, to Mrs. (Emma) Hibarger & Family, 23 Mar 1927, regarding family, marriage engagement, revival meetings, etc.
Leigh at Ohio, IL, to Dorothy 21 Jun 1927, concerning mutual friends from school.
Philip L. Dietz of NY Herald Tribune Syndicate to Bessie Hibarger, 19 Jul 1927 granting permission to use a cartoon.
R. Claude Secretary of IL Teachers' Pension and Retirement Fund to Bessie Hibarger, 1 Aug 1927, regarding pension deductions.
J W Kasberr, Dentist at Bloomington, to Dorothy Hibarger, 19 Sep 1927, concerning dental problems.
Tom Hanley at Chicago to "Folks", 23 Sep 1927, concerning arrival of Mabel's baby Ruth.
D.L. Hibarger at Normal to Mr. Heyle, 18 Oct 1927, concerning auto covers.
A.H. McConnell at Stonington Community High School at Stonington, IL, to "Dorothy Hibarker," 9 Nov, requesting her as a substitute teacher.
A.H. McConnell at Stonington Community High School at Stonington, IL, to Dorothy Hibarger, 22 Nov1927, concerning topics she'll teach.
Dorothy at Stonington, IL, to Mama, 3 Dec 1927, concerning journey to Stonington, staying with State Representative Couzine and family, meals, teaching matters, etc.
Mabel and Tom to Folks 6 Dec 1927concerning Christmas with young Thomas and baby Ruth, gifts, etc.
H.J. Robinson at Chicago to "Friends," 9 Dec 1927, concerning her recent visit, visiting Mabel, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Bessie, 10 Dec, concerning life at Stonington and imminent trip home.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 12 Dec 1927, concerning receiving laundry, teaching challenges, daily life, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 13 Dec 1927, concerning fellow teachers, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 15 Dec 1927, concerning teaching experiences, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 17 Dec 1927, concerning package of treats, foreigners in town, daily life.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 19 Dec 1927, concerning making lunches, student progress, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 21 Dec 1927, concerning getting her paycheck, etc.
Frances Slonneger at Washington, IL, to Bessie, 29 Dec 1927, concerning hair bobbing and other fashions, teaching Sunday School, holiday parties.
A.H. McConnell of Stonington Community High School to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 29 Dec 1927, concerning an additional substitute teaching assignment.


Folder 9:
1926-29 School News
Letters from C.L. Greene, editor of School News at Parker Publishing Company of Taylorville, IL, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal.
9 Nov 1926 concerning welcoming her articles for pay.
20 Nov 1926 concerning Bessie's future column and its scope.
16 Dec 1926 concerning the "squibs" she'd sent and soliciting her manuscript.
14 Jan 1927 concerning first publishing of her squibs and upcoming ones.
3 May 1927 soliciting columns on 8th year geography and enclosing a check for past manuscripts.
7 May 1927 acknowledging her committing to do geography articles.
15 Jul 1927 thanking her for her well-done first geography manuscript
16 Dec 1929 about the cover of the upcoming edition and soliciting manuscripts for future editions.


Folder 10:
1928 Correspondence
Mabel Hanley at Chicago to Mama & all, "Monday morning," concerning recent auto travel problems, gardening, household decorating, etc. Includes "note" (i.e., scribbles) from toddler Thomas to his Grandma.
Mabel at Chicago to Mama, 11 Jan 1928, concerning visit to Myrtle, upcoming dinner, baby Ruth, children's Christmas toys, slow business, etc.
Dorothy at Stonington to Mama, 12 Jan 1928, concerning her substitute teaching assignment, etc.
Dorothy to Mama, 12 Jan 1928, concerning continuing substitute teaching three more days, etc.
Madeline Holbrook at Los Angeles to Cousin Dorothy, 23 Jan 1928, acknowledging letter and photos, suggesting California for Dorothy's teaching.
Ernest C. Folson, President of Teaching Casualty Underwriters of Lincoln, NB, to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 15 Feb 1928 offering insurance. Includes promotional booklet and application form.
Verna at Washington, DC, to "Folks all," 18 Feb 1928, concerning settling in, Ralph working at exclusive restaurant, daughter Emily, etc.
Maude Swain at Ohio, IL, to Dorothy, 15 Mar 1928, about past visit, etc.
C.F. Irrgang of Public Typing Service of Pittsburg, PA, to Dorothy Hibarger, 24 Mar 1928, offering typing services to writers.
M.M. Gilbert of Douglas, WY, to Dorothy "Hilbarger" at Normal 27 Mar 1928 offering typing services to writers.
R.G. Preble, advertising manager for The World Books at Chicago to Bessie Hibarger, 2 Apr 1928, concerning an upcoming visit from H.A. Wilk at Bloomington about plans for the summer.
Margarete Briese at Pensacola, FL, to Dorothy "Hilbarger" at Normal, 1 May 1928, offering typing services.
Keith Bottorff, Secretary, for Presbyterian Training School of Chicago, to Miss Hibarger, 10 Jul 1928, concerning taking training to be full time Christian worker. Includes brochure and reply postcard.
Aunt Janet and Uncle Loni at Idaho Fall, ID, to Emma & Family 5 Aug 1928, concerning return trip home including visit to Clint and family.
Bessie Hibarger at Normal to Mr. F.F. Scatterday, Supt of School at Paxton, IL, 15 Aug 1928, asking if he still wishes her to present at the teacher institute.
Dorothy Hibarger at Farina, IL, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 1 Sep 1928, concerning church attendance and financial support, Royal Neighbor's insurance, living matters.
Perry B. Mc Cullaugh of Illinois Republican State Central Committee at Chicago to "Dear Friend," 25 Sep 1928, concerning upcoming election. Includes booklet on Illinois Republican Nominees for Nov 6, 1928 election.
C.E. Cozzens, manager of Clinton Teachers Agency of Clinton, IA, 24 Dec 1928, with form letter proffering placement services.


Folder 11:
1929 Correspondence
Dorothy at Farina, IL, to Mother, 6 Jan 1929, concerning church services, high school events, shoe soap, her fashionable boots, etc.
Ernest Brenneman at Hopedale, IL, to Dorothy Hibarger at Farina, IL, 2 May 1929, reporting no employment opportunities at their schools.
Mabel at Cairo, IL, to "Folks." 6 Jul 1929, travelling with her family.
S.B. Vance, County Supt of Schools of Fayette County, IL, 5 Oct 1929 mass mailing to teachers concerning upcoming association meeting and teacher institute.
Mrs. M.B. Jelliffe at Springfield, IL to Miss Hibarger, 30 Oct 1929, concerning Rachel Mellish failing to receive a loan for teacher's college.
Mabel at Chicago to Mama and all, 9 Dec 1929, concerning return trip, etc.
J.P. Molloy, psychiatrist at Bloomington Child Guidance Clinic, to Miss Hibarger of Price School #82, 13 Dec 1929, concerning discussion with stepfather of student Warren Courtney. Also includes Molloy's two page evaluation of student and his problems.


Folder 12:
1930 Correspondence
Duncan at Los Angeles, CA, to Emma and All, 8 Apr 1920, concerning Berth's census job, inviting them to visit, lodge work, etc. Includes note from Berta.
G.E. Howard, Supt. of Farina (IL) Public Schools, to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 16 Apr 1930, concerning her continued illness and substitute teachers.
Frank W. Clelland, Registrar for Boston University School of Religious Education and Social Service, to Bessie Hibarger of Normal, concerning registering for summer session.
Postcard: Lowe & Campbell Athletic Goods Co of St. Louis, MO, to Mr. R.I. Hartley, Coach at Farina High School, 3 May 1930, concerning order for trophy.
Lena O'Della, House Director & Dietitian for Boston University School of Religious Education and Social Service, 6 May 1930, confirming reservation of room for summer school.
Mabel to Mama, 15 May, concerning housecleaning, piano, gardening, etc.
Mother to Bessie, Jun 2, concerning visit to the Hanley farm, Mabel's home, etc.
Newspaper clipping of political cartoon on Indian Revolt, unidentified newspaper, 5 Jun 1930.
Hismina ? Grandt of Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 6 Jun 1930, acknowledging photos, picking strawberries, sister's health.
Open house invitation from Chicago Board of Trade on 9 Jun 1930. Includes ticket and list of tenants.
Dr. J.B. Holsom of Farina, IL, to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 18 Jun 1930, thanking her for sending the pictures.
Frank W. Clelland, Registar of Boston University School of Religious Education and Social Service, to Bessie Hibarger, 22 Jul 1930, acknowledging reservation for room for Bessie and sister for second half term July 28.
Dorothy to Mother, 26 Jul 1930, concerning visit to Mabel and train journey with pricey dining car food, Boston dorm room, etc.
Bessie at Boston to Folks, 26 Jun 1930, regarding visit to Mabel in Chicago, train journey to Boston, dorm room, financial affairs, etc. On stationary of Bess Hibarger, Supt of First Presbyterian Sunday School.
Postcard-size handwritten invitation to tea at Dean and Mrs. Henry H. Meyer's house in Boston, 8 Aug.
Mabel at Chicago to Mama and Papa, 12 August, concerning family correspondence, anniversary gift, giving stove to Mama, etc.
Bessie at Boston to Mother, 13 Aug 1930, concerning final exams, Chinese dinner, art museum, upcoming trip home, etc.The "History of Religious Education in Modern Times summer session 1930 Quiz No. 2 may have been an enclosure to this letter but this is not clear.
Evangeline Parrill at Kinmundy, IL, to dear friend (Bessie?), 20 Aug 1930, concerning recent letter, job opportunity in Centralia, Farina news, success of Bessie's former student Louis Earl.
Louise at Monee, IL, to Dorothy, 25 Aug 1930, concerning summer's work on the farm, fire at Joliet, etc.
Mabel at Chicago to Mama and all, 9 Sep 1930, concerning recovering from surgery, suggesting a visit, moving the stove, etc.
Berta at Los Angeles, CA, to Emma and All, 14 Sep 1930, concerning returning home, her husband Dunc's life while she was away, Maud's problems, more.
Bessie to Dorothy, 14 Sep 1930, concerning church, Atkinson family, school matters. On ISNU stationary.
Mother to Dorothy, 24 Sep 1930, concerning cleaning her dresses, Ellen and her Bob, etc.
Dorothy at Farina, IL, to Mother, 29 Sep 1930, concerning schoolhouse repairs, socializing, library cataloging, etc.
Postcards from S.B. Vance, Fayette County Supt of Schools, postmarked 3 Oct 1932, about teacher association meeting and institute.
Myrtle at Durand, IL, to Mrs. Hibarger, 7 Oct 1930, concerning Mrs. Hibarger's illness and Myrtle's teaching.
Lettie C. Farrell at Farina, IL, to Miss (Bessie) Hibarger, 8 Oct 1930, concerning Hibarger's illness and absence; acquaintances and happenings in Farina.
Bessie I. Hibarger at Brokaw Hospital to her students," 8 Oct 1930, thanking them for well wishes, etc.
Marie at home to Mabel, 10 Oct, concerning illnesses of Mabel's mother and sister and of Marie's daughter.
Postcard from Elva at Mammoth Cave, KY, to Emma Hibarger at Normal, concerning her trip and Emma's well being.
Amy Bennett to Bessie, 12 Nov 1930, Emma's illness, etc.
Mabel at Chicago to Mama, 13 Nov 1930, concerning Mama's illness, household activities, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 14 Nov 1930, concerning mailing Hibarger's possessions, local death, etc. Includes inventory of parcels.
Mabel to Mama, 25 Nov 1930, concerning Mama's improvement, children's activities, etc.
Mabel to Mama and All, 28 Nov 1930, concerning Mama's health, quilting, household activities.
Mabel to Mama, 2 Dec 1930, Tom's feet, daily activities.
Berna to Dorothy, 20 Dec, concerning Emma's illness, etc.
Mabel to Dorothy & All, 22 Dec, concerning her Christmas day arrival
Gertrude E (Mrs. W.D.) Smith to Mr. Hibarger and Family, 23 Dec, offering her thoughts and prayers.
Mabel to Mama, 25 Nov 1930, concerning Mama's improvement, children's activities, etc.
Elva at Palm Harbor, FL, to Emma, 26 Dec 1930, concerning Christmas activities, friends, and well-wishes.


Folder 13:
1931 Correspondence
Loni & Janet at Idaho Falls, ID, to Emma & All, 1 Jan 1931, concerning Emma's illness, vacation in CO to visit Lionel Jr, and her brother, etc.
Onais? K. Smith at Tuba City, AZ to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 2 Jan 1931, concerning letters sent from the 6th graders at Western Navajo School.
Cousin Anna at DeLand, IL, to Bessie and All, 6 Jan 1931, concerning sending Bessie's mother a chicken.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 7 Jan 1931, concerning holiday activities, boarders, new range, local residents, etc.
Elva at Palm Harbor, FL, to Emma, 14 Jan 1931, concerning well wishes, church events, radio offerings, etc.
Mabel to Mama, 18 Jan 1931, concerning Mama's improvement, home activities, etc.
Viola M. King to Miss Hibarger, 21 Jan 1931, concerning debate initiation ritual, pension fund.
Ella M. Morrissey at Hopedale, IL, to Mrs. Hibarger, 28 Jan 1931, with well-wishes.
Berta, Duncan and Madeline at Los Angeles, CA, to Bessie and All, 2 Feb 1931, with well-wishes, news about Mattie Richmond in FL, Fisher family reunion, etc.
Mrs. T.E. (Mabel) Hanley Jr. at Chicago's Woodlawn Hospital to Bessie, 3 Feb, about recovery from surgery, etc.
Frederic J. Haskin, Director of Bloomington Daily Pantagraph's Info Bureau at D.C., to Miss Hibarger, 4 Feb 1931, concerning info on government officials of Fiji Islands, San Marino, and Switzerland.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Chicago to Friends, 6 Feb 1931, concerning recent reading, minister speaking to Atheists Club, church activities, etc.
Alice Readnour of Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, concerning news of local teachers, etc.
Jess I. Fisher, Wilsonville, NB, to Dorothy Hibarger, 10 Feb 1931, with well wishes for her mother, etc.
Frances Ferrill Bobroid? At Farina to Miss Hibarger, 15 Feb 1931, thanking for the roses sent her mother, news of teachers, etc.
C.W. Odell, Asst. Director at Univ. of IL College of Education at Urbana, to Teacher to Science, 15 Feb 1931, on a study of science clubs.
Genevieve at Sheldon, IL, to Dorothy, 16 Feb 1931, concerning teaching and church activities.
Thomas and Ruth, (toddlers) scribbles.
Amelia O'Dell at Carthage, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 21 Feb 1931, concerning freshman year college and church activities.
Elva at Palm Harbor, FL, to Cousin Emma, 5 Mar 1931, making marmalade, quilting, Tampa, etc.
Minnie Brennemann at Hopedale, IL to Friend, 6 Mar 1931, concerning Mildred's improving health, Minnie's birthday surprise, etc.
Elva at Palm Harbor, FL, to Emma, 20 Mar 1931, with well wishes, Florida attractions, etc.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Chicago to Mrs. Hibarger at Normal, 31 Mar 1931, wee Easter greeting card, news about flower show, etc.
Cousin Lida Bishop of Park Rapids MN to Cousin Emma, undated, concerning well wishes and info on her own family.
Ella M. Morrissey of Hopedale, IL, to Mrs. Hibarger, 4 Apr 1931, with well wishes and family news.
Elva at Palm Harbor, FL, to Emma 20 Apr 1931, concerning plans to return north in May, shopping, etc.
Dorothy Blackman at Normal to Mrs. Hibarger, 9 May 1931, with thanks for the supper and candy while ill.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 24 May 1931, concerning garden flowers, summer school opportunities, local teachers, teaching efforts including using Bessie's "School News" article, IQ tests, etc.
Mabel to Dorothy 17 Jun concerning home improvements, bank failures, upcoming visit, etc.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 19 Jul 1931, with general summer news and inviting Hibarger to visit.
Elva at East Lansing, MI, to Emma, 31 Aug 1931, concerning summering at Lake Michigan, challenges to farming in NB, using radio, family news.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 4 Oct 1931, with news of local individuals and Hibarger's former pupils, teaching challenges, etc.
Ralph and Family at Chicago to Folks 17 Dec 1931 concerning arriving Friday.
Rev Wm Henry Day and Family at LaHarpe, IL, to friends 17 Dec 1931, with family news at the holiday.
Tom to Mother, 22 Dec 1931, concerning Mabel's recovery, etc.
Albert Teachers Agency at Chicago to Miss Hibarger, 24 Dec 1931, soliciting her business. Includes forms/contract.
Card from Ella V. Shoemaker to Mrs. Hibarger, 28 Dec, with well wishes and misc news.
Other items: "Any Kind of Fudge" recipe from Mrs. Wanda E. Day of Astoria and Farina news clipping on "Measles Takes Toll."


Folder 14:
1932 Correspondence
Thomas to Grandma, 16 Jan 1932, thanking for gift notepaper.
Card from Kattie Jean Robinson at Chicago to Dorothy, 2 Mar 1932, advising to upcoming visit.
A.M.R.( Alice Readnour) at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 13 Mar 1932, concerning school matters, garden plans, other teachers and students.
Edson Fifield of Scott Stamp and Coin Co of NYC to Dorothy Hibarger, 5 May 1932, on value of a specific stamp.
Ivan at Farina, IL, to friend, 12 May 1932, concerning correspondence courses, mutual friends, etc.
Aunt Emma at Chicago to Dorothy and All, 18 May 1932, concerning Chicago area visit and return home, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 28 May 1932, concerning school and other local events, picnicking, etc.
Bessie Hibarger at Urbana to Dorothy, 22 June 1932, concerning summer school at Urbana.
Mabel to Bessie, 28 June 1932 (judging by content and "Tuesday" dating), acknowledging photos and mentioning leisure activities, etc.
Bessie to Dorothy, 29 Jun 1932, concerning summer school activities at Urbana.
Dolores at Farina to Miss Hibarger, 30 Jun 1932, concerning first year teaching challenges, next year's teaching assignment, mutual acquaintances, etc.
Bessie to Dorothy, 30 Jun 1932, concerning departure plans, etc.
Emily Hibarger at Cincinnati, OH, to "Gradna," 25 Jul 1932, concerning leisure activities.
Dorothy to Bessie, 28 Jul 1932, concerning daily activities, friends, etc.
Maude to Dorothy & All, 28 Jul 1932, concerning Veterans Bureau conservatorship for William, activities with son David, etc.
Mabel to Dorothy, 30 Jul, concerning family activities, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 3 Aug 1932, concerning newspaper article, Judy estate , ill teaching student, run away dog, father's eyesight problems, etc. Includes Pantagraph article "Plans Considered to Merge Schools for I.S.N.U. Work," 1 Aug 1932.
Dorothy to Bessie, 5 Aug, concerning new ISNU teachers, mother's health, etc.
Kattie Jean Robinson at Chicago to Dorothy, 9 Aug 1932, well-wishes for mother.
George & Madeleine at Santa Cruz to Mother (Berta), 10 Aug 1932, concerning health issues, travel, etc.
Amy to Bessie, 22 Aug, concerning Emma's health and visits.
Ellen Day at Galesburg to Dorothy, 23 Aug 1932, concerning dog, dresses, etc.
Maude at Chicago to Dorothy and All, 24 Aug, concerning William's "disappearance," son David, etc.
Emma Quinlan at San Francisco to Dan, 24 Aug 1932, concerning her visit to US and childhood sites, upcoming trip back to Australia. Includes picture postcard of San Francisco hotel.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 25 Aug 1932, concerning recent visits, family reunion, news of other teachers, etc.
Berna To Bessie & All, 29 Aug, concerning canning, state fair, Dad's activities, etc.
Vivian Curry at Armington to Dorothy, 30 Aug 1932, advising that she'll want the room.
(Aunt) G.E. Quinlan at sea near Honolulu to Bessie and All, 31 Aug 1932, concerning voyage, Olympians aboard, shipboard entertainments, etc.
Frances Barton at Mackinaw to Dorothy, 31 Aug 1932, concerning inability to come this week.
Aunt Berta at Los Angeles to Emma and All, 1 Sep 1932, concerning toothpick holders, recent visit to Emma, visit to Beverly Hills, buying an Olympic Village house, biscuit recipe, poem, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Normal to Vivian Curry, 2 Sep 1932, concerning room rental.
Vivian Curry at Armington to Dorothy, 4 Sep 1932, confirming which room she'd prefer.
Berna at Springfield to Dorothy & all, undated but in Sep 18-24 timeframe, concerning GAR parade and encampment at Springfield. Also includes schedule of encampment programs and article from Illinois State Register, 20 Sep 1932.
Madeline and George at San Francisco to Mother & Dunc, 24 Sep 1932, concerning new apartment and suggesting a visit.
Postcard from Berna to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, postmarked 29 Sep 1932, concerning delaying visit due to lack of response.
Maude at Chicago to "All," 3 Oct 1932, concerning Emma's improved health, David's medical treatments and schoolwork, Williams' trial for psychopathic hospital, etc.
Aunt Berta at Los Angeles to Dorothy, Emma and All, 6 Oct 1932, concerning recent activities, LA County Fair, food prices, etc.
Berna at Springfield to Dorothy and all, 7 Oct, concerning Dad's eye, Bud's quilt, Roy's job, etc.
Card from Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 16 Oct 1932, offering condolences.
Mrs. Will Althouse at Sibley to Bessie and Dorothy, 16 Oct 1932, offering condolences, etc.
Emma B. at Hopedale to "Friends," 18 Oct 1932, offering condolences.
Aunt Emma Quinlan at Melbourne to Dorothy and All, 5 Nov, concerning arriving home safely, neighbor's diphtheria, enjoyable visit.
Madeline to Mother, 15 Nov 1932, concerning politics, prohibition's invisibility, etc.
Thomas Hanley to Aunt Dorothy, 16 Nov 1932, concerning recent news.
Aunt Berta at Los Angeles to Dorothy, 16 Nov 1932, concerning arriving home, general activities, holiday plans, feeble condition of Maud's husband William, etc.
Handwritten copies of Andrew Nafziger at Hopedale, IL to Bernice Judy Conant at Springfield, 22 Nov and 2 Dec 1932, concerning harvest payment from tenant farmer Albert Zehr.
Berna to Dorothy, 5 Dec 1932, concerning above two letters of Andrew Nafziger.
Illinois State Library Extension Division Supt Anna May Price to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 5 Dec 1932, concerning items mailed.
Madeline at San Francisco to Mother, 7 Dec 1932, concerning not coming for Christmas, holiday gifts, etc.
Aunt Berta at Los Angeles to Dorothy and All, 9 Dec 1932, concerning visit with Cousin Elva, holiday plans, etc.
Mrs. Irish at Farina to Miss Hibarger, 14 Dec 1932, concerning quilting.
State Bank of Farina to Miss Hibarger, 16 Dec 1932, concerning account.
Cousin Elva at San Diego to Cousin Dorothy, 19 Dec 1932, concerning trips with Berta, special church services, etc.
Alice at Kinmundy to Miss Hibarger, 31 Dec 1932, concerning news of locals.
Card publicizing Christmas Festival at New First Congregational Church.


Folder 15:
1933 Correspondence
(Sister) Emma at Thornburg (Melbourne?) Australia to Dan, Jan 1933, offering condolences, neighbor with diphtheria, etc.
Higgins-Jung-Kleinau Company at Bloomington to Bessie Hibarger, 18 Jan 1933, concerning receipt for grave marker.
Leone O. at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 21 Jan 1933, offering condolences.
Amelia O'Dell at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 22 Jan 1933, offering condolences, discussing teaching assignments and family members.
Gladys to Dorothy, 5 Feb 1993, concerning quilting, school events, etc.
E.H.Lukenbill, Logan County Supt of Schools at Lincoln, to Bessie Hibarger, 9 Feb 1933, concerning her "Achievement Record" work book for students.
Ellen Day at Galesburg to Dorothy, 28 Feb 1993, concerning Ellen's job, Dorothy's family, etc.
Frederick M. Kerby, Director of Bloomington Daily Pantagraph Washington Info Bureau, to Dorothy Hibarger, 2 Mar 1933, concerning Aeronautics Trade Directory. Includes enclosure on brochures available.
Ivan Bauman at Champaign, IL, to Friend, 19 Mar 1933, concerning Sunday School, university studies, special events, future studies.
I. Keith Tyler, Asst Director of Dept of Research and Curriculum at Oakland Public Schools, to Bessie Hibarger, 21 Mar 1933, concerning her "achievement record" workbook and teaching results, etc.
Higgins-Jung-Klineau Co at Bloomington to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 7 Apr 1933, about delayed payment.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 23 Apr 1933, concerning postal order and local news.
Mabel to Dorothy, 4 May, concerning lamb recipe, upcoming visit, etc.
Cousin Elva at San Diego to "Cousins All," 16 May 1933, concerning summer plans, impact of state budget cuts, beer revenues, Duncan's employment, bank reopening, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina to Miss Hibarger, 24 May 1933, concerning local activities and persons.
Postcard from Mrs. Gaston to Hibargers at Normal, 12 Jul 1933, bird all right.
Berta at Los Angeles to Dorothy and All, 24 Jul 1933, concerning visit to Elva, future travels, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina to Miss Hibarger, 30 Aug 1933, concerning peach time, other harvests, local teachers.
Mabel to Bessie, 26 Sep, concerning Bessie's upcoming visit, family events.
Berna to Dorothy, 26 Sep, concerning daily matters, cleaning street bricks, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina to Miss Hibarger, 29 Sep 1933, with general Farina news including upcoming marriage of Emily Randolph.
Mabel to Dorothy and all, 11 Oct 1933, concerning big parade at Soldier Field, Drum & Bugle Corps contest, Fair, and other entertainments. Includes Chicago Daily Tribune front page article on Legion Parade, 4 Oct 1933.


Folder 16:
1934-35 Correspondence
Scrap of paper note from Farina Camp No 2-79 Royal Neighbors of America offering condolences on loss of mother, undated.
Thomas at Chicago to Dorothy, 23 Jan 1934, concerning his schoolwork.
Mabel to Dorothy, 24 Jan, concerning improved health and growing child.
Mabel to Dorothy, 39 Jan 1934, concerning flaming explosion in garage, sewing, etc.
Mabel to Bessie and Papa, Feb ?, concerning Dorothy's worsening mental condition and need to place her in Bartonville, who should transport Dorothy, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 27 Feb, concerning arrangements for Dorothy, Maude's response on Dorothy's health, etc.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 29 Mar 1934, concerning camp dues and Dorothy's breakdown.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 12 Apr 1934, acknowledging receipt of dues and commenting on Dorothy's health.
Bernie to Dorothy and all, 29 Apr, concerning housework, Christmas gifts, sewing, farm production and finances, grave marker, movie Little Women.
Edward A. Richards, Assoc. Director of Home Study at Columbia University in NYC to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 28 May 1934, concerning successful completion of course on Magazine Article writing. Includes 2 order forms.
State of Illinois Dept Public Welfare Peoria State Hospital clothing & property receipt to Bessie Hibarger for property of Dorothy Hibarger, 24 Jun 1934, listing clothing.
Lettie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 25 Jul 1934, concerning dues, etc.
Editors of Yale Review at New Haven, CN, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 21 Aug 1934, concerning permission to use Mr. Coffin's poem "First Flight."
Leslie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL to Miss Hibarger, 25 Sep 1934, concerning dues.
Leslie C. Ferrill at Farina, IL to Miss Hibarger, 24 Oct 1934, concerning dues and mentioning sister's accident and Dorothy improvement.
Frederick Barber of Historical Foundations at NYC to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 8 Dec 1934, concerning granting permission to use illustrations.
I. Keith Tyler, Asst in Instruction for Oakland (CA) Public Schools, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 17 Jan 1935, concerning her inquiries on tests and workbooks.
Clare W. Roberts of Morgan-Dillon & Co., of Chicago to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 4 Jun 1935, concerning Bessie creating geography materials for 4th & 5th grades.
Clare W. Roberts of Morgan-Dillon & Co., of Chicago to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 29 Jun 1935, concerning her submitted geography materials and requesting some for lower grades.
Secretary M. Goodwin at Community of Christian Contemplatives at Bridport, Dorset, to Miss Hibarger, 3 Nov 1935, thanking her for the donation and advising a specific healing diet, etc.


Folder 17:
1934-43 Correspondence from Peoria State Hospital
Geo. A Zeller, Managing Officer of Peoria State Hospital, to Mabel Hanley at Chicago, 2 Apr 1934, advising that Dorothy's diagnosis is Dementia Praecox (catatonic) and that the impact of sinus condition is unknown.
Geo. A Zeller, Managing Officer of Peoria State Hospital, to Bessie Hibarger at Chicago, 19 Jun 1934, advising that Dorothy is still much disturbed and discouraging family visits.
Geo. A Zeller, Managing Officer of Peoria State Hospital, to Bessie Hibarger at Chicago, 28 Jul 1934, advising no change in Dorothy's irritable and non-cooperative condition.
Dudley T. Dawson, MD, at Peoria State Hospital, to Bessie Hanley at Chicago, 28 Aug 1935, asking her to provide specific clothing for Dorothy.
Walter H. Baer, Managing Officer at Peoria State Hospital to D.L. Hibarger of Normal, 28 Dec 1936, advising of Dorothy's sudden illness of chills and pain.
Walter H. Baer, MD, at Peoria State Hospital, to D.L. Hibarger at Normal, 15 Apr 1939, advising that Dorothy has been sent to hospital with an elevated temperature.
Walter H. Baer, MD, at Peoria State Hospital, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 7 Jul 1939, reporting that Dorothy has recovered thoroughly from her surgery and improving mentally.
J.H. Ellingsworth, Managing Officer by Dr. C. Steffen at Peoria State Hospital, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 3 Oct 1942, announcing intent to do Dorothy's surgery on Oct 8.
J.H. Ellingsworth, Managing Officer at Peoria State Hospital, to Bess Hibarger at Normal, 2 Jun 1943, identifying needed articles of clothing for Dorothy.
J.H. Ellingsworth, Managing Officer at Peoria State Hospital by Dr. M D Robertson, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 11 Jun 1943, advising that Dorothy is in hospital for nausea and abdominal pain.
J.H. Ellingsworth, Managing Officer at Peoria State Hospital by Dr. M D Robertson, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 23 Jun 1943, advising that Dorothy has recovered from her recent illness.


Folder 18:
1936 Correspondence
Cook County Court Clerk Michael J. Flynn at Chicago to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 20 Feb 1936, enclosing a certified copy of Dorothy Hibarger's commitment.
Mclean County Probate Court Letter of Conservatorship, 26 Feb 1936, appointing Bessie Hibarger as conservator for Dorothy Hibarger, insane.
Receipt from Clerk of County Court at Chicago to Bessie Hibarger for certified copy, 3 Mar 1936.


Folder 19:
1937 Correspondence
Julia I. Hoffmeister, Camp Recorder at Farina, IL, to Bessie Hibarger, 5 Feb 1937, returning the last dues check and advising that they would investigate Dorothy's health (nervous breakdown.)
Bessie at General Delivery in Marlin, TX, to "Father," 29 Apr 1937, concerning her stay there and sales successes with schools, word from Mabel, travelling.
Postcard from Marjorie Leary at Ellsworth, IL, to Miss Hibarger at Normal, 13 Jun 1937, concerning her debt.
Postcard from Helen to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 14 Jun 1937, listing 29 trees that she has "finished."
Postcard from Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie Hibarger at Galveston, TX, (forwarded to Hillsboro, IL), 25 Aug 1937, wishing her luck in her work and reporting on Dorothy's cross stitching work.
Ella M. Morrissey at Hopedale, IL, to Bessie, 17 Oct 1937, concerning news of shared acquaintances.
Bessie at LaGrange, TX, to Father, 24 Oct 1937, concerning success in selling with Hazel, money for Dorothy's treatment, etc.
Bessie at Hallettsville, TX, to Father, 6 Nov 1937, concerning daily activities, sales challenges, financial matters, Duesing family, etc.
Lucille V. Craumer (sp?)at Elmhurst to Miss Hibarger, 7 Nov 1937, concerning writing article, husband's death, grieving.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 11 Nov 1937, concerning request for pettipoint supplies, bathing routines, handicraft projects, visitors.
Postcard from Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to D.L. Hibarger at Normal, 17 Nov 1937, concerning father's holidays, etc.
Bessie at Weslaco, TX, to Dorothy, 21 Dec 1937, concerning requested sewing supplies, gift of grapefruit, Weslaco festival, father, visit from Guinevere Wright, etc.


Folder 20:
1938 Correspondence
Mabel to Bessie and Papa, "Monday," concerning young Thomas' trip, her cystoscopy, etc. Includes letter to Bessie young Thomas.
Small card from Adele S. Burleson at Austin, TX, to Miss Hibarger, 28 Jan 1938, acknowledging Bessie's sympathy letter.
Bessie at Brookline, MA, to Father, 13 Jun 1938, concerning returning home, successful trip, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Father, 29 Jun 1938, concerning ironing and sewing activities, Elva's tapestry, request for sewing supplies.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Father, 2 Aug 1938, concerning request for yarn for father's picture, thanks for dresses, etc. Yarn sample attached.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 11 Aug 1938, concerning picture received, birthday handkerchief, gift for Roy Fisher's marriage, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 3 Sep 1938, concerning package received, Bessie's article, needlepoint gift for Emily, needlepoint patterns, Bessie's shingles and job search, animosity towards Mabel and Vernie, etc.
Ellenore to Bessie, 15 Sep 1938, concerning book shared, philosophy, national politics, anti-Semitism, financial worries, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 19 Nov 1938, concerning pictures, supplies request, Peoria fire, etc.
J.J. Hennessy of Child Development Foundation, Inc., at Chicago to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 23 Nov 1938, concerning her order and returning health.
Cora H. Neuer at NYC to Miss Hibarger, (?)5 Nov 1938, concerning Bessie's article in Unity and how much it has helped in her bereavement.
Bessie at Normal to Dorothy, 26 Nov 1938, concerning the pictures from Dorothy, supply request, family news.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 5 Dec 1938, concerning entering contest, fabrics at Klemm's, etc.
Cora H. Neuer at NYC to Miss Hibarger, 22 Dec 1938, concerning response to Hibarger letter, family matters, etc.


Folder 21:
1939 Correspondence
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 2 Jan 1939, concerning pillow tops, washing dishes, church sermon, gifts rec'd, etc.
Nephew Thomas at Chicago to Aunt Bessie, 15 Jan 1939, concerning mother's recovery, sister's gift, return trip, school grades, Bessie's article, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Myrtle, 5 Feb 1939, concerning picture of Myrtle's child, Dorothy's handcraft projects, etc.
Dorothy to Father, 10 Feb 1939, concerning needlepoint book, horses head, request for envelopes, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 13 Feb 1939, concerning crosswords, Mabel's next two months at Kneipp Sanitarium, sick and replacement housekeeper, influenza in schools, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Myrtle, 18 Feb 1939, concerning gift to daughter.
Myrtle Weaver at Durand, IL to Bessie, 21 Feb 1939, enclosing two letters from Dorothy and gifts for Dorothy.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 26 Feb 1939, concerning needlepoint, birthday acknowledgements.
Ruth A. David at Jacksonville, IL, to "friend," 5 Mar 1939, radio church service; her illness and Leona's; Dr. Norbury's sanitariums and mental illness treatments esp. metrazol and including comparison of state and private facility approaches, Chinese checkers, gardening, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 12 Mar 1939, concerning pictures for Ruth Hanley, gifts to and from other family members, dresses from Mabel.
Mabel to Bessie, "Wednesday," concerning seriousness of Mabel's illness and anticipated slow progress, treatment for Dorothy in Mrs. David's letter, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 13 Apr 1939, concerning stamps, needlepoint, antipathy for operations, Unity Progress subscription, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 11 Jun 1939, concerning needlepoint work, Mabel's birthday gift, Maude and David, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 16 Jun 1939, concerning needlepoint work, visit from Berta and Madeleine, Mabel planning a move to Michigan, David, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 20 Jun 1939, concerning a snake, gift for Aunt Emma, needlepoint contest results.
Christine at Lexington, KY, to "dearest Friend," 25 Jun 1939, concerning recipient's recent letter, the car, returning home, family challenges, Moral Re-Armament, etc..
Vic Kitchen at Minneapolis to Bessie, 27 Jun 1939, concerning Bessie working with training center, Moral Re-Armament movement, etc.
Christine at Lexington, KY, to "My Dear, 20 Jul 1939, concerning returning home tomorrow, brother's improved health, close friendship to recipient.
Christine at Straight Creek, KY to "Dearest Friend," 12 Aug 1939, concerning recent trip to VA including Exhibition Coal Mine, etc.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 20 Aug 1939, concerning canning, gardening, correspondence course, vote for community high school at Farina.
Christine at Straight Creek, KY to "Dearest Friend," 31 Aug 1939, concerning letter to OXYDOL, plans for next semester, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 20 Oct 1939, concerning gifts and correspondence with family, stamp collecting, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 30 Oct 1939, concerning selling her latest needlepoint, Cinderella play, Halloween costume party, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 26 Dec 1939, concerning holiday after losing parents, obituary, Christmas gifts rec'd, sawdust request, memory locket, etc.


Folder 22:
1939 Correspondence to Dorothy
Card from Edna to "Dot," undated, concerning visits with Virginia and Geneva, Edna's health, teaching in country school, and acknowledging Dorothy's gift.
Clarise Parker, Grade 8, at Normal, undated, handwritten poem "America! It's Mine."
Gertrude Stephens at Normal, 30 Jan 1939, thanking for needlepoint gift; book of poems; Hitler's rise; etc.
Berna 23 Feb 1939, thanking her for bookmark, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, "Wednesday evening," concerning valentine needlepoints, borrowing Bessie's microscope, etc.
Myrtle Weaver at Durand, IL to Dorothy, 27 Feb 1939, thanking for the gift; influenza.
R.J. Conant at Decatur, 7 Mar 1939, concerning needlepoint gift, working for Wabash at Decatur, sons' employment, etc.
Myrtle Weaver at Durand, IL, to Dorothy, 8 Mar 1939, acknowledging gift; bout of flu; etc.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 18 Jun 1939, acknowledging a gift; mutual acquaintances at Farina; teaching school; family matters; local oil boom; etc.
Myrtle Weaver at Durant, IL, 2 Jul 1939, concerning gift, gardening, husband's job, house painting, etc.
Maude, 9 Jul(?) 1939, concerning well wishes after the operation, son David, traveling with Berta, etc.
Ruth at Charleston, IL, 2 Aug, concerning husband James teaching at Charleston this summer, fitting out the Kalamazoo home, taking in James' mother, mutual acquaintances, etc.
Mabel at Constantine, MI, 5 Sep 1939, concerning gift, children's schools, health, etc.
Esther at Lincoln, IL, 28 Sep 1939, concerning Dorothy's needlework, Esther's principalship of Orphans' Home School, etc.
Berta at Los Angeles, 16 Dec 1939, Christmas card mentioning holiday plans, Duncan's retirement.
Berna At Normal, 21 Dec 1939, concerning flowers rec'd for Dorothy's father, holiday gifts, etc.
Maude & David, 22 Dec 1939, concerning David's activities, etc.


Folder 23:
1940 Correspondence
Emily to Aunt Dorothy, undated, concerning recent flooding, gifts, dog, etc.
Arthur Halliburton of Arkansas Publicity Advisory Commission at Little Rock to "Mr. B.I. Hibarger" at Normal, 24 Jan 1940, concerning enclosing photos of highway scenes.
Alice Readnour at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 27 Jan 1940, thanking for gift, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 28 Feb 1940, concerning astronomical displays, contacts with other relatives, income, etc. Includes clipping "Stars to Put on Rare Show Tonight," Peoria Star, 23 Feb 1940, concerning astronomical phenomenon.
Piatt County Superintendent of Schools Charles McIntosh to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 14 Feb 1940, concerning sending school directory, last fall's teacher's demonstrations, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 15 Feb 1940, concerning Eva Snider's injuries, deaths, gifts, more.
Jack Mauier of Lamar Bathhouse at Hot Springs National Park, 24 Feb 1940, enclosing small booklet.
Evangeline Parrill at Kinmundy, IL, to Miss Hibarger, 10 Mar 1940, concerning mutual acquaintances, Sunday School, etc.
Mrs. H.C. Gastrow (sp?) at Normal to Dorothy, 11 Mar 1940, concerning recovering from illness, old times, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 26 Mar 1940, concerning recent visit, Mrs. Ayres, talk at PenWomen's Club, "House of Books monniker," etc.
Myrtle Weaver to Dorothy, Easter Sunday, concerning Easter gifts, etc. Also includes Dorothy's notes to Bessie about Dorothy's gift to Myrtle.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Dorothy Hibarger c/o Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 24 Apr 1940, concerning death of Aunt Grace Emma Quinlan and bequest of $100.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 24 Apr 1940, concerning death of Aunt Grace Emma Quinlan and bequest of $100.
E.P.Gerig of Hoosier Institute at Chicago to Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital, 26 Apr 1940, offering classes on writing short stories. Includes application form and "Current Bulletin of Student Sales."
Christine to "my Dear," 28 Apr 1940, recalling visit to Normal last year, condolences on father's death, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 5 May 1940, concerning prompt gifts, Bessie' trip to DC, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 6 May 1940, concerning rec'g book, book reviews, measles outbreak, spring, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 24 May 1940, concerning handwork, gardening, etc.
E.P.Gerig of Hoosier Institute at Chicago to "Dear Friend," 29 May 1940, offering classes on writing short stories. Include application form.
Advertisement for New Dictionary of Thoughts, undated.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 31 May 1940, concerning dictionary, spending legacy on a correspondence course and other items.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 2 Jun 1940, concerning order from Sears Roebuck, plans if she wins the "soap prize," needlepoint, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 5 Jun 1940, concerning correspondence course, movie, etc.
Postcard Mrs. Jimmy Davis Weslaco, TX, to Bess Hibarger at Normal, 5 Jun 1940, concerning Good Will Tour into Mexico.
3 postcards from Dorothy to Bessie at Normal; 8, 15 & 17 Jun 1940, concerning Dorothy's gardening, entertaining, Normalite articles.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 17 Aug 1940, concerning inability to distribute Emma's legacy until war ends.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Dorothy Hibarger c/o Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 17 Aug 1940, concerning inability to distribute Quinlan's legacy until war ends.
Carbon Copy: McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Commonwealth Bank at Melbourne, 14 Aug 1940, requesting permission to remit monies from Quinlan's estate to USA.
Carbon Copy: Commonwealth Bank at Melbourne to McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne, 15 Aug 1940, requiring evidence of financial need to remit monies from Quinlan's estate to USA.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 24 Oct 1940, concerning needlepoint, etc.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 11 Nov 1940, concerning remitting legacy monies.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Dorothy Hibarger c/o Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 11 Nov 1940, concerning remitting legacy monies.
Postcard: Jessie P. Jenko of Adult Education Dept of Illinois State Library to Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital, 28 Nov 1940, concerning completion of her embalming course.
Madeline Holbrook to Cousin Dorothy, 30 Nov 1940, concerning extended illnesses, news from Maude and other family, etc.
David C. Cook Publishing Co. at Elgin, IL, to Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital, 6 Dec 1940, concerning Dorothy's pattern proposal.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 17 Dec 1940, concerning embalming certificate, dress size, Christmas gifts, wristwatch, etc.


Folder 24:
1941 Correspondence
Handwritten story called "A World of Beauty," undated, with envelope from Peoria State Hospital to Unity School of Christianity in Kansas City, MO.
B.B. Kirkbride Bible Co at Indianapolis, IN, to "Dear Bible Reader," undated, selling the New Chain Reference Bible, undated. Includes brochure.
M. Williams at McInerney, Williams & Curtain law firm at Melbourne to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 29 Jan 1941, relating story of Emma Quinlan's life.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 28 Apr 1941, concerning gardening, Bessie's travelling, astronomy course, parents' work ethic, etc.
Mary Louise Elder, State Sec'y for Hemmerer Orphan's Home at Assumption, IL, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 27 May 1941, granting permission to use snapshots in Sunday School magazine, etc. Includes group snapshot.
Rev. Paul Musselman at Calvary Evangel in NYC to Bess Hibarger at Normal, 13 Jun 1941, concerning quoting part of her letter in upcoming publication, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 23 Nov 1941, concerning Dorothy landing job making pillowcases, ad for books, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 3 Dec 1941, concerning Dorothy's pattern, needlework, books, job ad, Christmas cards, astronomy, etc.
E. de Tourisse Murphy, MD, at Chicago, to Bessie, 26 Dec 1941, concerning his mother's death, health issues, seeking a job at state or penal institution, etc.


Folder 25:
1942 Correspondence
Virginia Pruitt at San Pedro, CA, to Dorothy, 14 Jan 1942, concerning his teenage son Billy, her husband, San Pedro, vacation trip, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 27 Jan 1942, concerning needlework, astronomy, reading, etc.
Atha M. Scott at Tremont, IL, to Cousin, 15 Feb 1942, concerning visiting Dorothy and having her visit Scott's.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 25 Feb 1942, concerning Atha's request to have Dorothy visit, recent activities, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 25 Feb 1942 (PM, same day) concerning surprising new of Maude being in Norberry Sanitarium for a few months, Bernice's role, David's disappearance, etc.
Evan MacWillan at Usleta, TX, to Miss Hibarger, 7 Mar 1942, concerning Bessie's upcoming book, Evan's education, wartime risks, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 14 Apr 1942, concerning illness, household tasks, illnesses, sheep shearing, son's part time job, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 2 May 1942, concerning nurses' club luncheon, Mabel's medical issue, sewing, landscaping, Nazi spy on school staff, etc.
Postcard: American Baptist Publication Society to Bess Hibarger at Normal, 11 Jun 1942, concerning accepting manuscript on "How This Class Grew."
Altha at Bremen, IN, to Bessie, 10 Oct 1942, concerning Bessie' upcoming book; writing and teaching; Queen Wilhelmina; the Anti-Christ and religious matters; etc.
Bessie to J. Ellingsworth, MD, at Peoria State Hospital, 3 Oct 1942, concerning Dorothy's upcoming surgery.
Clyde and Edyth Vance at Normal to Dorothy, 8 Oct 1942, well wishes on upcoming surgery.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 23 Nov 1942, concerning Madeleine new marriage, Dorothy's medical status, Miss Robinson, lack of fuel and store goods, FDR, holiday plans, chickens laying, etc.
Myrtle at Durand, IL, to Dorothy, 7 Nov 1942, concerning teaching job, etc.
Lois Louise and Emma Brenneman at Hopedale to Dorothy, 12 Dec 1942, concerning Dorothy's gift of flower seeds.
Margaret Koehler at Bloomington to Dorothy, 17 Dec 1942, concerning Edith's baby girl, soldiers locally, etc.
E. de Tourisse Murphy, MD at Kankakee State Hospital to Bessie, 31 Dec 1942, concerning his job and regrets at leaving his practice, preferential treatment to Jews, help seeking a city job, etc.


Folder 26:
1943 Correspondence
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 6 Jan 1943, concerning home-knitted mittens, Christmas presents, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 24 Feb 1943, concerning making and selling tablecloths, gardening plans, dreams of moving to Santa Anna, etc.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 13 Mar 1943, concerning using her dollar for material and cracker jacks gift.
H.W. Gockel of Concordia Publishing House at Saint Louis, 4 May 1943, concerning her recommendation of their devotional booklets.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 5 May 1943, concerning gardening, use of money, needlework, repainted table, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 24 May 1943, concerning flooding impact on crops, Bessie's visit timing, Thomas' likely departure, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, "Wednesday" in June, concerning return trip, gardening, 200 baby chicks, local persons, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 2 Jun 1943, requesting clothes from Sears.
Dorothy to Bessie, 5 Jul 1943, concerning reading, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 28 Sep 1943, concerning subscripting to religious newsletter, Minnie's death, etc.
Eva Mae Wilken at Ysleta, TX, to Bess, 7 Oct 1943, concerning pictures, quilting, visit, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 15 Nov 1943, having rec'd paper.
Mrs. Frederick at Camarillo, CA, to Dorothy, 15 Dec 1943, concerning living and working in CA.
Mrs. Koehler to Friend Dorothy, 16 Dec, concerning family, Christmas plans, etc.
Zoe Anne to Aunt Bessie, 28 Dec, thanking for gifts, banking transaction, etc.


Folder 27:
1944 Correspondence
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 18 Feb 1944, concerning diarizing, correspondence courses, etc.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie, 26 Apr 1944, concerning package of fabric and visit to Atha's Aunt Amanda.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 21 May 1944, concerning sewing, damaged flowers, hydrotherapy, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 2 Jun 1944, concerning events one year ago, children's school progress, Tom's job unhappiness, home renovations, DAR application, garden.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 14 Jul 1944, concerning last visit, reading, National Geographic, quilting, astronomy, sewing.
Dorothy to Bessie, 13 Aug 1944, concerning writing "test," quilting, clothing needs, reading, etc.
Ruth to Aunt Bessie, 26 Sep 1944, concerning last summer's visit, school work, birthday gifts, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 5 Sep 1944, concerning girls starting schools, Tom's banquet, club meetings, illness, Tom's upcoming overseas assignment with air force, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 24 Sep 1944, concerning entertainments, DAR meetings, Ruth's school work, presenting at church meeting, local case of polio, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, 9 Oct 1944, concerning January visit, friend's wedding, etc.
M.N.Bunker of American Institute of Grapho Analysis Inc. at Joplin, MO, to Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital, 20 Oct 1944, selling correspondence courses. Includes sample lesson.
G.Parmigoni of American Institute of Grapho Analysis Inc. at Joplin, MO, to Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital, 28 Oct 1944, concerning Dorothy's passing the introductory exam and selling her courses.
Dorothy to Bessie, 25 Oct 1944, concerning needlework patterns, grapho- analysis, family's anxiety on Dorothy's health, family photos, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 30 Oct 1944, requesting an expensive course, etc.
Dorothy Hibager's application for membership to American Institute of GraphoAnalysis, 30 Oct 1944.
Dorothy to Bessie, 17 Dec 1944, concerning family contacts, gifts, comments on Dorothy's illness, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E Hanley, Jr.) to Bessie, 26 Dec 1944, concerning holiday festivities, cost of train from Bloomington to Chicago, Thomas' military address, etc.
Three stories by D. Hibarger apparently based on her childhood, undated:
A Farm Child's Tree

A Rare Visit (recounts gypsy visit)
Happy Hours around a Birdbath


Folder 28:
1945 Correspondence
Dorothy to Bessie, 3 Jan 1945, concerning holiday gifts, etc.
Correspondence School to Miss Hibarger, 17 Jan 1945, concerning course enrollment.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 19 Jan 1945, concerning correspondence courses and astronomy.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, Valentines 1945, concerning correspondence courses and astronomy.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 23 Feb 1945, concerning success with correspondence course, contacts, etc.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 25 Feb 1945, concerning flower seeds, Bessie's writing, etc.
Myrna Miller, Grade 6A at McKinley School in Adrian, MI, 19 Mar 1945, to Miss Hibarger, thanking for book.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 28 Feb 1945, concerning correspondence courses, Easter plans, etc.
Zoe Anne at Constantine, MI, to Aunt Bessie, 23 Apr 1945, concerning new kittens, Ruth's upcoming commencement, etc.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 7 May 1945, concerning course exams, subscription, dream of living in state of Washington.
Pages from publication of Moody Correspondence School, Chicago, May 1945.
Mrs. J.R. Hinkle at Normal to Miss Hibarger, 18 Jun, concerning inability to buy the books Hibarger is selling.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie at Normal, 23 Aug 1945, concerning reading, etc.
Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 9 Sep 1945, concerning reading, canning tomatoes, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 9 Sep 1945, concerning shoes needed, wish to leave, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 31 Oct 1945, concerning new cottage assignment, Halloween party, wish to leave, etc. Includes order blank for bible.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 14 Oct 1945, concerning reading about masonry, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 21 Oct 1945, concerning reading about masonry, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 16 Nov 1945, concerning visit to beauty shop, poem in Moody Monthly, etc.
Louis & Lois to Dorothy, 13 Dec 1945, concerning Dorothy's remembrance, Christmas plans, etc.
Ina to Miss Hibarger, 17 Dec 1945, concerning missing class last night.
Tiny thank you card from the Brennemann family, undated.
George N. Wells, Supt of Bloomington Public Schools, to all members of staff, 20 Dec 1945, concerning holiday greetings and the school's mission.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 23 Dec 1945, concerning holiday gifts, eagerness to leave, etc.


Folder 29:
1945 Dorothy's correspondence course exam papers
Dorothy Hibarger's handwritten exam papers from Moody Bible Institute correspondence course on Christian Evidences, Feb - Apr 1945.


Folder 30:
1946-52 Correspondence
Postcard: Mind Digest at York, PA, to Bess Hibarger, 4 Jan 1945, advising that her article "God's Perfect Timing" will be published in the February edition.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie, 9 Feb 1946, advising books are ready, etc.
Uncle Duncan at Los Angeles to "Dorsey," 14 Feb 1946, concerning her gift, return of Berta's eyesight, visit from daughter, raising chickens, more. Plus note from Aunt Berta.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie, 10 Mar 1946, concerning contact with relatives, reading, lack of word from Bessie, etc.
E.F. Walker, Executive Director of America Lace Manufacturer Association at Providence, RI, 11 Mar 1946, concerning 25 copies of booklets on lace.
Postcard: Dorothy to Bessie, 17 Mar 1946, concerning bible course, lace book, etc.
Mabel (Mrs. Thos E. Hanley, Jr.) at Constantine, MI, to Bessie, 25 Mar 1946, concerning her health, Tom's lack of concern for her health despite having saved him from Dunning, children's activities, Tom's job and living apart, etc.
Bessie to Dorothy, 15 Apr 1946, concerning potential visit, activities.
Lois and Louise to Dorothy, 20 Apr 1946, concerning gardening, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 27 Jul 1946, concerning activities, etc. On back of letter from Richard Brothers at Chicago to Dorothy Hibarger, 19 Jul 1946, concerning her music for her poem.
Postcard: Dorothy at Peoria State Hospital to Bessie, 6 Sep 1946, concerning courses requested, wanting to get out.
Ruth to Aunt Bessie, 1 Oct 1946, concerning returning her gift of money, brother Thomas, nursing school, etc.
Mrs. W.L. Willard at Normal to Dorothy, 15 Dec 1946, concerning church, mutual friends, holiday greetings.
Mrs. Koehler, undated, with holiday wishes.
Dorothy to Bessie, 7 Jan 1947, concerning gifts.
Zoe Anne to Aunt Bessie, "14," concerning writing once a week, family's activities.
Christine to Friend, 27 Apr, concerning Friend's magazine article, spring, summer plans, etc.
Dorothy to Bessie, 28 Nov 1947, concerning reading, Thomas' upcoming wedding, letter to Princess Elizabeth on her wedding, etc.
Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital to Gospel Publishing House at Springfield, MO, 24 Sep 1948, concerning courses. Includes her answers an exam. Also certificate on completing course, Oct 1948.
Lady-in-waiting to Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace to Dorothy Hibarger acknowledging receipt of Miss Hibarger's letter, 2 May 1949.
Mabel to Bessie, 8 Nov 1949, concerning illness and hospital, Thomas' visit with family, Maude's Davis, Bernie's Mayo Hospital stay, etc,
Wilma to Bessie, 20 Nov 1949, concerning box that just arrived, etc.
M. Hanley at St. Petersburg, FL, to Bessie at Washington, DC, Apr 1950, souvenir butterfly card with wind-up toy.
Governor Adlai E. Stevenson to Bess Hibarger at Normal concerning production of "Forever This Land" and memorable meeting of Pen Women.
Frances Vejtasa at San Jose, CA, to Bessie Hibarger at Normal, 10 Jul 1952, concerning Pen Woman matters.


Folder 31:
Undated correspondence
Dinner list related to ISNU, undated.
Christine (in MI) to "My Dear," Sunday December 8 (no year), concerning gratitude to recipient for her help, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, undated, concerning Tom's trip to DC, contact with Maude, progress daughters Zoe Anne and Ruth.
(Maude??) Judy at Asheville NC to Bessie, undated, concerning her nursing jobs plus Bertha & Linde's, rented house, Beck's upcoming arrival, inviting Bessie to visit,etc. Estimated date: 1920-22.
C.M. (?) Rudolph to Miss Hibarger, undated, concerning diplomas, student grades, etc.
Clerk R.D. Goldner (sp?) of Ging & Co at Farina to Dorothy Hibarger at Normal, 192_, concerning salary. Includes Dorothy Hibarger's wish to apply at salary stipulated.
Mrs. HC(??) Judy to Maude Judy at Hopedale, 18 Jan 1906??, concerning how life (in CA?) differs from that in IL, Japanese themed party, selling corn, contacts with family, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, "Thursday am," concerning chores, Jim's wishes, etc.
Mabel to Mama, "Thursday pm," concerning mama's improving health, Court's job offer, etc.
Card: Mabel to Bernie, undated, concerning paragraph about Madeline, etc.
Card: Mother to Bessie, "Saturday Aug 2," concerning Emily Baker's pictures, mutual acquaintances, etc.
Mrs. Chas Hottle to Miss Hibarger, undated, concerning requesting teachers to inspect for lice.
Berna to Dorothy, "Sunday PM," concerning completed gown, issues with Maude's letter, etc.
Berna to Dorothy & all, "Monday noon," concerning Bud's scouting event, boy scout circus, dress, quilting, etc.
Dorothy in camp at Galena to "Folks," "Sunday night," concerning sights she's seen.
Maude to Dorothy, "Sunday," concerning cooking in diet kitchen, etc.
Myrtle to Dorothy, "Sat Nite," concerning teaching and teaching jobs, boyfriend, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, undated, concerning completed decorating, activities, getting a car.
Mabel to Bessie, "Friday," concerning Zoe Anne's health, Ruth's nursing classes, Thomas' grades, etc.
Mabel to Bessie, undated, concerning Zoe Anne's health, DAR and other activities, etc.
Ellen at Astoria, IL, to "folks," "Mon morn," concerning holiday events, Sunday school class, etc.
Berta to Emma, undated, concerning gifts of a pillow and vase.


Folder 32:
About 10 envelopes from various years.


Folder 33:
Postcards Pre-1910
About 15 picture postcards including to various family members.


Folder 34:
Postcards 1910-27
About 72 picture postcards including to various family members. Twenty-six of these are from Berta Judy Burke from Bermuda and NYC in 1914.


Folder 35:
Postcards 1927-43
About 14 picture postcards including to various family members.


Folder 36:
Postcards Undated
About 15 picture postcards including to various family members.


Folder 37: Family photo postcards
About 30 postcards with customized photos such as Emma on the farm, Bessie with a class of her students, Sibley's Swedish church, etc.


Folder 38: Photos from Maude's albums
CD with many photos from Zella Maude Judy's photo albums as digitized by Vernon Beck.


Diaries & Notebooks (Folder 39)
Folder 39:
Diaries & Notebooks
1944 daily diary for Dorothy Hibarger at Peoria State Hospital. Includes comments on each day's activities, visitors, etc.
Sept-Dec 1930 daily diary entries for Dorothy Hibarger plus religious notes.
Dorothy Hibarger's notebook of info on Morocco, etc., undated.
1909 daily diary with brief entries plus cash accounts and records of letters rec'd and responded to.


War Era Correspondence of Nurse Maude Judy, 1917-20 (Folders 40-51)
Folder 40:
Biographical materials on Zella Maude Judy Beck
"Sibley Red Cross Nurse returns after 2 years in France," by Erma M. Borchers in Ford County Messenger, Jan/Feb 2002.
"Zella Maude Judy - May She Rest in Peace," by Erma Borchers in FCH Messenger, May/Jun 2002.
"Some Additional Information on Zella Maude Judy" by Bill Walters, 18 Jul 2006.
"Zella Maude Judy: Preliminary Chronology" Rough Draft by Bill Walters 30 Jul 2006.
"An Illinois Nurse in Europe The Letters of Zella Maude Judy 1917-1920," by William D. Walters, Jr. From accessed February 2012.
"The Search for Zella Maude Judy" by Bill Walters in The Monthly (Tazewell County Genealogical and Historical Society), Jan 2009, pp 1830-34.
Hibarger Family Archival Inventory 09 Nov 2006.doc. Copied from diskette presumably provided by Bill Walters. Excerpts from letters plus commentary.


Folder 41:
Transcribed letters
Indexes of letters including sender, recipient, date, location, persons mentioned.


Folder 42:
Maude's May - Sep 1917 correspondence
Western Union telegram from Maude Judy to Mrs. D.L. Hibarger at Sibley, 4 May 1917, advising leaving for France Monday, etc.
Maude at sea to Emma and all, 20 May 1917, concerning the transport ship and fatal accident, etc.
M.J. A.N.C. Reserved Nurse at sea on SS Mongolia to Emma and all, 31 May 1917, concerning life aboard ship, no longer being Red Cross nurse, etc.
Kathryn I. Robinson (Maude's chum) at Chicago to "Mrs. Herberger" at Sibley, 5 Jun 1917, advising of the safe arrival of Base Hospital Unit No. 12 (Maud's unit) in England, package sent, and plans for Unit No. 13 to go to service.
M.J. Reserve Nurse ANC at Hotel York, London, to Emma, 8 Jun 1917, concerning sightseeing, financial matters, etc.
Maude, AEF Base Hospital 12 in France to Emma and all, 13 Jun 1917, concerning arrival at Base Hospital, natural beauty, passbook acct, etc.
Maude at BEF Gen'l Hospital 18 in France to Emma and all, 29 Jun 1917, concerning lack of mail from home, hospital and living conditions, etc.
Postcard from Maude aboard the Mongolia near NYC to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 19 Jul 1917, concerning Maude's stay in NYC, secrecy aboard the Mongolia, etc.
Maude Judy at BEF Gen'l Hospital 18 in France to Emma, 23 Jul 1917, concerning cold weather, living conditions, activities, Chicago "Bully Beef," more.
Maude at France to Mabel, 2 Sep 1917, concerning coping with gale, etc.
Maude Judy at Genl H 18 B.E.F. France, to Bessie and all, 9 Sep 1917, concerning food, dinner at French cafe, buying souvenirs, windstorm, Ralph's upcoming marriage, etc.
Maude at France to Folks at Home, 30 Sep 1917, concerning medical cases and workload, boxes from home, court marital risk for her letter being published in Pantagraph, requesting presents from home for her patients, etc.


Folder 43:
Maude's Oct - Dec 1917 correspondence
Postcard: Elva at Peru State Normal School to Maud Judy, 1 Oct 1917 concerning sending Harpers Magazine to Maude.
Myra E. Besley at Chicago to Mrs. Hibarger, 2 Oct 1917, concerning sending gifts/packages to the hospital in France.
M. Judy at France to Emma, 10 Oct 1917, concerning sweater rec'd, coping with cold and work challenges, party for the patients, living conditions, etc.
Maude to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 14 Oct 1917, concerning Maude's published letter in Pantagraph, misc.
Maude to Emma & All, 31 Oct 1917, concerning German bomber, masquerade party, clothing request, etc.
Maude to Emma, 3 Nov 1917, concerning parcel rec'd.
Maude in France to Emma, 13 Nov 1917, concerning parcel from home, planning her leave, inspection day, etc.
Maude in France to Mabel, 17 Nov 1917, concerning local sightseeing and supper, local food, upcoming leave, etc.
J.M. Clure at Etaples, France, to "Sister," 21 Nov 1917, concerning work since leaving Hospital 18 and appreciation for recipient and Dr. Bird, etc. This was enclosed in Maude's letter of 29 Nov 1917.
Maude "somewhere here" to Folks at Home, 29 Nov 1917, concerning upcoming Thanksgiving dinner, respect for Dr. Bird, ward comparisons and ward changes, etc.
Maude "somewhere" to Bessie and all, 6-7 Dec 1917, concerning hospitalization due to being gassed, holiday preparations, rec'g incoming letters/parcels, holiday gifts and meal for her patients, living and working conditions, etc.
Holiday greeting card from British Red Cross Society and Order of St. John to Miss M. Judy, Xmas 1917.
Maude at France to Folks at Home, 26 Dec 1917, concerning successful holiday celebration for the patients, coping with the cold, etc.


Folder 44:
Maude's Jan-Jun 1918 correspondence
Maude "abroad" to Dorothy, 31 Jan 1918, concerning pleasant day walking, insurance beneficiary, birthday wishes, Maude's well being, etc.
Maude Judy at Grand Hotel O'Connor in Nice to Emma & All, 13 Jan 1918, concerning activities on her leave.
Jimmy Haller to Miss Judy, 28 Feb, reminiscing about working together on Ward L, common acquaintances, etc.
Maude "somewhere" to Emma and All, 9 Mar 1918, concerning working night shift, food, playing hockey, foreign clothes, parcels from home, upcoming trip, more.
Picture Postcard: Maude in France to Emma, 29 Mar 1918, wishing the war were over, etc.
Maude at Hotel Vouillemont, Paris, to Emma, 1 Apr 1918, concerning vacation trip to Paris.
Maude in France to Emma, 6 Jun 1918, concerning living with frequent bombing, etc.
Maude in France to Emma, 20 Jun 1918, concerning birthday wishes, relief from bombing, visiting surrounding countryside, etc.


Folder 45:
Maude's Jul-Dec 1918 correspondence
Picture postcard Maude (no addressee), 21 Jul 1918, about hiking Mt. Blanc.
Maude in France to Emma Hibarger, 29 Jul 1918, concerning returning to work, visiting Limoges, rec'g money from Emma, etc.
Packet of 6 photos from Maude's trip addressed to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, undated.
Maude in Paris to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, date unclear, recapping her visit to Paris, etc.
Maude at Villa Tino, France, to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, 29 Nov 1918, concerning her hospitalization for influenza, celebrating the armistice, Ralph's death, etc.
Maude at Villa Tino, France, to Mrs. D.L. Hibarger (Emma) at Sibley, 4 Dec 1918, concerning Maude's return to health and eagerness to return to duty.
M.J. at Camiers France to Emma & all, 6 Dec 1918, concerning gifts from home, escapades at Villa Tino, influenza at Hospital 18, etc.
Maude in France to Emma & all, 30 Dec 1918, concerning Christmas activities and dinner, journeying home in two weeks, going AWOL (and getting court martialed) to visit the front, "Judy's boys," etc.


Folder 46:
Maude's Jan -Feb 1919 correspondence
Maude at Camiers, France, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 3 Jan 1919, concerning failed court martial, remaining patients, returning home, nerves, inflation, etc.
M. Judy at Camiers, France, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 6 Jan 1919, concerning packing to leave, shipping parcels home, entering A.E.F., etc.
Maude at Camiers, France, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 27 Jan 1919, concerning having few patients, sightseeing and visiting cabarets in Belgium, looting a sunken American ship, etc.
Maude at Coblenz, Germany, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 11 Feb 1919, concerning journey to Germany, billeting with German family, hospitality of Germans, etc.
Maude at Evacuation Hospital 267 A.E.F. at Neuenahr, Germany, to Mrs. D.L. Hibarger (Emma & all) at Sibley, 14 Feb 1919 and slightly earlier, concerning living conditions, lost luggage, hospital cases, sightseeing trips, request items from home, work, etc.


Folder 47:
Maude's Mar -May 1919 correspondence
Maude Judy at Neuenahr, Germany, to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 3 Mar 1919, concerning French stationery and design vs. German, Bradley, etc.
Maude Judy at Neuenahr, Germany, to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 11 May 1919, concerning spring sightseeing including a monastery, eagerness to return home, etc.
Maude Judy A.N.C. Evac. Hosp 27 A.E.F. Germany, to Bessie Hibarger at Sibley, 13 May 1919, concerning souvenirs sent home, sightseeing and military brass, returning home, etc.
Maude Judy, A.N.C. at Neuenahr, Germany, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 19 May 1919, concerning departing for home, sightseeing, etc. Includes two picture postcards of scenes near Coblenz.


Folder 48:
Maude's Jun-Dec 1919 correspondence
Maude at Vannes to Emma, 9 Jun 1919, concerning recent and upcoming journeys thru Europe en route to US.
Maude at Paddington Station, London, to Dorothy at Sibley, 12 Jun 1919, concerning trip and leaving for Cork. Includes card from Lucerne hotel.
Picture postcard: Maude to Mrs. D.L. Hibarger at Sibley, 13 Jun 1919, concerning kissing the Blarney Stone.
Maude Judy at Killarney to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 15 Jun 1919, concerning visiting Killarney and sending shamrocks. Includes guide book to Lakes of Killarney from hotel.
Picture postcard: Maude at Glasgow to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 17 Jun 1919, concerning visiting here.
Elva E. Rulon, Librarian at Peru State Normal School in Peru, NB, to Maude, 23 Nov 1919, concerning missing Maude as she travelled west, Maude's visit to Ralph, news of other family members, etc.
Christmas greeting card from Aunt Emily and Emma Richmond.
Maude at Los Angeles to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, posted 3 Dec 1919, concerning Maude and Aileen's trip, living quarters, desire to stay for a while, etc.


Folder 49:
Maude's Feb 1920 correspondence
Note: Due to the presence of another Maude L. Judy, Maude return addresses her letters with the full name "Zella Maude Judy."
Zella Maude at NYC Red Cross Nurses House to Emma & all, "Friday nite, concerning snow storm, packages shipped, Red Cross clothing and supplies, contingent of 23 nurses, etc.
Passenger list for Holland America's Rotterdam from NYC to Rotterdam 7 Feb 1920. Lists Maude in the first cabin.
Zella Maude Judy at sea aboard S.S. Rotterdam to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 1 Feb and 12 Feb 1920, concerning the shipboard experience, nearly missing the ship's departure, contingent heading to Poland, etc.
Zella Maude Judy of Polish Commission c/o American Red Cross at Paris to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 22 Feb 1920, concerning living conditions, travel arrangements, issues in Poland, Mardi Gras celebrations, anti-American sentiment in Paris, etc.
Maude Judy of Polish Commission American c/o Red Cross at Paris to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 27 Feb 1920, concerning route via Switzerland and Austria, impact of vaccinations, etc.


Folder 50:
Maude's Mar - Apr 1920 correspondence
Maude at Zurich, Switzerland, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger, 1 Mar 1920, concerning travel arrangements and sightseeing, etc.
Zella Maude at Hotel Metropole, Vienna, to Emma and all, 6 Mar 1920, concerning sightseeing, visiting hospital, destitution and starvation, etc. Includes picture postcards of hotel and opera.
Maude Judy A.N.C. at Warsaw, Poland, to Mrs. D.L. (Emma) Hibarger at Sibley, 16 Mar 1920, concerning poor personal hygiene, upcoming assignment to Wilno surgical hospital for Polish soldiers coming directly from battlefield, typhus epidemic, entertainments, etc.
Maude Judy at Wilno, Poland, to Dorothy Hibarger at Sibley, 8 Apr 1920, concerning frustrating working conditions and language barriers, filth and ignorance of hygiene, etc. Includes hand drawn illustration of typhus gown.
Zella Maude at Wilno, Poland, to Dorothy, 26 Apr 1920, concerning mail difficulties, party for 100 guests, white glove treatment of Polish officers, job frustrations with language barrier and more, local peasantry, etc.
Two papers with notes from Dorothy M.G. Hibarger about shamrocks and violets picked by Maude in Europe in 1919/1920.


Folder 51:
Picture Postcards to/from Maude during the war periods.
About 14 cards.


Box 2 (48 Folders)

Nursery Sales Info
Folder 1:
H.C. Judy Nursery info
Leather-bound book of 34 hand-painted nurserymen's plates from J.W.Thompson & Co. of Rochester, NY, c1880. Binding stamped "H.C. Judy Hopedale, Ill."
Kinsey's Nurseries and Fruit Farm (Kinsey's Station, Ohio), wholesale price catalog for Spring 1882.
Postcard: ? at Havana, IL, to Chris Eichelberger at Hopedale, 11 Jan 1880?, concerning his spring plant order.
W.A. Watson of McLean County Nursery at Normal to H.C. Judy at Hopedale, 2 Mar 1882, concerning his apple order.
Michigan Basket Factory of A.W. Wells & Co at St. Joseph, MI, to Henry Judy at Hopedale, 1 Feb 1881, concerning berry boxes, etc.


Biographical & Genealogical (Folders 2-3)
Folder 2:
Bessie Hibarger
"Bessie Hibarger, teacher-author, dies," Pantagraph, 16 Nov 1972.
"Bess Hibarger's Family Life Work Being Read in Tokyo," Pantagraph, 28 Jul 1950.
List of newspaper articles on Bessie
Photocopies of pages of The Index, ISNU yearbook for 1926 & 27, with Bessie's photos and activities.
ISNU commencement program and accompanying invitation to President's reception for graduates, 7 Jun 1923.


Folder 3:
Handwritten obituary of Henry Clay Judy, writer and date unknown but presumably Mar 1921.
Handwritten genealogy starting with Robert Musick (b 1792) Also includes a few family stories. Undated and writer unknown.
Application for membership to National Society of Daughters of American Revolution, for Emma Judy Hibarger at Sibley, undated.
Family Bible records for M/M H.C. Judy's children.
Handwritten notes regarding Berta and Frank's marriage, their children's births, Madeleine's extended stays at Normal, etc. Undated.
Lock of Ralph Hibarger (baby?) hair.


Scholastic (Folders 4-28)
Folder 4:
Student report cards: 1895-1923
Dorothy Hibarger: 11 from Sibley Schools, one from ISNU University High.
Bessie Hibarger: 7 from Hopedale and other Tazewell County schools.
Mabel Hibarger: 6 from Sibley, etc.
Bessie Hibarger: Certificates of Rank in Exams, Mar & Apr 1902.


Folder 5:
Essays and speeches
Typed rebuttal to objections to the League of Nations, undated, writer unknown.
Essay on "Walden," Dorothy Hibarger for American Prose class.
Bessie Hibarger's 9 May 1906 Hopedale High School Commencement speech "R-E-T-R-I-B-U-T-I-O-N," plus commencement program.


Folder 6:
Commencement Programs, etc.
Hopedale Public Schools closing exercises, 10 Jun 1890.
Souvenir: Appenzeller School Dist. No. 2, Tazewell County, presented by teacher Bernice E. Judy, 12 May 1911.
Invitation to dedication of Pleasant Ridge School District No 49, Sibley, as a Superior Rural School, 6 Jan 1922.


Folder 7:
Teaching Certificates, Application, and Contract
Nine (9) State of Illinois Second Grade Teacher's Certificates for Bessie Hibarger, 1906-13.
Illinois State Examining Board Registration application for Dorothy Hibarger, 8 Jul 1929.
Teacher's Contract with Ford County for Bessie Hibarger, 7 Jun 1912.


Folder 8:
Teachers' institutes, college credits, directories, etc.
Ford County Directory of School Teachers and Officers, 1920-21,
Programs for Teachers' Institutes: Ford County Jan 1911; Mason County Oct 1925 & 1926(2 copies); McLean County Sep 1926; Drummer Twp Jan 1922.
Two ISNU Teachers College Credit slips for Dorothy Hibarger, 7 & 9 Jun 1928.
ISNU certificate for summer term 1917 for Mabel R. Hibarger.


Folder 9:
Teachers' associations and agencies
Illinois State Teachers Association materials: Central Division Constitution (1928); programs for annual meetings: State 1929, Central Division 1929, 1930, and 1935; delegate badge for 1929 State annual meeting; Bessie Hibarger's 1932 delegate card for State meeting. "Public School Catechism" Q&A, 1 Oct 1934.
Illinois Council of Parent-Teacher Associations Speakers' Bureau pamphlet, 1927-28.
Bessie Hibarger's membership card for National Education Association, 1924.
Materials for teachers' placement agencies: Booklet for Albert Teachers' Agency in Chicago (1932); and Clinton Teachers Agency in Clinton, IA, 3 undated items.


Folder 10:
Bessie's Autograph Book
Bessie Hibarger's autograph book from ISNU's 1910 Summer Term.


Folder 11:
Music teachers' instruction
"A Course of Study for First Music Classes in Teachers' Colleges and Normal Schools" by C.A. Fullerton of Iowa State Teachers College, undated.


Folder 12:
Educational, Social and Economic Surveys of School Districts
District 82 questionnaire and hand drawn map submitted by teacher Kathryn Doroty (Sp?), undated. (Note: Dist 82 was Price School)
District 83 questionnaire and hand drawn map submitted by teacher Emma C. Fuller, undated. (Note: Dist 83 was Houghton School)


Folder 13:
Teaching Materials 1
Assorted quizzes for Medieval & Modern History, US History, Physical Geography, Physiology, Economics, 8 pp, undated.
Assorted cutouts, primary materials, childrens' poems and illustrations, etc.
Program for imaginary World Missionary Conference by junior high students
Outline of play "The Old Man of the Mountain" submitted by Bessie Hibarger of Sibley, undated.
Additional lesson materials in language arts, weather, international relations, etc.
"Examination of a Teaching Unit," list of 15 questions, undated.


Folder 14:
Teaching Materials 2
Harlow Achievement Tests for Texas Seventh Grade, Form C, 1937.
Blank report of illness, 2 copies.
The Story of the Declaration of Independence by Dept of the Interior Bureau of Education, 1926.
Price lists for elementary bulletins and for Houston Independent School District, 1931.


Folder 15:
Teaching Materials 3
Standard Drills in US History
"Our Six Footed Neighbors," Unit One, 1940-41Natural Science Grades 4,5 & 6.


Folder 16:
Teaching Materials 4
Brown's Famous Pictures, about 77 items with many duplicates.
About 32 pages of info on various birds.
Sheet of handwritten mathematical equations.
About 90 black and white sketched illustrations of various natural science and other items, undated and in various sizes.


Folder 17:
7 outlinable stencils of various items plus other materials
Large hand drawn stencil of South America.


Folder 18:
Student Essays
"History of Class of 1934 of Price School," by Dorothy Harsha, 7 pp., undated.
"The Life of Columbus," writer unknown, undated.
"Frailty, Thy Name is Woman," writer unknown, undated.


Folder 19:
Instructor Literature
"The Story of Robinson Crusoe," Bertha E. Bush, 1910, 2 copies. From Instructor Literature Series No. 67.
The King of The Golden River," John Ruskin, undated, from Instructor Literature Series No. 8.
"The Birthday Tree," Lyle Ward Sanderson, story with stencil.


Folder 20:
Assorted game materials including pictures, word unscrambling games, etc.


Folder 21: Poetry
About 9 assorted poems.


Folder 22:
The Assessor, T.S. Dennison, 1906.
"The Old Man of the Mountain," outline of play submitted by Bessie Hibarger of Sibley, undated.
" Dramatic Version of Hawthorne's Wonder Book," article by Grace McCarthy, undated.


Folder 23:
Clarence Darrow
All three bear Dorothy Hibarger's name and dates in the 1940s.
Voltaire, A Lecture, By Clarence Darrow, copyrighted but undated.
Clarence Darrow's Pleas in Defense of Loeb and Leopold, copyrighted but undated.
Clarence Darrow's Two Great Trials, Marcet Haldeman Julius, 1927.


Folder 24:
How to Booklets and papers
"How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes," Dennison Mfg, 1925.
"Illustrated 5-Minute Guaranteed Ukulele Course," Sears Roebuck & Co, 1925.
One page: How to Plan a Recreation Program.
Charts of Common Food Groups from McLean County Home Bureau, Nov 1938.


Folder 25:
Misc teaching materials
A. Glanz, Naturalist-Taxidermist price list, NYC, undated.
"The Jungle Pow-Wow," Jessie Imbrie Miller, undated. Jokes for nursery school.
Records of Home and School Gardens, notebook with records on each student's garden, undated.


Folder 26:
Bessie's notebook of crafts
A. Bessie's handwritten instructions for assorted craft items.


Folder 27:
Song books
5 songbooks plus one page of song


Folder 28:
Grade books
Gradebook, 1929-32, Bessie Hibarger's classes.
Three sheets of grades including 1914-15.


Church (Folders 29-31)
Folder 29:
Sunday School, 1st Presbyterian
Two Sunday School class roster books showing attendance, etc. for Bessie Hibarger's classes, undated.
Program for First Presbyterian Church School, "People You Ought to Know," Fall 1929. 2 copies.
Vesper Organ Recital program, 29 Mar 1931.
Bessie's typed notes on "Rules for Health," undated.
Program commemorating fellowship hall anniversary, First Presbyterian Church at Columbia, SC, undated.


Folder 30:
Central Illinois Churches
Program of Epworth League Topics, Methodist Episcopal Church at Sibley, 1919.
The Sibley Informer, Sibley M.E. Church, Mar 24 and May 14, 1920.
Souvenir Memoranda of Sunday Meetings, Gibson City, June-Jul 1907. Includes many local advertisements from Gibson City and Arrowsmith.
Directory of the Presbyterian Church, Hopedale, 1907-08.
Advertisement for Thelma Wilkins & Evelyn Bobos evangelistic campaign at Berea Chapel in Normal, 14 Jul 1935.
Copy of newspaper clipping recalling 1880 founding of C.P. church in Little Mackinaw Township, undated.
Second Presbyterian Church service program, 21 Apr 1946.
Directory of Second Presbyterian Church Bible School Personnel, 1942-43.
Booklet: "Total Defense of our Christian Heritage, and open letter to Dr. E. Stanley Jones and the National Ministers No-War Committee," Carl Vrooman, 1941.


Folder 31:
Religious materials
Assorted booklets, tracts, and other religious publications.


Financial (Folders 32-38)
These folders contain invoices, receipts, account statements, checks, notes payable, etc. related to a variety of providers of goods and services including insurance companies, automobile purchase, household goods and repairs, etc.
Folder 32:
1919-1929 financial documents
19 items.


Folder 33:
1930s financial documents
About 69 items.


Folder 34:
Royal Neighbors of America insurance, 1930s
About 46 items including letters and receipts.


Folder 35:
1940-60s financial documents
About 25 items.


Folder 36:
Undated financial documents
About 25 items.


Folder 37:
Aviation insurance forms
6 items including applications for and booklets regarding aviation insurance from Chubb and Co and from Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York.


Folder 38:
Financial diaries
Includes undated cash diary, First National Bank passbook (1920s), notebook of 1921 expenditures and unrelated historical info; and Ford Weekly Purchase Plan cards.



Miscellaneous(Folders 39-48)
Folder 39:
Medical notes
Handwritten notes on "hypo schedule for glaucoma," 3 sheets, undated.
Two note cards about Dorothy Hibarger's court commitment and (Chicago) Psychopathic Hospital treatments, 1934.


Folder 40:
Victory Girls United War Work Campaign certificate, 1918, for financial contribution.
Eugene Field Society National Association of Authors and Journalists certificate of Honorary Membership for Bess Hibarger, 20 Oct 1943. Plus newspaper the society's headquarters in St. Louis.


Folder 41:
Identity cards, certifications, registrations
National League of American Pen Women membership cards for Bessie Hibarger, 1936, 1936, 1944.
Registered Nurse card for Zella Maude Judy from Illinois Dept. of Registration and Education, 1921.
Illinois auto registration cards for Bessie Hibarger's 1940 Ford coupe, 1940 &1942.


Folder 42:
Newspaper clippings
About 22 items, largely undated. Includes 2 articles on local rural schools, 1931 visit of Grace E. Quinlan from Australia, and Illinois Training School for Nurses graduates.


Folder 43:
Musical Performance Programs
Handwritten program 17 Aug 1903 which lists Bessie Hibarger performing Radetzky March by J. Strauss.
Sibley Choral Club program, undated, listing Bessie Hibarger as organist and Mabel and D.L. Hibarger as choir members.
"Operetta in Little Folks Town," at Price School, undated.
11 other programs for public performances, mostly at ISNU, 1923-32.


Folder 44:
Verse Books
Eight published verse books.


Folder 45:
Handwritten cookbook, undated. FRAGILE.


Folder 46:
Fraternal Organizations
Handwritten invitation to reception at Sibley Masonic Lodge No. 761, 18 Dec 1917.
1931 Masonic Calendar book for 12 Bloomington and Normal organizations. Lists meeting dates and officers.
Dorothy Hibarger's 1925 edition of Complete Revised Official Ritual of Modern Woodmen of America. Hand dated 1947.
Emma Hibarger's 1890 edition of Ritual of the Order of Eastern Star


Folder 47:
Travel literature
"Melbourne by Moonlight," souvenir picture booklet from "Sister Emma" undated.
Souvenir Passenger List of S.S. Mariposa, sailing from LA 26 Aug 1932. Lists Mrs. G.E. Quinlan in cabin class.
"Ranch Life in the Buffalo Bill Country," published by Burlington Route, undated. 48 pp.
"Horse-Sense" poster on saddling and mounting horses, Burlington Route, undated.
Map of Northern ID and MT, including Bonner's Ferry and Kootenay, undated.
Northern Pacific Railway dinner menu, summer 1912.
Foley's Yosemite Souvenir & Guide, undated, 114 pp.
"Dude Ranching in the Rockies," booklet by Great Northern Railroad, undated.
"Visit St. Louis," travel brochure, undated.
"Ask Mr. Foster Map of Manhattan," travel brochure, undated.
"Chickamauga: A Famous Battlefield," issued by Passenger Traffic Department Queen & Crescent Route, undated.
"Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower," small brochure for Lake Wales, Florida by Chamber of Commerce, undated.
Olivet Camp (Lake Geneva) booklet, undated.
"Florida via the Dixie Flyer Route," undated.
"Glimpses of Spain & Morocco," for passengers of North German Lloyd Steamship Co., 1907.


Folder 48:
Miscellaneous Booklets and pamphlets
"Knitting and Crocheting for our Soldiers and Sailors," American Red Cross with publicity for Sunlight Yarns, undated.
"Things You Should Know about the Chicago Board of Trade," E.S. Rollins, 1920.
Second Anniversary of Normal Chamber of Commerce, 10 Mar 1931. Menu and program.
"National Housing Act," Federal Housing Administration booklet, 23 pp. For owners of homes and business properties.
"Reviewer's Library: Famous and Interesting Guests at a Kansas Farm," 30pp



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