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*Archived Photographs in people under "Stewart"

* "Some Pioneers of Randolph" by A. E. Stewart in War Record of McLean County, p. 363-379, and "Sketch of Life of Capt. A. M. Stringfield" by A. E. Stewart in School Record of McLean County, p.441

Historical Sketch

From pages 782 through 784 of the Portrait and Biographical Album of McLean County, Illinois (1887)

Hon. Archibald E. Stewart, M.D., for a period of over forty years has been closely identified with the business interests and prosperity of this section. He represented this county two terms in the Legislature. He was connected with the various important committees of those sessions, including that of Public Instruction and was Chairman of the committee on State Geological Survey, which position he held until the work was completed, and the proper State appropriations were made. He also was a member of the committees on Mines and Mining, and Special Temperance. He was the first to introduce the bill affecting the appropriation of money for the Institute at Normal, and has aided greatly in its maintenance and success. During the session of 1872, he was instrumental in having $8,000 refunded to the county, which had been illegally obtained by a mistake in the Auditor's office of the State, by unjust assessment. Mr. Stewart also drew up the resolutions which gave to the Constitution of the State its peculiar powers in Inter-state Commerce, which passed the House but not the Senate. Aside from his business transactions and his service as a public man, he has always been interested in agriculture, and has one of the productive farms in Randolph Township.

Dr. Stewart was born in Randolph Township, near his present home, August 21, 1834. His father, Samuel Stewart, a farmer, was a native of West Virginia, and of Scottish parentage and descent. The latter was married in his native state to Miss Jane Hanley, a native of his own state, and also of Scottish descent and parentage. They arrived in the state in the fall of 1831, and located upon the farm which is the present homestead of our subject. He is the youngest son, and the only one born after they came to Illinois. His father died when he was a lad of six years.

The land which the father of our subject had secured was in an unimproved state, and after his death the mother succeeded with the help of her children in carrying on the farm profitably, and reared her five sons and three daughters to years of maturity. She was a woman of great force of character, strong and healthy in body and mind, and taught her children those principles of self-reliance, industry and honor which in after years constituted them good citizens and useful members of society. She lived to the advanced age of eighty-four years, retaining her mental faculties to a remarkable degree, dying at her home in Randolph Township in 1875.

Then first settling upon the new farm, the father and his sons put up the first brick house in McLean County, all the work being done by themselves. They made the necessary tools for the manufacture of brick, constructed their own kiln and burnt within the lime which they hauled from a quarry at Old Town. They were their own masons and hod-carriers, and it well may be imagined with what satisfaction they marked the progress of their own work when the walls of their home began to rise. The house occupied an area of 24x48 feet, and it stands today, and is still owned by our subject. It was used for all public gatherings, for public school purposes and for preaching and was thus kept open for many years, a generous donation for the use of the people of that locality. The father had secured a tract of land comprising 1,600 acres, about one-third of which was timber. Most of the land is yet in possession of the various members of the family.

Archibald E. Stewart pursued his primary studies in the pioneer schools of this locality, assisted and encouraged by his mother at home. He became a member of the first class of the Wesleyan University, Bloomington, under Prof. Andrus, the first professor, and he there completed his education four years later. He was the only student in the Sophomore Class of 1851-52. After leaving this institution he went East and studied music in Boston for several months, having great love and talent for this art. After his return to Illinois in 1856, he took up the study of medicine under the instruction of Hon. H. Noble, of Heyworth, and one year later entered Rush Medical College at Chicago. From there he went to Philadelphia, and entered Jefferson College, from which he graduated in 1858. Whatever branch of study he took up was pursued thoroughly and closely until he became the master of it, and he was now abundantly qualified for the practice of this profession.

The marriage of Archibald E. Stewart and Miss Emily, daughter of John (?) and Lydia (Gantz) Stewart, was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents at Fairmont, W. Va., on the 10th of May, 1859. The parents of Mrs. S. were natives of West Virginia, and of Scotch and German descent. John Stewart was a millwright, and came west in 1861. He was a strong Union man, and found it to his advantage to leave the Old Dominion about that time. He located in Randolph Township, and resided there until 1884, when he removed to Los Angeles, California, where he and his wife are living, retired from the active labors of life.

Mrs. Emily S. Stewart was educated in a select school in her native state, and remained with her parents until her marriage. Of her union with our subject there were born five children, as follows: Bruce A. is engaged in the lumber business in California; Clark E. is a musician, and also employed as a clerk in a music store at Chicago; Adelaide was educated at Valparaiso, Indiana, and is a teacher of music; Hugh A. is attending school, and with his sister Lucy lives at home with his parents. After his marriage, Dr. Stewart located in Randolph Township, and began the practice of his profession, which he continued until after the outbreak of the late war. He then enlisted in the army, in August, 1862, as a private, and was connected with the army of the Frontier, in the 94th Illinois Infantry. He was then appointed Regimental Surgeon, which position he occupied for three years, and at the close of the war received his honorable discharge at Galveston, Texas. The regiment fought at Prairie Grove, Ark., where he saw much bloodshed, and was with his command at the siege and surrender of Vicksburg, Miss., also at Brownsville, Tex., where a special order was issued by Maj. Gen. Herron, for his management of the Post Hospital, and upon which occasion our subject received the high approval of the General and many compliments concerning his judgment and skill.

After his retirement from the Army, Dr. Stewart abandoned the practice of medicine, and turned his entire attention to his farming interests, which were more agreeable to his tastes and which he has since followed successfully. He is now the possessor of 300 acres of valuable land in Randolph Township and is also interested in real estate in Kansas and Nebraska. Of late years he has given considerable attention to the breeding of high-grade cattle and Norman horses, with which the home farm is finely stocked.

In politics he has always been a staunch Republican, and has uniformly cast his vote in support of the principles of his party. He was Chief Deputy Circuit Clerk for a period of eight years, and has held other important offices in the county. In 1881 he went to Europe, and has visited most parts of the United States, having been in nearly every State of the Union. Mrs. Stewart is an amiable and excellent Christian Lady, and a member in good standing of the Presbyterian Church.

Adapted from Stewart's obituary, appearing in The Pantagraph, April 5, 1899

A. E. Stewart took great interest in the McLean County Historical Society, writing some papers for them. His papers were charming in style, diction and thought would have graced the pages of many magazines. His paper on Gardner Randolph, published in the "War Record" is one of the best in that book. His paper on Capt. A. M. Stringfield was equally good. He had at the request of the society also prepared papers on Gov. John Moore and on Dr. Harrison Noble, which no doubt will sustain the high reputation of the writer.

After retiring from the legislature the doctor made a trip to Europe, visiting all its principal countries and cities. He spent eight years in the office of the circuit court in this city, and also taught school in Randolph Township. For several months, during the absence of Superintendant Hull, he acted as county superintendent of schools.

He was a frequent contributor to The Pantagraph and was for several months regularly employed as a writer on its staff. For many years he was one of the officers for the Bloomington Mutual Insurance Company.

He was a member of William T. Sherman Post, G.A.R., was a Republican in politics and a liberal in religion.

Dr. A. E. Stewart passed away April 4, 1899 at 4:30 p.m. in his home at 518 East Mulberry Street. His long illness had prepared his family and the public.



Scope and Contents Note

This collection contains correspondence to Archibald Stewart from May 1858 to 1894. Correspondence is from his mother, Jane Stewart, his wife Emily, real estate agents in Kansas (D.G., L.G., and A.A. Denton), and other friends and family in the United States. After his trip to Europe in 1881 he corresponded regularly with Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland who later moved to Toronto and is considered the Father of Theosophy in Canada. Almost all items are letters Archibald received, there are only 2 letters written and sent by Archibald (item 8.2 and 9.19).

While correspondence represents the majority of this collection, there are also three speeches given by A. E. Stewart, postcards, miscellaneous receipts, cards, ephemera, and medical school cards from 1857-1858.


Archibald's mother, Jane Stewart, who wrote to Archibald frequently from Randolph, McLean County, Illinois 1863-1865



Box and Folder Inventory

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Folder 1: Correspondence 1850s
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
1.1 May 5, 1858, postmarked. Envelope addressed to Dr. A. E. Stewart, Bloomington Illinois.
1.2 July 15, 1858. Letter from G. Sayres detailed letter regarding travels
1.3 March 3, 1858 from G. W. Howser regarding an unspecified request that was dealt with over the summer but has since changed and he must answer in the negative
1.4 April 18, 1858 Letter from friend, Ed. Update on happenings since Archibald left, talk of a visit in the summer, farming, weather, Charity Ball at Crystal Palace, where "Some of the girls had very low neck dresses on, never such a site since I was weaned."
1.5 May 25, 1858, Envelope from Dry Creek Kenton KY. Unsigned letter regarding concerns about not hearing from him for a while (Archibald), going back to school, addresses living situation, wanting to be dependent on only himself and not wanting to live with Archibald.
1.6 June 5, 1858 envelope to "Doctor A. E. Stewart (Buroaks) Bloomington Illinois. Letter from Retirement, Monongalia, Co. VA to "Cousin Archey" from Cal? Stewart. Letter begins with a poem about trying to become Land Surveyor and going to Salt River, and then speaks of mudslides, fear of talking to women, and crops.
1.7 April 23, 1858 (date on letter). Envelope to Dr. A. E Stewart (Buroaks) Bloomington, Illinois, from Calvin Stewart in Retiremint VA. Letter regarding sending compliments to Esther, Sorry to hear of misfortune of "loosing, or rather missing your wife," everyone has the French measles, confidential scandal regarding women being jealous and curious if he is married to Esther.
1.8 July 13, 1858 from Retiremint, VA to "Cousin Archey." Letter regarding all politicians being free masons, crops, weather, and health. Letter appears to be from 2-3 people, one being Ed, another possibly being Calvin Stewart.
1.9 October the last, 1858 (date on letter). Envelope to Dr. A. E. Stewart (Buroaks) Bloomington Illinois. From Retiremint VA to "Doctor Archey" Letter regarding the murder of Louisa Sapp in October 1858 (daughter of Joseph Stewart and a cousin of Esther), by Joseph Sapp, her husband (died January 1859, in prison). Also talks about weather and house repairs. Signed J.C. Stewart.
1.10 September 8, 1858 (date on letter). Envelope to Dr. A. E. Stewart, Bloomington Illinois. From Cedar Valley VA, to "Cousin Archey" letter talks about weather, illness, birth, and thanks for interest in well-being in a confidential situation.
1.11 July 25, 1858. Envelope to A. E. Stewart, Bloomington, Illinois. Letter to "friend Stewart" from Ed regarding visiting and work.
1.12 Letter to A. E. Stewart from unknown, regarding professional physician consultation.


Folder 2: Correspondence 1860s
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
2.1 July 31, 1863 (date on letter, postmarked August 1). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding illnesses (Amanda), death (George Mason and "Old Uncle Tim(?) (?)-field) and family updates
2.2 August 1, 1863 (postmarked). Letter from Clark(?) to Archibald. Letter begins "My Dear Sir" letter is regarding the army, crops, Vicksburg, 4th of July (Mentions Judge Davis, Dr. Noble, Judge McClun, Dr. Rodgers, and Dr. Rae) Click here to read the transcription. Scanned Letter: Page 1; Page 2 and 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page 6 and 7; Page 8
2.3 November 29, 1863 (date on letter). To Archibald from his mother, regarding gossip, health, and a trip to town for a photograph.
2.4 December 27, 1863 (date on letter). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding Birdsell coming back from New Orleans with the remains of Alph and John, family whereabouts, appreciation for the letters he has sent, and describes a sleigh ride with Emily.
2.5 January 28, 1864 (date on letter). Letter to Surgeon in Chief, Little Rock, AK from (signature illegible) Surgeon 1st Iowa Cavalry and Chief of 1st division regarding recommendation of promotion of Dr. Archibald E. Stewart to Officer in Army
2.6 February 13, 1864 (date on letter). Letter from Archibald's mother, Jane Stewart, regarding weather, health, friends and family update
2.7 May 22, 1864 (date on letter, postmarked May 26). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding wishing he was in a better part of the country, gaining weight, a visit to Milly Stringfield, visit to Aunt Sally Hawsen, death of Andrew Armstrong and widow Brocks daughter, weather, and crops.
2.8 June 26, 1864 (date on letter, postmarked July 29) Letter to Archibald in Brownsville, Texas from mother regarding knitting, Emily in town, crops, Emily to visit Archibald with Bruce, and weather.
2.9 August 7, 1864 (date on letter). Envelope to A. E. Stewart, New Orleans, Louisiana, from unknown. Letter is too faded to read. Also included is a request for subscription to the American Journal of the Medical Sciences" from July 1.
2.10 August 17, 1864 (Postmarked). Letter to Archibald from Normal Illinois, letter begins "Dearest Uncle" and talks about Normal, teachers, and correspondence.
2.11 August 28, 1864 (date on letter). Letter written from Emilie in Buroaks to Archie, reads "Dear Darling" and speaks of wanting to visit Archie alone although someone is to accompany her, and her excitement for seeing him again, talks about a powerful sermon at church the preacher held until $1300 was raised, also talks about her opinions of the war, that she struggles with which side is right and is trying "might and main to be for the Union but it is hard to give up my prejudices" and goes on to say that if the country could be purged of slavery she should not so bitterly regret the war was ever begun, and that she does not like Lincoln's conduct of the war and hopes he will be defeated at the next election.
2.12 September 1, 1864 (date on letter). Letter from brother in Bloomington to A. E. Stewart regarding mother, weather, family updates
2.13 December 28, 1864 (postmarked). Envelope addressed to Port Hospital Fort Gaines Alabama. Letter for "Son, Daughter, and Little Darling" regarding health, Robert not doing well but not dangerously ill, Christmas dinner, family update.
2.14 January 31, 1865 (date on letter). Letter to Archibald from mother regarding animals, gossip, and illnesses.
2.15 February 5, 1865 (date on letter). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding Bruce, marriage, home, death of Isaac Funk, an accident involving a loose board that shattered an old man's leg, and correspondence between Emily and Billy.
2.16 June 10, 1865 (postmarked). Regarding a visit to a friend, little one learning to walk, and crops.
2.17 September 21, 1865 (date on letter). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding lack of response to past 3 letter, crops, weather, health, and deaths.
2.18 October 10, 1865 (date on letter). Letter to Archibald from his mother regarding a visit from Matty, Clark's health, a fight with Bridget that ended in her quitting.
2.19 October 31, 1868. Letter to Archibald from Thomas A. Richards inquiring if there is any job he can do for him in Bloomington


Folder 3: Correspondence 1870s
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
3.1 November 25, 1870. From General Superintendent of Illinois Central Railroad Company
3.2 February 8, 1872 (postmarked. Date on letter February 6). Letter for "Cousin Archey" from Cousin Laura in Easton, West Virginia. Letter regarding an apology for her silence, and not giving him a picture. Talks of the weather, an upcoming "leap year party", marriage of a friend, and reading Mark Twain "The Innocents Abroad"
3.3 June 21, 1873 (date on letter). From JW Fifer on Fifer & Phillips Attorneys at law letterhead. Letter regarding the purchase of reports for Illinois state attorney's office.
3.4 July 15, 1873 (date on letter). From Jesse Birch thanking A. E. Stewart for his approval of the amendment of section 81 of "an act-in regard to the administration of estates"
3.5 June 21, 1875 (date on letter). From Beebe, Faulkner, & Wildman of Salina Kansas to A. E. Stewart of Randolph Illinois regarding the purchase of land. Enclosed is a map of township 15 range 4.
3.6 February 22, 1877 (date on letter) from AA Denton regarding land near Mr. Potts and requesting a lease be sent, $480/quarter, and wheat crop.
3.7 March 25, 1877 (date on letter) from Allen Caldwell regarding moving from Georgia and inquiring about jobs in Bloomington
3.8 November 19, 1879 (postmarked and date on letter) from County Treasurer's office in Salina, Kansas, signed J. B. Hamilton. Letter regarding a correction on an enclosed card
3.9 December 3, 1879 (date on letter). Letter from Albert Denton in Brookville Kansas responding to a letter received 6 months ago from A. E. Stewart. Talks about land (being cared for by Denton but owned by Stewart), overpopulation of prairie dogs, crops, rattlesnakes, railroad, land prices, etc.


Folder 4: Correspondence 1880-1881
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
4.1 January 12, 1880 (date on letter). Letter from A.A. Denton from Bavaria, Kansas regarding change of county lines, changing taxes for part of the land, and details of the geography of the land.
4.2 April 24, 1880 (date on letter) from Will Stewart in Wakefield, Clay, Kansas to Hon. A.E. Stewart "respected Uncle." Letter regarding raising crops in Kansas (not good), dust, & wind.
4.3 June 25, 1880 (postmarked. Date on letter June 23) from Albert Denton in Bavaria Kansas regarding crops (sorghum, corn, wheat, rice), weather, and land distribution
4.4 August 19, 1880 (postmarked) from J. B. Hamilton in Salina, Kansas regarding land prices
4.5 November 9, 1880 (date on letter) from A.A. Denton regarding Stewart's land and crops. Talks about Sorghum, syrup, evaporation of water from fruit, wheat, no corn, and prices of crops.
4.6 November 12, 1880 memorandum of agreement between A.E. Stewart and J.B. Paul regarding leasing land
4.7 March 18, 1881 (postmarked) from Hector Myers in Abilene, Kansas regarding a request of a certificate specifying his degree of disability with disease of the lungs, diagnosed by A. E. Stewart in New Orleans. Mentions Dr. Elder of Bloomington.
4.8 October 26, 1881 (date on letter). Very short letter to "Dell" from "Aggie" regarding visiting and preaching.
4.9 December 20, 1881 (date on letter) from J. B. Paul on Brookville City Mills, Brookville Kansas, letterhead regarding receipts


Folder 5: Correspondence 1882-1883
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
5.1 January 16, 1882. From S. C. Stewart in Cedar Valley, West Virginia to "My Dear Cousin" regarding grateful for kindness when he visited, gossip of Lizzie Stewart, Eliza, and Brother Milton, greed, life struggles of men, friends, and weather.
5.2 February 11, 1882 from A.A. Denton in Bavaria, Kansas regarding syrup, land, offer of $60 for use of the east 1/2 of land, other similar offers
5.3 February 27, 1882 from J. B. Paul of Brookville City Mills (letterhead), Brookville, Kansas, regarding the renewing of contract of section 7 for another year
5.4 July 29, 1882 from A.A. Denton in Bavaria Kansas regarding payments for land and update on crops
5.5 September 1, 1882 from Clark & Dell to their father in London regarding apples, visits with friends, weather, events
5.6 September 14, 1882, signed E. A. from Loughborough, Kingston, Canada to London, England regarding regrets of not seeing Archibald when he was in Kingston, speaks of summer, camping, and Ottawa carnival.
5.7 September 24, 1882. Unsigned letter to "my dear Archie" regarding Bruce, frost, rain, crop, Dell, Lizzie, and Mattie.
5.8 October 23, 1882 from Eliza (his little sister) at 1005 Wilcox Avenue, Chicago regarding she is pleased he arrived safely home, wanting to hear his stories, attending a lecture titled "90 days in Europe" and a visit from Uncle Alph.
5.9 October 28, 1882 from A.A. Denton in Bavaria, Kansas regarding a Champaign sugar business, and experimentations with evaporating water from fruit
5.10 November 4, 1882 from Frank Stewart (his brother) asking Archie to go with him to attend an event in West Virginia.
5.11 November 6, 1882 unsigned letter. Writer talks about almost coming home this week, going to church, news that Laura had a child, life updates.
5.12 November 8, 1882 from Minnie Fry (?) thanking her Uncle Archie for his nice present
5.13 November 10, 1882 from Alfred(?) Marsh of London, England hoping he arrived home from London safely, mentions studying violin at Trinity College, suggests he try to abolish tariff on goods between Europe and U.S., music, and health.
5.14 November 10, 1882 from Mr. Numino of Ravenswood. Writer is happy Mr. Stewart had a good time during his visit, also talks about the writers' travels to Bannockburn, Stirling, and returning home to Quebec by ship which hit a hurricane.
5.15 December 2, 1882 from W.W. Walkey of Brookville, Kansas asking if he would sell a section of land
5.16 December 11, 1882 from L.G. Denton Bavaria, Kansas regarding land sales, road tax, and hopes that Dr. Stewarts trip to Europe was good
5.17 December 30, 1882 from Jacob Bien regarding a request for a testimony of his physical condition
5.18 1882, unknown month, from unknown to "Father" regarding a visit to Frank, discussion of Europe, letters Bruce received, etc.
5.19 January 1, 1883 from J. B. Paul of Brookville Kansas regarding an enclosed receipt
5.20 January 30, 1883 from Albert E. S. Smythe of 31 Cave Hill Road Belfast, Ireland regarding American qualities, his interests and hobbies, family, glad Dr. Stewart enjoyed his visit, current events in Ireland
5.21 February 8, 1883 from unknown, addressed to Emilie Stewart. Letter in poor condition, mostly illegible
5.22 March 23, 1883 from C.E. Faulkner of Leavenworth Kansas inquiring as to if Archie would sell the SW 1/4 of section 5
5.23 March 30, 1883 from Jane Logan in Alpine to "My dearest Cousin" Emily and Archie regarding health, age, requesting and update on all their friends and children's lives, weather.
5.24 April 2, 1883 from L.G. Denton of Bavaria Kansas regarding land and crops.
5.25 April 3, 1883 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding newspapers in Ireland versus U.S., pointing out errors and asking spelling questions, also thanking Archibald for the Chicago Tribune and that it resembles Irish papers in a way. Picks up writing the letter a week later, after a toothache, and after he attended the worst concert on record with his sister, then goes on to talk about his Diocese Down and Connor and Dromore, the richest in Ireland, Bicycle Club, and religion
5.26 April 6, 1883 from L. Anna Hall to cousin (Archibald) and Emily regarding a note for Bruce, Ma's health, and wanting them to visit her
5.27 April 15, 1883 from S. C. Stewart in Georgetown, West Virginia to "My esteemed Cousin" regarding wanting a visit, weather, and sending boys to college
5.28 May 5, 1883 from Samuel Stewart, cousin, regarding scarcity of horses, weather, and crops.
5.29 May 30, 1883 from Lucy Stewart in Olney, Illinois regarding school, visit with Archie's father, hope to see Archie soon
5.30 June 8, 1883 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding British politics,
5.31 June 30, 1883 from from Charles Faulkner of Salina, Kansas regarding selling land
5.32 July 30, 1883 from B.S. Hollo__(?). Regarding school.
5.33 August 10, 1883 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding the time it took to return his letter, a visit to London, a thunderstorm, fire in London, picture gallery, books, and investing in ships
5.34 October 6, 1833 from W. H. Stewart in Georgetown West Virginia to cousin, Emily, and children regarding enjoying the short visit with them, crops, health, and daughters.
5.35 October 7, 1883 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding jury duty avoidance, dinner with the conservative leader of the House of Commerce, meeting of literary club, "North American" publication, the bible, poets, Thomas Hood
5.36 October 12, 1883 from Jane Logan in Alpine Indiana to cousins A. E. and E. Stewart regarding her children, her brother Oliver checking out Kansas to see if he likes it, letter from Becka Handley, weather.
5.37 November 1, 1883 from Cyrus Condit of Davenport Iowa regarding pension for a wound to the right thigh, right testicle, and left hip, treated by Dr. Stewart at Smith House Hospital, requesting he make an affidavit for treatment
5.38 November 9, 1883 from D.G. Denton of Brookville, Kansas regarding sale of land
5.39 December 5, 1883 from D.G. Denton of Bavaria, Kansas thanking him for the present but not to send any more because he does not deserve them
5.40 December 9, 1883 from Ed in Milburn regarding a train ride to Cape Vincent
5.41 December 17 1883 from J. B. Paul, Brookville regarding enclosed receipts
5.42 December 31, 1883 from unknown in Lincoln Illinois giving a detailed account of the death of his wife, Mrs. R.


Folder 6: Correspondence 1884
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
6.1 January 4 unsigned letter (last page missing) from London regarding returned letters due to wrong address
6.2 January 30 from D.G. Denton regarding selling section 7
6.3 February 10 from Emily's sister to Emily and family regarding buildings in Los Angeles, houses, flowers, and family updates
6.4 February 13 from photo engraving company regarding reversing a picture
6.5 February 18 from Ed in Millburn New Jersey regarding a trip to Washington,Philadelphia, Canada, and fishing at a lake
6.6 February 19 from W.M. Yoders(?) regarding a medical condition for which she needs an affidavit
6.7 February 20 from D.G. Denton in Brookville, Kansas regarding land prices and contracts enclosed
6.8 February 22 from J.B. Paul regarding fencing in section 7 of land
6.9 February 24 from S.C. Stewart in Georgetown Virginia regarding Moore's misfortunes, rail road coming to town, lost love of politics
6.10 March 21 from Mary E. Miller to Emily Stewart regarding life updates
6.11 March 31 from D.G. Denton of Brookville, Kansas regarding selling west 1/2 of section 7
6.12 April 6 from Ed in Millburn, NJ regarding family update, sailboat, and snow
6.13 April 10 from Josephine Cleveland to General John McNulta regarding compilation of history of regiments and battle flags of Illinois, forwarded to Archibald from General McNulta
6.14 April 30 from A.A. Pettibon(?) regarding keeping up with an old comrade, speech, etc.
6.15 May 11 from S.C. Stewart in Georgetown West Virginia regarding opinions of education, politics, rail road, weather, crops, and family
6.16 May 14 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland
6.17 May 19 from Josephine Cleveland in Springfield Illinois regarding pages for her historical volume, flags, etc.
6.18 June 2 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland giving a detailed description of the most beautiful girl he ever saw, respect for the "noble savage", fireworks, Fort William Park, flowers, plants, birds
6.19 June 3 from R. S. something(illegible) Denver, Colorado regarding leaving home against mothers wishes, broke leg, homesick, borrowed money irresponsibly, but needs to borrow more to get home
6.20 June 4 from Alfred(?) (abbreviated Alfd) Marsh of London, England regarding wife's mother passed away, the meaner side of London, Vanity Fair, thank-you for the photograph, opinion of free trade
6.21 June 18 from D.G. Denton informing that he sold section 7-15-4
6.22 June 19 from D.G. Denton regarding the letter he wrote yesterday, enclosing the deed to M.N. Hathaway
6.23 June 24 from D.G. Denton regarding business with Mr. Hathaway
6.24 June 30 from unknown in Franklin, Indiana regarding a special agent that is coming to ask about details of the writer's health and a reminder of his health conditions
6.25 July 8 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland writing details of travels that he just got done with, and asking about work available in Illinois
6.26 July 14 from D.G. Denton in Brookville, Kansas regarding payment and J.B.Paul
6.27 July 16 from Frank C. Miller of Salina Bank regarding enclosed payment for land
6.28 July 16 from D. G. Denton regarding above letter from Salina Bank with payment
6.29 August 1 from D.G. Denton regarding land payment
6.30 August 2 from C.A. Hale of Douglas(?) Grove, Nebraska regarding not having written in so long, descriptions of 7 children, life updates
6.31 August 21 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding visiting Dr. Stewart, departure Nov. 1, expecting to take advantage of his hospitality for a little while but
6.32 August 31 from S.C. Stewart of Georgetown, West Virginia regarding photos, crops, weather, health, rail road litigation, and emigration
6.33 September 15 from Alfred(?) (abbreviated Alfd) Marsh of 62 Pentonville Road London, England regarding not much time to write but wanted to touch base and will write again later
6.34 September 16 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland confirming his departure on November 1, literary club, weather, and life updates.
6.35 October 1 from Alfred(?) (abbreviated Alfd) Marsh of London, England regarding
6.36 October 16 from Albert E. S. Smythe of Belfast, Ireland regarding postponing his trip a fortnight
6.37 October 19 from Louis in Los Angeles to Hugh regarding climbing 10 miles up a
6.38 October 20 from Jessie to Lucy Stewart regarding meeting at S.S. Stewart's dry-goods store at 108 N. Main St. at around 11
6.39 November 28 from Albert E. S. Smythe regarding arrival in the US (address 46 S. Washington Square, New York), pleasant voyage, sight-seeing, Thanksgiving at Grace Church, homesickness, headed to Illinois next Wednesday
6.40 November 28 from Geo H. Welch(?) regarding camping down White River, illness, pneumonia
6.41 December 3 from Albert E. S. Smythe regarding milder weather than expected, Sinclair House, leaving for Illinois Wednesday to arrive Friday at noon
6.42 January 12, 1885 from J.B. Paul regarding attached receipt for 1884.


Folder 7: Correspondence 1885-88
All correspondence is to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
7.1 January 6, 1885 from Albert E. S. Smythe at 180 LaSalle Avenue North, Chicago, Illinois regarding letting Stewart know he arrived safely and thanks for the hospitality
7.2 January 10, 1885 from Frank Stewart regarding finding a job for Smythe
7.3 March 29, 1885 from Lucy Stewart in Olney, Illinois regarding baby Archie who is 15 months, 25 lbs, crops, school, cat eating two birds, Victor in Kansas, trip to the dentist
7.4 January 3, 1886 from Bruce in LA regarding travels for logging with two others, weather, Christmas, and New Years
7.5 February 14, 1886 to Clark in Valparaiso, Indiana from Lu(?) in Randolph, Illinois regarding school occupying the mind, won't see him when he visits
7.6 February 22, 1886 from Alfred(?) (abbreviated Alfd) Marsh of 62 Pentonville Road in
7.7 June 9 1886 from unknown (presumably Bruce) to "Folks" regarding business venture & timber.
7.8 October 10, 1886 from H. Martin in Little Rock, Arkansas to "Friend Hugh" regarding settling into Arkansas, description of Little Rock, describes his job
7.9 January 6, 1887 from Albert E. S. Smythe in Chicago (117 Wabash) regarding Christmas with Clark, hearing the "Messiah" chorus which was heavenly, his high standards for women, New Years, an unwelcome knock on the door in the middle of the night from Bloomingtonian F. E. Winslow
7.10 January 22, 1887 from unknown (presumably Adelaide) to Clark regarding life updates
7.11 August 12, 1887 from N. W. Brandiran Attorney at Law in O'Neill, Nebraska to Clark regarding life updates, happy to hear of promotion, new buildings going up
7.12 September 12, 1887 to Hugh Stewart from Fred Cutter at Corticelli Silk Co. regarding directions to meet
7.13 January 29, 1888 from unknown (last page(s) missing) regarding a cut finger, crops, and $ for building


Folder 8: Correspondence 1890's
8.1 February 19, 1890 to "friend Hugh" from George Cruikshank of Randolph in McLean County regarding education, theory of teaching, neighborhood news, and includes the news "Scarbrough's crow is dead!!!!!!!!!!" with a sketch of a dead crow
8.2 March 20, 1890 to Mr. Hugh A. Stewart in Valparaiso, Indiana from A. E. Stewart regarding spring, roads, crops, animals, illness, and $ for Jessie's travels
8.3 February 6, 1893 to Cousin Lucy from Ada (Adelaide?) Stewart regarding baby Samuel Francis behavior and description, Christmas presents, and sewing
8.4 May 17, 1894 to Lucy Stewart from Jessie, cousin in Omaha, Nebraska regarding health, weather, and a visit to Clark


Folder 9: Correspondence- No Date
9.1 From Clark to Father (Archibald) regarding seeing the company leave reminds him of when the 94th Volunteer Infantry started from Bloomington
9.2 From Bruce to Father (Archibald) regarding coal, timber, crops in California; and to Dell regarding news of marriage of Geo Reilly
9.3 To Clark Stewart in Randolph from H. O. (?) Thomas, on First National Bank of Butte letterhead regarding bank work, asking how "Bert" and Frank are, requesting a visit, and wishing the best for his family.
9.4 To Mrs. Hugh Stewart in Randolph regarding girdles, sewing, and visits from Julie and E. Saint Louis.
9.5 To A. E. Stewart from S. C. Stewart regarding captain rank, weather, Dysentery, grain, farmers, and camp meeting Sept. 3 at Laurel Point
9.6 From Bruce to unknown (deteriorated, pages missing) regarding Salina Fair and bridesmaids
9.7 From unknown to unknown regarding regiment promotion by Dr. Ross, encouraging news from the North, Chaplain Muller staying at Burr-Oaks
9.8 Letter from unknown to "my dear boys" saying we miss you, not seeing Bruce and Minnie, news in the Pantagraph that John Hall died at Delavan
9.9 page missing- to unknown from "your brother, Clark E. Stewart"
9.10 From Emma to unknown regarding visit to Mrs. Fell's
9.11 Illegible
9.12 To Cousin Archibald from unknown regarding school, guitar lessons, and teaching
9.13 To Clark from mother concerning family updates, Bruce some things stolen, etc.
9.14 To Dell- disintegrated, mostly illegible, from unknown
9.15 To Dr. A. E. Stewart from G. Sayres (?) (First page missing) regarding taking on some sort of responsibility, singing school in Church
9.16 From Emilie to "dear boy" regarding death of Dr. W. H. H. Adams at Hot Springs, weather, health, graduation of Frank Wakefield, suggests finding Emma and May when in Chicago
9.17 From L.G. Denton in Bavaria regarding land prices and crops
9.18 From a Denton in Bavaria regarding received letter from Clark and Dell last night, weather, Mother Denton liable to die any hour, whisky prohibition, crops
9.19 From Archie to "Little Bird" (Emilie) talks briefly about the book he is reading "The Old Curiosity Shop" then the rest of the letter is a love letter


Folder 10: Speeches
10.1 "My Friend Muggins on Niagra by A. E. Stewart. No date, 4 pages
10.2 "_____ on Barber's Petition" 4 pages
10.3 "Address to his scholars at the end of 7 months teaching" May, 1853. 12 pages.


Folder 11: Postcards, Fliers, & Miscellaneous
11.1 Postcard from L. G. Denton in Bavaria to A. E. Stewart
11.2 Postcard to Lucy Stewart- invitation to attend a masquerade party at Raymond Hall August 16, 1888
11.3 Postcard to A. E. Stewart from A. J. Thomas
11.4 Postcard to A. E. Stewart from H. Martin in Louisiana
11.5 Blank postcard
11.6 Postcard to Dell Stewart 1881 regarding insufficient money for postage
11.7 Card with name B. M. Vandervoort
11.8 News clipping of "Primrose Day" by Albert E. S. Smythe
11.9 Hand-written programme for recital July 2nd
11.10 Ticket for Entry at an Evening of Music and Literary Exercises at Pure Fountain Lodge #4
11.11 Receipt- A. E. Stewart from Home Bank McClun Holder 7 Co.
11.12 Wedding reception card @ 1717 W. Indiana Bloomington, Illinois
11.13 Flier for pills coated with sugar
11.14 April 8, 1858 to A. E. Stewart regarding medicine saddle-bags from Bullock & Crenshaw


Folder 12: Envelopes
All envelopes addressed to A.E. Stewart unless otherwise noted.
12.1 Postmarked March 27, envelope to Miss Lucy Stewart
12.2 Postmarked April4 1884 from House of Representatives
12.3 Postmarked April 2, for "Archie E. Stewart" in Randolph
12.4 No visible postmark, from Dry Creek Kentucky
12.5 Postmarked September 25 from New York to Mrs. Dr. A. E. Stewart
12.5 Postmarked but illegible
12.6 To Dr. A. E Stewart in Fort Gaines Alabama postmarked from Bloomington February 7 1865(?)
12.7 Postmarked November 7, 1888 from Beatrice Nebraska
12.8 Envelope dirty and illegible
12.9 Envelope addressed to Clark E. Stewart in Chicago at State and Monroe, postmarked April 1888
12.10 To A. E. Stewart, postmark torn off
12.11 To Lucy Stewart in Randolph Illinois postmarked from Olney
12.12 Postmarked December 15 1882 from Salina, Kansas
12.13 To "Hon. A. E. Stewart at the House of Representatives in Springfield from Williams & Bure in Bloomington February 22
12.14 To C.E. Stewart at State and Monroe in Chicago, Illinois from N. W. Brandican Attorney-at-law in O'Neill, Nebraska


Folder 13: Biographical Information & Newspaper Articles
13.1 Typewritten excerpt from pages 782 through 784 of the Portrait and Biographical Album of
13.2 "Dr. Stewart on the Drouth" in the Pantagraph July 20, 1887
13.3 "A Chance for the ___ Abolitionists" by A. E. Stewart in the Pantagraph July 31, 1889
13.4 "Dr. A. E. Stewart Dead" in the Pantagraph April 5, 1899
13.5 "Old Poem on Soldiers' Monument" in the Pantagraph April 17, 1913


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