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Special invitation to Abraham Lincoln fans

A special invitation from Guy C. Fraker, author of Lincoln's Ladder to the Presidency: The Eighth Judicial Circuit

What a coup for the McLean County Museum of History to have Douglas L. Wilson speak!

He is on any Abraham Lincoln fan's list of top Lincoln scholars in the nation. He is the leading authority on the work of William Herndon, Lincoln's long-time law partner and biographer which dominates any study of Lincoln before the White House.

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Merlin Kennedy, 2015 McLean County History Maker

Merlin Kennedy

The local story of the American Civil Rights Movement cannot be told without a chapter on Merlin Kennedy. His unique style of leadership and bold demonstrations against segregation made national headlines as the nation struggled to redefine race relations.

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A Date with the Museum, by intern Joe Ruskey

As a college student I could not help but notice the lack of involvement from my demographic. Sure, the interns are college students, but college students are typically not the ones visiting the Museum, which is why it's important for them to have a date with the Museum, just as I did. On the first Tuesday of September, from 6 to 8 PM, college students will be able to get free Monical's pizza and free admission to the Museum.

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