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Portal to our Online Collections

Welcome to the access page for our Online Collections.  Please note that this page and database is not yet accessible to the public, and is not to be shared.


You have many options for searching the collection.

Click & Search is a good way to browse objects and get a feel for the vocabulary used in the database.  You are able to search by Subject, Object Name, People, Collection, and Date.  

A Keyword Search will search all words in the following fields of the object records: Subject, Object Name, People, Collection, Date, and Description. If you are searching using more than one word, use quotes. Generally this search will have a largest number of results.

Advanced Search is most helpful if you have an idea about the lexicon or vocabulary used in the database,  otherwise you may yield no results.  In this search you are able to search two fields at once.

Finally, random images is a fun way to see a random assortment of artifacts!

Ready to visit the database?

By clicking this link you understand that this database is not open to the public and agree not to share the link publicly.

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