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Quarterly Magazine -- Winter 2022-23

Press Release: Awarded Re-Accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums

The McLean County Museum of History has, once again, received the highest national recognition afforded the nation's museums: accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums.

Of the nation's estimated 33,000 museums, just over 1,080, or 3.3%, are accredited. Alliance Accreditation recognizes museums for their commitment to excellence, accountability, high professional standards, and continued institutional improvement.

Press Release: Executive Director Julie Emig to be out on medical leave through December

Executive Director Julie Emig is out on medical leave from the McLean County Museum of History until December. Her prognosis is exceptionally good with a full recovery expected. While Julie is managing her health, the Board has named Development Director Norris Porter as the Acting Executive Director. "I have complete confidence in Porter’s leadership,” said Emig. “The Museum is in great hands.” Please direct any questions you have about the Museum to

Press Release: Museum Reinvests in Preservation of Historic Markers

After immortalizing the legacy of 336 McLean County WWII veterans by placing bronze tablets etched with their names atop a once fading memorial on the East side of the Museum Square, the McLean County Museum of History is set to host a memorial rededication ceremony on Saturday, November 5, 2022 at 1 pm.

Quarterly Magazine -- Fall 2022

Press Release: Breaking Bread in McLean County Continues to Provide Food for Thought

...Even more rewarding than any accolades, however, is the nearing opportunity for creators and contributors to break bread together in person for the first time following the immense and continued success of this highly personal—and virtual—project. This private Long Table-inspired event for project contributors will take place in September in alliance with the City of Bloomington's Welcoming America initiative and Welcoming Week celebration.

Quarterly Magazine -- Summer 2022

2022 History Makers: Deanna Frautschi & Alan Bedell

Two McLean County residents with working class roots continue to make history as major community and philanthropic leaders. Deanna Frautschi and Alan Bedell both impact many lives with their generous souls, nurtured by their love of nature.

2022 History Makers: Myra & George Gordon

“Tikkun Olam,” a phrase in Hebrew meaning to “repair the world,” sums up George and Myra Gordon’s many community contributions, including education, recycling, and planting trees.

Press Release: MCMH Wins Community Partnership Award for “Breaking Bread in McLean County”

The McLean County Museum of History (MCMH) received an award for Superior Achievement in Community Partnerships by the Illinois Association for Museums (IAM) in recognition of their groundbreaking series, “Breaking Bread in McLean County.” This 10-part online program highlighted the shared and disparate experiences of local migrant communities from the Kickapoo to Congolese Americans, emphasizing shared elements including food, family, tradition, trauma, and exchange to promote a deeper understanding of the ways McLean County has treated its past and present im/migrant communities.

On the Square Quarterly Magazine -- Spring 2022

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