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Photo of the Week, 35: Home Sweet Home Mission, Downtown Bloomington, 1920s

This longtime non-profit social service organization was founded in 1917 by candy maker-turned-evangelist Billy Shelper. First known as Home Sweet Home City Rescue Mission, it was located at 111 South Main Street (seen here) from 1920 to 1926.

McHistory: Humor In A Governor's Veto From 60 Years Gone By

In this episode of GLT's recurring series "McHistory," we hear about a veto message from a Governor of Illinois more than 60 years ago.

Photo of the Week, 34: Bloomington that-a-way?

In 1929, an “air marker" was placed atop The Daily Pantagraph building in downtown Bloomington. Why then did this sign tell pilots that Bloomington is five miles further to the north?

Photo of the Week, 33: Bow Tie Brainpower

On February 7, 1980, Democratic Party stalwart Paul Simon (wearing a bow tie as usual) echoed many Stevensonian themes in his address. “There is a danger in an election year that we cheer or jeer rather than think, that we react more than we reflect, and that we respond to national need with national cynicism."

Photo of the Week, 32: Are you ready for some football?

Pictured here is the 1915 University High School football team. The “U Men" (the school nickname “Pioneers" was still a long way off) went 4-3-2 that season, with wins coming against Paxton, Urbana and Normal (twice); loses to Joliet, Decatur and Peoria Manual; and ties with Champaign and Springfield.

McHistory: Civil War Letter Home After Battle

Today's McHistory is about the Civil War Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, which took place December 7th, 1862.

McHistory: Voices Of The Past Come Alive

Here is a story of hooligans, pranks, and University hijinks from the early part of the last century.

Photo of the Week, 31: Visiting your aunts . . . 1935 style!

On September 9, 1935, a U.S. Army Air Corps Keystone B-5A biplane bomber touched down at the Bloomington Municipal Airport (Central Illinois Regional Airport). Though the bomber was part of the 49th Bombardment Squadron based in Langley Field, Virginia, the nature of this visit was personal.

Newsletter: Fall 2013

Read about the new Asian Indian installation in our People gallery, upcoming programs and events, meet a new volunteer (Aingeal Stone), staff member (Amelia Hill), and board member (Amelia Buragas)

Welcome to the new www.mchistory.org!

This website is a portal to our many resources and will keep visitors up-to-date on our events and activities.

Photo of the Week, 30: Gertrude Fifer and Grandson Joe Bohrer

Unitarian Church, Downtown Bloomington. Easter Day, 1932.

Photo of the Week, 29: Blue Collar Bloomington

Hayes-Custer Stove Company, 1933.

Photo of the Week, 28: Waaaaaa!

Seen here are Sisters M. Eligia Trumper (right) and M. Aloysia Plum in the newborn nursery at old St. Joseph's Hospital, back when it was located on Bloomington's west side. Note the stork in the back corner and the Christ Child statue opposite Sister Trumper.

Photo of the Week, 27: Shhhhh!

Withers Library Reading Room, July 1932.

Photo of the Week, 26: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Olympic Speedster Jesse Owens Visits Bloomington.

Photo of the Week, 25: Et tu, Brute? “Julius Caesar” at the Consistory, 1931

Long before the 1978 inaugural season of what would become the Illinois Shakespeare Festival (held at the Ewing Cultural Center), local residents enjoyed one of the Bard's tragedies at another popular Bloomington venue.

Photo of the Week, 24: Seven ball in the corner pocket . . .

Students at the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's School (ISSCS) play pool at Horner Hall, circa 1955-1956.

Photo of the Week, 23: World War II Drinking Fountain Flows Once More!

On October 19, 1948, the local Pearl Harbor chapter of the American War Mothers dedicated a drinking fountain to McLean County's World War II dead. The fountain is located on the east / Main Street side of the McLean County Museum of History (formerly the McLean County Courthouse).

Photo of the Week, 22: A Little Off the Top

Not much is known of this curious scene other than the fact that the chimpanzee is from the Miller Park Zoo. If you know the name of the barber or the location of this shop, contact Museum Librarian Bill Kemp at library@mchistory.org. Any assistance solving the many mysteries surrounding this photograph would be most welcome.

Photo of the Week, 21: Kadgihn’s, downtown Bloomington, 1921

For about a decade, from the mid-1910s to the mid-1920s, Herman Kadgihn ran a newsstand and cigar shop at 607½ North Main Street. No one was identified in this photograph, so it's not known if Herman is one of the three men pictured here.

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