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Mystery Snow Scene - Mystery Solved!

Scene of a snowy street, undated.

This scene looks north where Clinton St. The house at the end of the street is gone: it was taken down when the intersection was reconfigured.

Snowbound Illinois Central Northeast of Fletcher, February 1908

Train buried in snow, 1908

A heavy snowfall in February 1908 put a halt to this steam locomotive along the Illinois Central Railroad’s “Bloomer Line.”

Pothole Season Laesch Dairy Truck, January 1965

Man in front of a dairy truck, 1965.

Winter is hard on Twin City streets, with local residents always on the lookout for potholes, like the Laesch Dairy Driver.

Snow-shrouded Bloomington, undated 200 Block E. Jefferson St., north side

Horse drawn carriage in the snow, undated.

None of these buildings are standing today. This is all surface parking and the Irvin Theater would be built on this block in 1915.

Mississippi Orphans Go Sledding Highland Park, Bloomington, 1963

Group of orphans going sledding, 1963

Pastor J.H. Yohe of First Pentecostal Church of Bloomington gives a sled a push. The boys were part of a 40-orphan contingent from Tupelo, Mississippi.

Beats shoveling … Normal, Dec. 22, 1953

Two men out plowing the drive, 1953.

Three inches of snow had Don Locke of Bryan’s Standard Service Station out plowing the drive. Today, this site is occupied by Illinois State University’s Professional Development Building.

On Your Mark . . . Street Sledding, December 31, 1946

Sledding, 1946.

Who says there aren’t hills in Central Illinois? These youngsters took advantage of the chilly, snowy weather over the 1946-1947 New Year’s holiday to go sledding down an icy stretch of South Lee Street in Bloomington.

‘Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile’ 1961 Edition

Fall leaves, 1961.

Seen here is Illinois State Normal University senior Connie Townsend from Princeton, IL, enjoying an idyllic fall day back in early November of 1961.

Springtime in “BloNo’ Iris Walk, 1939

Although you wouldn’t know it from this past weekend’s weather, the end of May and the beginning of June mark the traditional start of the garden walk season in Bloomington-Normal.

Photo of the Week, 104: Wintertime Construction - State Farm Insurance Addition, January 1939

Wintertime Construction - State Farm Insurance Addition, January 1939

This image, taken January 25, 1939, shows two workers some 7 stories above tightening bolts in the dead of winter.

McHistory: Winter of Deep Snow

"McHistory" is a co-production of WGLT and the Museum of History using the letters, diaries, and documents of days gone by.

Photo of the Week, 13: Tornado Season is Here

“Tornado Leaves Trail of Debris Strung Across Central Illinois" read the page 5 headline in the June 11, 1939 Pantagraph. Seen here is damage from that storm in downtown Arrowsmith, the small McLean County community east of Bloomington. A tornado and / or accompanying high winds tore off the corner of the Masonic building and left the Hess grocery store exposed to the elements.

Photo of the Week, 4: Beware of March Snowstorms!

Little is known about this photograph from the Museum archives except the date—March 7, 1931.

Little is known about this photograph from the Museum archives except the date—March 7, 1931. A check of local newspaper microfilm at Bloomington Public Library tells us that in fact there was a major snowstorm at this time. “Winter's Worst Storm Grips State—Relief Today, Is Prediction" was the March 8, 1931 front page headline in The Pantagraph.

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