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Winning Pumpkins Normal Parks & Rec, 1963

Normal Parks & Rec winning pumpkins, 1963.

Gordon Jaeger, Town of Normal parks and recreation director, is shown here in late October 1963 posing with the eight winners in Normal’s pumpkin carving contest.

Normal’s Streetcar ‘Subway’ Ca. 1912

Subway streetcars in Normal, 1912.

This viaduct (or “subway,” as they were once called) was built to enable Bloomington & Normal Railway Co. streetcars to safely cross the Chicago & Alton Railroad mainline in Normal. This viaduct remains open today and is used by automobiles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Mennonite Church of Normal 908 S. University St.

Old Mennonite Church, undated.

Seen here is the old Mennonite Church of Normal when it was located on South University Street. This photo is undated, but the fact that University Street is unpaved tells us it goes back a few years!

McLean County Health Department TB Shots, October 1961

Young boy receiving vaccination, 1962.

This boy is being vaccinated for tuberculosis in the fall of 1961 by two nurses working for the McLean County Health Department.

Calling Dr. Scholls! ISNU Freshmen Orientation, Sept. 1953

ISU freshamn with sore feet, 1953.

This photograph, taken Sept. 15, 1953, shows three Illinois State Normal University freshmen rubbing their aching feet after a busy opening day of Orientation Week.

Fearsome Front Line Illinois State, September 1941

Illinois State University football team, 1941.

Seen here are the gridiron “Red Birds” who went 3-4-2 in 1941, with losses including a 7-0 heartbreaker to Illinois Wesleyan.

Cedar Crest, Normal Undated Aerial, c. early 1930s

Aerial view of Cedar Crest in Normal, 1930s.

Here’s a fascinating view of the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Normal from the Depression era.

Campus Fashion ISNU September 1941

Fashionable Illinois State University women, 1941.

The Pantagraph snapped this photo for a planned “campus fashion” feature for late September or early October 1941. The two Illinois State Normal University students are not identified

McLean County Fairgrounds Old East Side Location, Undated

Aerial view of Normal, undated.

This site, Illinois Route 9 just east of what would become Veterans Parkway, served as home for the McLean County Fair from 1955 to 1996. This aerial view is looking west-northwest.

Sinoark’s ‘Frontier Room’ Opens October 1959

Phil-Kron drive-in theater, 1959.

Located at the junction of South Main Street and the Route 66 Beltline, the Phil-Kron drive-in theater featured a full restaurant built under the movie screen.

Hog Heaven Klafke Farm, August 1942

Klafke Farm hog houses, 1942.

Henry E. Klafke was a Normal Township breeder of Duroc Jersey hogs. He’s seen here watching over the scrub down of his hog houses in preparation for fall litters.

A Boy’s Feathered Friend Victory Hall, Normal, c. 1930

Victory Hall boy with a bird, 1930.

Opened after World War I at 904 Hovey Ave. in Normal, Victory Hall was a safe place for boys from troubled families. Seen here is Victory Hall boy George Sanders about 1930.

The course of true love never did run smooth … Shakespeare on the ISNU Quad, May 1941

Illinois State Normal University staged Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, 1941.

On May 23 and May 24, 1941, Illinois State Normal University staged Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the outdoor amphitheater that was once located at the south end of the Quad.

Jim Ameche and WJBC December 1949

Jim Ameche helped WJBC Radio inaugurate new building, 1949.

National radio personality Jim Ameche (center) helped WJBC Radio inaugurate its new transmitter building, new pylon antenna, and other capital upgrades by serving as master of ceremonies for a three-hour variety show, aired December 7, 1949.

Ironworkers and Old Glory June 1990

Ironworkers holding a flag, 1990.

In this June 1990 scene, Ironworkers Mike Wallace and Chris Bomen shake hands in front of an American flag displayed on the last steel beam secured on a five-story addition for Brokaw Hospital.

Mystery Photos The Museum needs your help! Mystery Solved!

Classroom photos, 1946.

Thanks to Mary Jennings Arbogast and her husband Dan, as well as Darlene Coleman, for assisting the museum in determining that these photographs show the Thomas Metcalf School fifth grade class, circa 1946. They also helped us identify many of the students and the teacher, Christine Thoene. Mary Jennings (Arbogast) is shown in the second photograph, front of the table, left side.

FDR’s Death, April 1945 Flags at Half-Staff for 30 Days

Flag at half staff, 1945.

Franklin D. Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945, early in his fourth term as U.S. president. In response, Illinois Gov. Dwight H. Green ordered flags at all public buildings set at half staff for thirty days. Seen here is the flag in front of Old Main on the Illinois State Normal University campus a day or two after Green’s order.

Neon Glory Mr. Quick, undated

Mr. Quick Hamburgers, undated.

The first Mr. Quick opened in Normal in 1959. Eventually the hamburger chain, founded by Marcel Comte, boasted locations in four states. The last Mr. Quick restaurant, located at the northeast corner of Washington and Clinton streets in Bloomington, closed in early 2001

Eighth Grade Graduates Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home, 1928

Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's School eight grade graduates, 1928.

Twelve eighth grade graduates from the Illinois Soldiers’ Orphans’ Home (later renamed the Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s School, or ISSCS) pose for this late spring 1928 photograph. Unfortunately, the only students positively identified are Richard Griffith (middle, back row) and Thelma Capshaw (second from left, front row).

When Uptown Was Downtown Normal Theater, 1967

Normal Theater, 1967.

This photograph is undated but we know the Robert Redford-Jane Fonda romantic comedy “Barefoot in the Park” played at the Normal in late September through early October 1967.

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