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LeRoy High’s Ron Crosby Teacher of Year, May 1964

At the end of the 1964 school year, Leroy High School students selected biology teacher and basketball coach Ron Crosby (left) as “Teacher of the Year.” Crosby is seen here looking over diplomas with William Lewis, LeRoy’s principal.

LeRoy’s CCC Camp August 1934

Aerial photo of LeRoy CCC camps, 1934.

LeRoy was home to a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) work camp during the Great Depression. Camp LeRoy opened in May 1934, and the unmarried young men stationed there worked on soil erosion control projects.

LeRoy Aerial East of Downtown, January 1933

Ariel view of LeRoy, 1933

The view here is looking south. Today, there’s a new high school and more residential in-fill, but some of what’s seen here remains much the same 83 years later.

LeRoy Fall Festival September 1963

LeRoy Fall Festival, featuring a tank, 1963.

Billed as “Illinois largest free fall festival,” the LeRoy Fall festival live entertainment in downtown LeRoy. This M41 Walker Bulldog light tank was part of the festivities, but we’re not sure if it was part of a parade or was used as a static display for Cold War-era military recruitment.

LeRoy Centennial Queen October 19, 1935

LeRoy Centennial parade float, 1935.

This photo was taken of the LeRoy Centennial parade, held back in 1935. Rose Mae Bishop (seated) served as centennial queen.

LeRoy Centennial Parade October 19, 1935

LeRoy Centennial parade, 1935.

A merchant’s parade was one of the highlights of LeRoy’s three-day centennial celebration, 1935. Leading the parade and seen here was the drum and bugle corps of the Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s School of Normal.

Easter Parade, LeRoy Style, 1937

Easter LeRoy 1937 McLean County Museum of History

On Sunday, April 9, 1937, The Pantagraph ran a photo spread on LeRoy ladies getting ready for Easter church services and family get-togethers.

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