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McHistory: Humor In A Governor's Veto From 60 Years Gone By

In this episode of GLT's recurring series "McHistory," we hear about a veto message from a Governor of Illinois more than 60 years ago.

Photo of the Week, 33: Bow Tie Brainpower

On February 7, 1980, Democratic Party stalwart Paul Simon (wearing a bow tie as usual) echoed many Stevensonian themes in his address. “There is a danger in an election year that we cheer or jeer rather than think, that we react more than we reflect, and that we respond to national need with national cynicism."

Photo of the Week, 30: Gertrude Fifer and Grandson Joe Bohrer

Unitarian Church, Downtown Bloomington. Easter Day, 1932.

Photo of the Week 19: New Deal Rally, September 1933

In September 1933, during the dark days of the Great Depression, Bloomington hosted a parade and a series of programs trumpeting President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration (NRA), a cornerstone of his First New Deal.

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