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Archive of: 1960s

Pothole Season Laesch Dairy Truck, January 1965

Man in front of a dairy truck, 1965.

Winter is hard on Twin City streets, with local residents always on the lookout for potholes, like the Laesch Dairy Driver.

Holiday season comes to an end January 4, 1965

Woman dumping her Christmas tree, 1965.

Christmas tree unceremoniously dumped curbside come early January. Here’s Patricia Miller disposing of her family tree.

First Baby of the New Year January 1, 1965 Edition

Two women holding their newborn babies, 1965.

Shirley Agner and Judy Oesch hold their newborn babies. The Agners were from Livingston County, while the Oesch family lived in Normal. Both births took place at Mennonite Hospital.

December Sleigh Ride, 1963

Unknown women enjoying a sleigh ride, 1963

These young women appear to be having the time of their lives. Can anyone help us out?

One-Room School on the Move November 23, 1963

One-room Rose Hill School, 1963.

This shows the one-room Rose Hill School being moved to its new site on the Illinois State Normal University campus. In 1964 it was renamed for Lura Eyestone, an 1892 ISNU graduate who served as a faculty member from 1903 to 1939.

Bloomington Municipal Airport Terminal, April 1964

Old airport terminal, 1964.

The period from Wednesday through Sunday around Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel time of the year in the U.S. Fortunately for folks flying in or out of Bloomington, local airport facilities have expanded dramatically since 1964!

Veterans Parkway as the Route 66 ‘Beltline’ December 1960

Aerial view of Veteran's Parkway, 1960.

This aerial, looking due north, shows the Route 66 “Beltline” which is now Veterans Parkway.

Jack Cruser ‘Ugliest’ Costume Winner, 1968

Young by with an ugly costume, 1968.

In 1968, the Normal Parks and Recreation Department and the Optimist and Rotary clubs sponsored a Halloween costume parade at ISU. Jack Cruser won the grand prize after taking first place in the “ugliest costume” category for those in the first grade or younger.

Tilden-Hall’s Sad Demise February-March 1962

Destruction of Tilden-Hall Hotel, 1962.

Seen here is the removal of the neon sign of the Tilden-Hall Hotel, the six-story hotel located at the corner of Madison and Washington streets.

Susan Emrath Computer Pioneer, 1968

Susan Emrath sitting in front of an old computer, 1968.

Susan Emrath, a recent Illinois State University graduate, worked as a systems engineer for IBM. Emrath, 22 years old at the time, was the youngest in IBM’s eight-member account/marketing team and is seen here at a State Farm office with an IBM System/360 mainframe computer.

Winning Pumpkins Normal Parks & Rec, 1963

Normal Parks & Rec winning pumpkins, 1963.

Gordon Jaeger, Town of Normal parks and recreation director, is shown here in late October 1963 posing with the eight winners in Normal’s pumpkin carving contest.

McLean County Health Department TB Shots, October 1961

Young boy receiving vaccination, 1962.

This boy is being vaccinated for tuberculosis in the fall of 1961 by two nurses working for the McLean County Health Department.

LeRoy Fall Festival September 1963

LeRoy Fall Festival, featuring a tank, 1963.

Billed as “Illinois largest free fall festival,” the LeRoy Fall festival live entertainment in downtown LeRoy. This M41 Walker Bulldog light tank was part of the festivities, but we’re not sure if it was part of a parade or was used as a static display for Cold War-era military recruitment.

Hang On Buddies! 1600 Block Fell Ave., Normal, Sept. 1963

Four boys riding two bikes, 1963

This scene shows four unidentified boys heading south on the 1600 block of Fell Ave. The white house is 1610 Fell Ave., and the house under the boys clasped hands is 1612 Fell Ave. No bike helmets in 1963!

Teacher Conference, Oct. 12, 1959 Bloomington High School

Bloomington High School parking lot, 1969.

Nearly 2,000 teachers from a four-county area gathered at the new BHS for an Illinois Education Association meeting in October 1959.

Photo of the Week: Coachman Motel September 1962

Coachmen Motel, 1962.

The Coachman Motel opened on January 30, 1961, at 406 E. Washington St., on the eastern edge of downtown Bloomington. The 42-room motel was built for $500,000 (or nearly $4 million today, adjusted for inflation) by Robert Dunn, a Bloomington attorney.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em Bloomington Police Department, February 1963

Bloomington policemen enjoying cigars, 1963.

An anonymous donor treated Bloomington’s finest to a box of cigars as a way to mark the pending closure of old city hall, located at northwest corner of East and Monroe streets, and the opening of the new (and current) one on East Olive Street.

Memorial Day 1960

Memorial Day flowers, 1960.

Seen here is an unidentified woman laying flowers in an unknown cemetery in the Bloomington area.

Memorial Day 1960 African-American Legionnaires

Memorial Day parade, 1960.

The Redd-William American Legion Post color guard heads north on East Street in downtown Bloomington during the Memorial Day parade of May 30, 1960. Redd-Williams was the Legion post for local African-American veterans.

When Uptown Was Downtown Normal Theater, 1967

Normal Theater, 1967.

This photograph is undated but we know the Robert Redford-Jane Fonda romantic comedy “Barefoot in the Park” played at the Normal in late September through early October 1967.

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