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Archive of: October, 2016

Bloomington Letter Carriers Circa early 1930s

Bloomington mailmen, 1930s.

These spiffy letter carriers pose in front of the pre-1932 downtown Bloomington post office, which was located at the northwest corner of East and Jefferson streets.

Windsor Hotel Downtown Bloomington, undated

Old Windsor Hotel, undated.

This Italianate-style hotel was Bloomington’s finest for many years. Originally known as the Ashley House, it opened sometime around 1860. It later became the Windsor Hotel. It was lost in the Great Bloomington Fire of 1900.

Normal’s Streetcar ‘Subway’ Ca. 1912

Subway streetcars in Normal, 1912.

This viaduct (or “subway,” as they were once called) was built to enable Bloomington & Normal Railway Co. streetcars to safely cross the Chicago & Alton Railroad mainline in Normal. This viaduct remains open today and is used by automobiles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Addison Pancake ‘Deaf Mute’ Photographer, ca. 1869

The Deaf-Mute photographer, 1869.

In 1860, hearing impaired photographer Addison Pancake (1844-1900) operated a studio in downtown Bloomington. He was a graduate of what’s today known as the Illinois School for the Deaf and billed himself as a “deaf mute photographer.”

Mennonite Church of Normal 908 S. University St.

Old Mennonite Church, undated.

Seen here is the old Mennonite Church of Normal when it was located on South University Street. This photo is undated, but the fact that University Street is unpaved tells us it goes back a few years!

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