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Archive of: August, 2016

Walter Schroeder, August 1958 High-Moisture Shelled Corn

Livestock farmer Walter Schroeder, 1958.

Back in the late 1950s, livestock farmer Walter Schroeder (second from right) of rural Bloomington Township fattened about 500 head of cattle a year.

McLean County Fairgrounds Old East Side Location, Undated

Aerial view of Normal, undated.

This site, Illinois Route 9 just east of what would become Veterans Parkway, served as home for the McLean County Fair from 1955 to 1996. This aerial view is looking west-northwest.

Sinoark’s ‘Frontier Room’ Opens October 1959

Phil-Kron drive-in theater, 1959.

Located at the junction of South Main Street and the Route 66 Beltline, the Phil-Kron drive-in theater featured a full restaurant built under the movie screen.

Teacher Conference, Oct. 12, 1959 Bloomington High School

Bloomington High School parking lot, 1969.

Nearly 2,000 teachers from a four-county area gathered at the new BHS for an Illinois Education Association meeting in October 1959.

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