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Archive of: August, 2016

New Two-Way Radios Bloomington Fire Department, 1953

The Bloomington Fire Department testing out new radios, 1953.

The BFD tried out its new two-way radio system in late August 1953. Seen here are Fireman Robert Colyer (left) driving the service truck as Capt. Ernest Lockenvitz contacts the station.

Men with Hats Passenger Service Inaugurated Old ‘Bloomington’ Airport, 1931

Men standing in front of Bloomington's first airport, 1931.

This 1931 scene at that field shows a local delegation standing before one of Century Air Lines’ 10-passenger Stinson tri-motor “ships.” The occasion was the inauguration of air passenger service to this area.

Up and Over Downs May 1953

Aerial view of the village of Downs, 1953.

Even the small Village of Downs had a post-World War II housing boom (relatively speaking). Note also that there was no Interstate 74 in 1953!

Newsletter: Fall 2016

Pony Giveaway Courthouse Square, August 1947

Pony giveaway gathering, 1947.

In 1947, Bloomington merchants staged a promotional drawing on the west steps of the McLean County Courthouse Square (now the Museum Square). Nine-year-old Donald Lake, whose family lived north of Lexington, won the top prize, a bay pony named “Flag.”

Lucy Orme Morgan Home Washington St. Party, Aug. 1949

Pony cart ride, 1947.

In 1947, a group of young girls from the Lucy Orme Morgan Home in Bloomington, which took in neglected girls from families unwilling or unable to care for them, were guests at the home of Violet Whitmer. Activities included rides on a pony cart.

LeRoy Fall Festival September 1963

LeRoy Fall Festival, featuring a tank, 1963.

Billed as “Illinois largest free fall festival,” the LeRoy Fall festival live entertainment in downtown LeRoy. This M41 Walker Bulldog light tank was part of the festivities, but we’re not sure if it was part of a parade or was used as a static display for Cold War-era military recruitment.

Hang On Buddies! 1600 Block Fell Ave., Normal, Sept. 1963

Four boys riding two bikes, 1963

This scene shows four unidentified boys heading south on the 1600 block of Fell Ave. The white house is 1610 Fell Ave., and the house under the boys clasped hands is 1612 Fell Ave. No bike helmets in 1963!

Cedar Crest, Normal Undated Aerial, c. early 1930s

Aerial view of Cedar Crest in Normal, 1930s.

Here’s a fascinating view of the Cedar Crest neighborhood in Normal from the Depression era.

Billy Shelper Home Sweet Home Founder

Billy Shelper, founder of Home Sweet Home City Rescue Mission

Established in 1917, the Home Sweet Home City Rescue Mission (now known as Home Sweet Home Ministries) provides “food, shelter, and hope to the hungry, homeless, and hurting.”

Campus Fashion ISNU September 1941

Fashionable Illinois State University women, 1941.

The Pantagraph snapped this photo for a planned “campus fashion” feature for late September or early October 1941. The two Illinois State Normal University students are not identified

Gold Star Mothers Undated

​The American Gold Star Mothers, undated.

The American Gold Star Mothers organization consists of mothers who have lost a son or daughter to military service. This photograph is undated, though far left is Hazel Millard, founder and president of the Bloomington Gold Star Mothers chapter.

Ralston-Purina Co. Plant Bloomington, Undated

Ralston-Purina Co., undated.

In 1948, Ralston-Purina Co. opened a soybean processing plant on Bloomington’s west side. Soybean oil from this plant was used in a variety of animal feeds.

Bloomington Federal Under Construction, August 1957

Bloomington Federal Savings & Loan Association building, 1957.

The “new” Bloomington Federal Savings & Loan Association building under construction some three months before its grand opening in November 1957. Designed by visionary architect A. Richard Williams, additions to this bank building were made in the 1970s and 1980s.

In the shades of Wesleyan’s elms … September 1938

Group of friends on the Illinois Wesleyan University quad, 1938.

Gathered here on the Illinois Wesleyan University quad in 1938 are students (left to right) Allan Goss of Lexington; Justus Olson of Foosland; Gertrude Ringler of Strawn; and William Ewalt of Ohio, IL.

Meadowbrook Subdivision July 1954

Meadowbrook under construction, 1954.

Meadowbrook, a 167-lot development southeast of Lakeside Country Club, was well under construction in this summer 1954 photograph.

Back to School Illinois Wesleyan, September 1938

IWU students entering and leaving Hedding Hall, 1938.

Seen here are IWU students entering and leaving Hedding Hall during the fall semester, 1938.

Darlene Bishop, Doll Collector Heyworth, August 1938

Young girl poses with doll collection, 1938.

Twelve-year-old Darlene Bishop poses with her collection of 225 dolls in August 1938.

State Farm’s ‘Midwest Office’ Move-In Day, July 15, 1957

New State Farm building, 1957.

In mid-July 1957, some 700 State Farm employees settled into their new quarters at 2309 E. Oakland Ave. In 2016, State Farm still occupies this office building.

'Madly for Adlai’ Sen. Estes Kefauver, Oct. 18, 1952

Sen. Estes Kefauver in Bloomington, 1952.

Sen. Estes Kefauver of Tennessee stopped in Bloomington to campaign for fellow Democrat and hometown favorite son Adlai E. Stevenson II, who was the party’s presidential nominee. Stevenson would lose to Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower in both 1952 and 1956.

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