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Frank Albert Walker Collection

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  1. Collection Information
  2. Historical Sketch
  3. Photographs
  4. Scope and Content Note
  5. Box and Folder Inventory
Collection Information

Volume: One (1) box
Dates: 1911-1939
Restrictions: None
Reproduction: Permission to reproduce or publish material in this collection must be obtained in writing from the McLean County Museum of History.
Location: Archives

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Historical Sketch

In the mid-1850s, the Joseph Walker family established a farm on the northern edge of Normal. Frank Albert Walker (d. 1939) was about six-months old when his family arrived in McLean County. He was born near Cincinnati, Ohio, though available records differ as to his date of birth. According to his March 8, 1939 Pantagraph obituary, he was born in 1854. However, the 1924 History of McLean County states he was born in 1856. 

After his father's death, Frank Albert remained on the family farm, becoming a successful farmer and stockman in his own right. He retired in the late 1910s, and moved into the Town of Normal. From 1920 until his death in 1939, he lived at 402 North Linden Street with his sister Anna Walker. Both siblings never married. 

Most likely, he attended Little Red School, located at the intersection of Raab Road and Linden Street. This collection includes Walker's sixteen-page typed manuscript "The Story of 'The Little Red School.'" 

Frank Albert Walker was an amateur poet, and this collection includes more than seventy of his poems. He assembled the vast majority into the self-titled collection Some Neglected Flowers of Posey. The earliest poems from this collection date to 1911 and the latest to 1929. 

These poems arrived by way of the West Allis (Wisconsin) Historical Society, though the staff could not recall how or why Walker's papers ended up at their institution.

  • Walker farm house in North Normal, undated.

Scope and Contents Note

This collection contains poetry both typed and handwritten, as well as several newspaper clippings.

Box and Folder Inventory
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Folder 1: Biographical Information
1.1 "Frank Walker, Early Normal Resident, Dies," Pantagraph, March 9, 1939
1.2 Photocopy of photograph of probable Walker Homestead, North Normal
1.3 "Frank Albert Walker," History of McLean County, 1924
1.4 Information from Bloomington-Normal City Directories
1.5 1920 Census record
1.6 Information for Betty Hartwick, at West Allis Historical Society
Folder 2: Little Red School Manuscript
2.1 "The Story of 'The Little Red School,'" by F.A. Walker, 18 pg MS, typed
Folder 3: Miscellaneous Writing
3.1 List of poems, sent to Elmer Brown, November 1927
3.2 "Edition of the Pantagraph," handwritten by F.A. Walker, 2 pgs
3.3 "To the Editor of the Daily Pantagraph," letter to the editor, typed
3.4 4 miscellaneous poems
3.5 List of poems given to Carlie Edwards, August 1932
3.6 List of poems given to cousin Jessica Swartz, July 1933
3.7 "My Friend and I," by F.A. Walker, 3 pgs typed
Folder 4: Miscellaneous Poetry
4.1 "An Episode of Crime and Love" and "Mother" typed poems
4.2 "Don't Rock the Boat," F.A.W., August 28, 1914, typed poem, 2 pgs
4.3 "A Song of Spring" by F.A. Walker and "Retrostraction" by Opti-Mister-Cism (Louisville Courier Journal), typed poems
4.4 "When I Cash In" by John Mentor (F.A. Walker), March 29, 1932, typed poem (2 copies)
4.5 "To Mother, Today" by John Mentor (F.A. Walker), typed poem
4.6 "The Hollyhocks are Mine," June 30, 1932, typed poem
4.7 "Old Man," typed poem, (2 copies)
4.8 "A Song of the Race," anonymous, typed poem (2 copies)
Folder 5: Some Neglected Flowers of Posey, PT. 1
5.1 Typed table of contents for Folder 5, Folder 6, and Folder 7, and handwritten copy
5.2 "The Jews," no date
5.3 "In Memorium," (sic), no date
5.4 "The Wild Rose in the Hedge," no date
5.5 "The Coming Race, State and Madison Streets, Chicago, 6 p.m.," no date
5.6 "To Cousin Pauline White," December 1911 / "Lines to Irene White," December 1911
5.7 "War," August 1914
5.8 "The Dawn of Peace," July 1916
5.9 "My Friend," March 1927
5.10 "Mother," May 1926
5.11 "Passing of the Scholar," 1910
5.12 "A Birthday Wish," March 1927
5.13 "A Man from Mars," no date
5.14 "When Daddy Comes to Dinner, Toddlekins," April 13-20, no year
5.15 "Love and War," October 1917
5.16 "To the Locomotive," January 1912
5.17 "Keeping Up," September 1915
5.18 "The Journey," March 1913
5.19 "Stars," August 1918
5.20 "The Lost Ship," April 1912
5.21 "The Eternal Warfare," no date
5.22 "Friendship," November 1919
5.23 "Mortality," July 1913
5.24 "Immortality," January 1914
5.25 "Going On," July 1918
5.26 "Life," June 1911
5.27 "A Chicago Love Letter," no date
5.28 "Eternal Verity," October, no year
Folder 6: Some Neglected Flowers of Posey, PT. 2
6.1 "My Neighbor," October, no year
6.2 "Pay Your Debts," no date
6.3 "Hobo Philosophy," May 1913
6.4 "The Bath of Blood," November 1916
6.5 "The Madonna Realistic," no date
6.6 "The High Cost of Living," January 1920
6.7 "Autumn Movies," September 1920
6.8 "A Tribute," no date
6.9 "A Song of Night," no date
6.10 "Illusion," no date
6.11 "Practical Religion," September 1914
6.12 "A Song of Homecoming (for Normal)," 1909
6.13 "A Supplication," no date
6.14 "Out of the Darkness," "Christmas Tide," and "My Heart is Very Sad Tonight," no date
6.15 "The Last Prayer," September, no year
6.16 "Autumn," "Fire Worshippers," and "Thoughts," no date
6.17 "Modesty and Wisdom," "The Talisman," and "The Battle," no date
6.18 "The Price of Coal," no date
6.19 "Calpurnia," and "A Monument of Time," no date
6.20 "Laska," no date
6.21 "Doctor Squills," 1927
6.22 "The Girls of Sixty-One," December 1917
6.23 "A Birthday Wish," March 1927
6.24 "Shadow Land," 1918
Folder 7: Some Neglected Flowers of Posey, PT. 3
7.1 "The Sleepers," no date
7.2 "Fulfillment, Tribute to June Crandall," September 22, 1910 (also includes 2 newspaper clippings about June Crandall)
7.3 "Invincible Spirit of Youth," June 1927
7.4 "When Nettie Sings," 1910
7.5 "Abraham Lincoln," January 1909
7.6 "His Place," November 1924
7.7 "Take Your Turn," February 1922
7.8 "The People," August 1919
7.9 "Robin Red Breast," June 1924
7.10 "Old Days," no date
7.11 "Buck McNeail As told by a dockwalloper," October 1925, and Pantagraph newspaper clipping "40 Heroes in One!" October 23, 1915
7.12 "Eternal Verity," no date
7.13 "Aphelion," June 1916
7.14 "Time," April 1925
7.15 "The Great Procession," November 1927
7.16 "The Rough Rider," no date
7.17 "AGE," 1928
7.18 "The Colorado Canyon," May 1929
7.19 "Outcast Friends," June 1929