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New Light on Abraham Lincoln's Oldest Manuscript

Thu Feb 13 12:10:00 2014

New Light on Abraham Lincoln’s Oldest Manuscript presented by Ken Clements, Professor of Mathematics, ISU and Nerida Ellerton, Professor of Mathematics, ISU

The intersection of mathematics education and history is a special place for Ken Clements and Nerida Ellerton. That’s where they found new insight into a teenage Abraham Lincoln’s arithmetic skills, by connecting the dots on two pages of Abe’s 1825 math workbook.

Clements and Ellerton made headlines with their Lincoln announcement. But that’s only the latest achievement for this amazing partnership, which stretches back 28 years, the last eight as husband and wife. Together, the two Australians have studied the history of math education in the U.S. for years.

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New Light on Abraham Lincoln's Oldest  Manuscript