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Quilt Raffle

Sat Dec 7 15:00:00 2013

Tickets cost $1 each or 6 for $5. They will remain on sale at the Museum through Saturday, December 7 when the winner’s name will be drawn at the annual Christmas at the Courthouse event. The winning ticket holder will receive the quilt, a matching pillow and the original Pantagraph clippings that contain the bird patterns.


The Museum’s volunteer quilters have produced an heirloom, hand-stitched quilt that combines local history and nature. Now, they plan to raffle it off to benefit the Museum.

The piece is entitled The Audubon or Bird Life Quilt and the design comes from a 1929 Pantragraph special series that offered local quilters one block pattern each week over 24 weeks.  The blocks featured birds drawn by Ruby Short McKim in a style similar to the famous avian art of John James Audubon. From the robin and blue jay to the more exotic parrot and flamingo, readers were invited to transfer the designs from the newspaper.

Each week’s bird block came with instructions and a color code for the bird’s feathers, but quilters were free to create their own overall quilt design. The individual bird embroidery was completed many years ago by Lucille McNutt and Mary Bain, who donated their piece work to the Museum. The Museum’s quilters then decided to finish the quilt with a simple design of vintage teal and white blocks and a yellow trim.

Quilt Raffle