File 9 (2 pages) Austin Major to Benjamin Major

               Oct 19h 1849
                              Bassa Cove & County of Liberia

Dear farther & mother
       I embrace this opportunity
of addressing you with these few lines hoping
they may find you & family enjoying good health
as the same leavs me & mine at present
Sence I have been to Liberia & enjoy as a general
thing tolerable good health and also family and all
the others, it has been some time sence I here
from you and mother I sent some letters by the
Packet* when she was out time before last
but whether they got to your hands or not we
can not tell I would be very glad to here from you
all indeed and I hope ( ) you get this letter you
will answer it in order that we may know
how you are doing etc, etc., My wife & (Mary) sends their
Best Respects to you and mother and they hope you
would cherish this opportunity to send them a Bonnet
each, and Sir above all please send me the age
of Both myself, wife & Daughter or we can not
tell them our selves and as my Daily ocpation
is farming do avail your self the opportunity
to send me some Twoles

* "Packet," or Liberian Packet was one of the ships of the American Colonization Society. See The African Repository, Vol. XLIII-1867, 113.

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Please send some carpenters tools as I can do
some at thet Business I had seen some phile
& organs & chisels pliars and a good hatchet -
Der farther I hope you are acquainted with
Liberia that is I mean that it is hard to get any
thing like good cloth to make clothes except -
Very thin so please send me some Blue genes
to make some good wareing clothes & also
some good calico for wife and Daughter &
please send some paper as it is very scarce
here which cannot begotten unless I pay fifty -
per gr. Please give my love to Chasteen Magor
tell him I think very hard of him for not

writing & he has never wrote me sense I hev
I here Been. My love to Wm Magor & family
Jo Magor & family Wm Debenport & family
My wife say give her love Sarah Tenly tel her to send
her some & Mary is Teacher of
the Sabbeth School of the M.E. Church
and also a member of Chirst Church
She is I am happy to say stood among the
first in society in Sabeth Church & State

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and I expect before this get to you
She will be married & she will be very happy
if Mrs Sartel Thales would send her some things to
set her house of. So if you or she either comes
out here I shoul be prepard to Received you home
and Little Lucy tel her to send Mary something too
and please give our love to John magor
and tell him to Remember his old father that
raised him I hope he has not fore got him
because he is in africa - Give my love to Wm Magor
tell him to send us something too for us to Remember
him & also Benjamin Major. Tell him send us
somthings also so as for us to Remember him &
I am now a Leader of a class of the M. "E." church
Please send me some good Books & a Drawing (scribe)
as I Have none. Please sen some 5" & - nails
- & eight penny nails
                              Nothing More but Remains Yors
My Best Respects to Baday Thailst                Austin Magor
Lucy Mager
tell them to send me wife & mary
a Bonnet for we lost all most our things in the