File 8b (pages 3) Austin Majors to Benjamin Major

               Bassa Cove June 23rd 1848
Dear Father & Mother
            We received your letter
And was very glad that you thought so much
of me us to send an answer & we also was
glad to hear of your heaths which seamed
to be good - & now I must tell you
something about our health & the health
of our family family's My family is well my wife
& daughter is in good health I have only one
child living which is mary & she is nearly
grown! She can read tolerably well But
she does not go to school every day at this time
My wife can also read tolerably well & mary
Can wright some But not having had a
good chance better to she can not wright
Better. You will be please to wright to me
Separately so that I may receive my letters
without so much trouble as it appears that
their has Ben some miscarage in them
I must say something more a Bout Mary
She is a schoolteacher & she has also embraced
the Religion of Jesus Christ & is now a full
member in the Methodist Church ? *You will
please to wright to be whether old mother
Reheeler is yet living or not & with regard
to fruits we have corn & casidoes sweet potatoes
& arrow root-ginger & planting & sower
saps & Banannaes & the Palm trees yields abundantly - & papawe & cotton we can
use in the greatest abundance & fouls -
hogs & goats sheep - there is plenty Deers
in this country & also A very feraawus animal
called the lephard & the Bush cat etc

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with regard to my seeing you Again I never ex
pect to see you Again in this life But I hope to meete
you all in the King of Eternal glory where we
will meet to part no more for ever - for I am
very well satisfied in this country - the land of my
my fore fathers where I enjoy all the wright &
privileges of A free ma & can worship

my god & there is none to make me afrade or oppr

ess me in so doing you will please to excuse me
for wrighting so to you But I wish not to Brag
But only to state the satisfaction of my mind
*in the land of my fathers or ancestors in which
the* lord has been so good as to and me & I must
say also that I am A class leader & A steward in
the methodist Episcopal Church in Bassa Cove
& according to your request I am trying to
live agreeable & serve the lord to the Best
of my knowledge. I have not done much
farming as yet But I am trying to get
ready to do so - My wife is just as well
satisfied as I am in this country I oft times
think of the many good advices that
you have given me in the house for my aim
is to live in peace with all men & when
done with this world get to heaven
at lass } My daughter says she wishes you to send
her something to remember her we all
want to send you something to remember you all
& what is convenient send to us as A memorial
& now our lord Jesus Christ himself guide
you in the paths of wrighteousness & at lass
Bring you in to his heavenly Kingdom
is my sincere prayer


Yours very sincerely & most affectionate
         Austin major & family