File 8a (3 pages) Tolbert Major to Benjamin Major

Liberia } Bassa Cove
      } Grand Bassa County
      } June 22nd 1848

My Dear Father
               I received your letter dated august 1847
and though it has been written nearly a year yet it came
safe to hand - which gave me great satisfaction but
I heard nothing that was at all dissatisfactory in the least
My wife is at present very well indeed as is the case
with myself I have at this time two children Sarah
Agnus- & Ann Eliza- the former was born the
20th Oct 1843 and being nearly five years old goes to school
and can read a little the latter having been born
as late as the 9th Sept 1846 is not quide old enough
as yet to go to school and so she stays home with me
_____agreeable to your request I shall endeavor to
write a letter to you at least twice a year But when
ever I see an opportunity of writing I shall not fail to do so
I received the medicines and Books which you sent me
and was very glad of them and that you were so mindful
of me and I shall as far as my poor ability
will allow conform to your advice set forth in the
letter We are very thankful for the few seeds you sent
us as much so as if you had sent a Bushel of each kind
Seeing you show a willing mind to do a good part by us
and I intend to try and do the same by you but as Poor
Lazarus said to the Rich man there is a great gulf
Between us- We have not received the cards which
You sent nor even heard of them We are getting along
pretty well indeed We have lived together without any
dispute or disagreeing as yet and I hope we never will
disagree or have disputes and quarrels I am exceeding
ly happy. We did on the 29th July last by own represent
atives solemnly declare ourselves a free sovereign and
independant people thereby dissolving all political
connection Between the Col. Society and ourselves and
we have established a new form of Government by viz
a "Republican form" and it is my pride and joy
that I am a free man in a free country and can

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enjoy the free mild and equal Government which has

just been established and where I can have an equal
share of Republicanism
The general occupation of the citizens of this country
natives included is farming the merchants appreciate
their farming more than all their commercial Business
Rice - corn - capadas - Potatoes - arrow Root - ginger
etc grow to perfection at the same time many ( )
every persons garden Lacads of every description which
Liberia will afford eatable herbs and here and there is
pictured most Beautiful flowers etc etc
Rice capadas potatoes ginger arrow root etc is
the staple production also palmoil - which we
use in the place of Lard I may say that the
women do nothing but would tell a little story that
is not true they sew and wash and some times they
may be seen weeding out the garden and doing other
petty jobs of the same nature
We Raise cattle in this country but the oxen here
do not work like those in america we also have
sheep goats Hogs Ducks and chickens and we are
making a start at turkeys
There is also a variety of poisonous reptiles in this
country such as snakes lizards scorpions sentpedes etc
there is a kind of lizard whose Bite is said to be fatal
it is called in this country the Salimango I do not
know its natural Historical name
We are not fixed in a way to make cloth so every yard
of cloth that is used in this country is Bought
cotton grows and was it cultivated would be
very plentiful neither can we make sewing cotton
and at this very moment it is in great demand any
price almost would be paid for it
The above are not fables but realities- I only
received four kinds of medicine viz Bayberry Bark
Hemlock No 4 or Bitters Sobebia seed I do not
know whether they are all that you sent or not
as to paying you a visit I hardly know what to say
at this time I am not in a way for paying visits
and I have chaged any notion as I would be able to

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come for a couple of years yet But I shall endeavour to
send you some coffee I would have sent it by the La-

Bachet but not receiving your letter in time I could not
get it in Readiness to send as I received your letter only a
couple of days previous to the starting of the vessel
and we have no machines in the this country but have
to work with our own hands when she makes

another trip across the Ocean I will be sure and send
it I Really do wish to see you and mother and
sometimes when I study about past days it distresses me
most wonderful
What you wrote concerning my Brothers wife &
children gives me a great deal of satisfaction and
comfort Please remember my love to John Major
your son and Judah your daughter and all the
rest of your children I would have written to them
all but for want of time and paper I could not paper
is a scarce article My love to Shastene Major
and his family to Mr Davenport and family to
to William Majors and all of his family To him
Joseph Majors and his family to Edward Wat
kins and his family. Dear mother and father
pray for me and By the assistance of God
I shall endeavour to do the same for you
I hope the Lord will make a way for me to
see you all again this side of the grave I am yet striving
to lay up treasures in heaven where moth corrupt
( ) not nor thieves Break in and steal
This puts me in mind of the time when I came from
the Iron works and you had gone off to illinois and left me
and when I study about that it makes the tears
rise in my eyes The Books that you sent me will
answer for my children they are in my estimation
valuable Books
Farewell father & mother
Tolbert Majors
My mother in Law
Enuck Harlands wife was
very glad to hear from you
and says give her love to all her acquaintances

Wesley Harland is Married