File 7 (2 pages) Tolbert Major to Benjamin Major

      Africa grand bassa county    June 26th 1847
Dear Farther I write you these few to in form
your of my helth which is good at this time present &
I hope these few lines may find you and your family
in good helth the sheep in this country affordes no wole
they have strait hair Like a dog when I lived
with you I was used to eating meat 3 times a day but
if I get it once a weak here I think that I am a doing
very well in dead for I have to pay 371/2 cents a
pound of meat flour is $300 dolars a barel
I did think once that I would come home but
I have decline coming until I make one or 2 good
crops So that I can have some thing to bring with me
the woman would do more than what they do but but
they have no looms to weave cloath and all
the cloath that we get we pay from 75 to 50 & 25
cents a yard for it I want to See you and your
wife and children very bad I for got one
thing and that is this my children talks about you and
mother very much please to have the profile of
you and your wife drawn and send it to me
for my children to loock at when I am dead
My oldest dautor Sarah is about 5 years
old and She can read a little She is considered to
be a ver Sence a ble child by the people to her age

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and my motherinlaw enock harlands wife in
quiers very much about you and should like
to hear from you at all times her and her children She
told me to write a few lines for for her She still remains
a widdow She is a bout 50 years old and
She looks to be a bout 26 years old and
her hair is as black as ever it was and she still
is a striveing to serve the Lord yet and she is got
4 children Living wesley is married and she
says that she wants you to in quier for george
harlands family and write her a bout them she
says that she has wrote so often to them and
nevr got any anser She wants you to write to
her a bout them Please to remember e and brother
aston magors we m want to write to you 2 times
a year but we have no paper Please send me some paper to
your truly tolbert Magors