File 6 (3 pages) Wesley Harland to Benjamin Major

Bassa Cove    West Africa Liberia
April the
4th 1844
Dear frand    I a happy that
I have this opportunity of wrighting you a few lines
this leves me well and I do hope you a in good helth
and all your famleley Deare sir thare is nothing very
strang that I have to Relate to you at this time it would
Be a plesher to me to have a Regular communication
with you so that we would be able to have information
frome one contenent to the other not that I am so mush
consurnd a Bout the a fares in the U States but it would
Be some satesfaction to me in deed to know the State of thinges
I hope the United States ar all not giv up the habbet of
Slave holding and I think if they would God would Bless them
more it is something varry strang to me that white men
that have the Gospel Rather the Bible to giv them all the information
that is nesserry for the salvation of thare soles
not with standing it semes to theme a ( ) it is time that
Crisendom would let heare Light Shine on the & sa sid
Sish darkness and a Banations and crimes that know if they
ar clane of eary thing ealce that a Lone will sink theme
Be Low the Sodamites I am a shamed of the U States or
the Part that indulges in this a caursed thing slaveray and
I do not know why they do indulg in it with out it is low enug
to make a ( ) of the collerd pepel and whites it seems as it
is all most (imprv ) for so menay collerd pepel to Live thare in
slaveray however it is all wease the Best to stand still and
see the salvation of God as the israelites did when thay

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where they hade the tiranichel yok of Bondage on I hope
God will offer the Pepel Eys that thay may see us they are Blined
Like the Poor Blind man that cald on him thouth Son of
David have murcay on me (So end the ( ) at Present

The next thing that comes under aur notice is to giv you
a Brefe a count of this common welth in all the Settel
mantes thare may Be seed or Beteen 4 & 5 thousand 4000 or 5000
in habeletans or panlatations the place is the settelmantes mentes
the most pauler ones are on the Sea Biond we have some settlements
up the River the common welth is aBout 20 or 23 yare old
it is governed by or it is a Republican government We send 10

cunselers Anuley to Legislat for us and make Lawes
The next thing the corrancay of this commo nwelth is not
Acknalliged by forran countrays the corrancay is paper money
formed on cane wood thare ar no gold nor silver in cercolation
Come wood may Be hade in Lage quntilays if men hase goodes
suttahl for the reoreut of wood But thare ar no wood none
the sea Bond it is all in the interior of this country and
Merchants Bys it frome the natives But the settlers never gos
thare owing to so menay Difficultays that they would have to contand
with Fame oil this is a thing that ar made on a varry Large
skil the natives makes a grat dele of it and a mon for 25 leves of
tobacco my By 2 gallons or 2 gls of is as good as 621/2 ( )
and this are of the Best thinges that we have heare for the
market of this country as there is not tobacco made heare
The next thinge that we will notice is fanning this may be
Cone home But it is one thing to have a farme and a nother
thing to make that farme make monay ( ) ( ) farming
in this countray is not Like farming thare it is 2 yores all

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after a man comes to this country he for he cone learne
the arte of fanning and thare it is five yares before
he came make any thinge on that farm that will be woth
a Brass cent coffey can be made in that time and thone
is nothing else that will be of any ( ) to him with
out he wantes it for his own famleley and and he may make
a Living at the Busness But not a verry good one Rice yames potatoes
Casadens or the Bread ( ) is so ( ) plantains
Bananens papawes onages Limes Lemons thare is no momesetay or
it is not worth while for me to tell you what the bounduce of
this countray is as you Know all a Bout all the zones and that
mane thare I can tell you the Land is tarabel good back frome
the Sea shores a Bout 20 or 30 miles good a nufe to make anything
By me saying that it is ( ) Poor Living in this country under
stand me under the Present sucumstance with the poor class of
pepel a manege the men that have Been in this country 15 or
16 yares Lives as well as any man in the U States that is if he is
a indutres man and Better than menay But if a man
comes to this countray if he hase not any monay nor goodes
he nevr will get up under 16 or 19 yares as I say the
men that have been here that long lives well if this shet of
paper wud hold all I woutell you a bout it he hase to wor hard all
Day here hopes for ( ) of tobacco and thare sometimes it is so

Badly that he can not sell it at other times it is for 2 Romod Hankechifes
Work a hole day and glad to get work at Rates it is a harde
thinge for a poor man to make a nofe for his fambley to live of
or dy in this countray where he fars come the first 6 months he
is sick and he givs oblig to you in debt for things for the soport of
his fambley Some 2 or 3 hundred dollars and it five or 6 years before he is
old to Pay this and thone it is five or six more before he can do any thinge for himself
wod say more But not Rome am your Respefuley
Wesley Harland

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Will you be so good as to see where Georg Harlandes famleley is and wright to them
for me also any of the Harlandes as I do not know where thay is also Thorn I ( )

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of Kentucky of Ciniston countray also the Bradcores famleley see if Shebay Bradshaw

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thinge of John I griton and his fambley as the Place that givfor time or
belonged to Shelvay Bradshaw/
so wright me and tell me all a Bout every thing that I wod like to know
so I forgit & Harland famley