File 5 (3 pages) Tolbert, Austin, & Wesley Harland to Benjamin Major

Bassa Cove
August the 7 1843
          My Dear much beloved
father it is with plesher that I take
this opperunity of wrighting you
this letter to informe you that we are
all well and I sincerely hope father
these few lines may find you &your
much beloved famley in the
same as well as the Blessing of God
But I am sorry to inform you that
Washington Tommous is Both Dead
Washignton Dide with a Bledding it was
thought that some of his Blode vessels
Brock frome the woude he reseves
in the wore 2 or 3 years a go. Tommous
Dide with a long lingerring diszese
But nevr the less the Lord workes all
things for the Best
a nother thing I am sorrow to inform
you of and that is thise I hade the mis
forchen to get my House Burned int
ashes a Bout 2 months a go my Loss
neus grate and hade it not have
Bine for my plantations I do no
know what I would have don

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But I do not fele no wase
discorriged at all for as long
as life lastes and my health is good
I do not fele discorriged
I wud send you some of the
Produce of this country But I have
no one to send it By and a nother
thing I do not know where to send
theme so you can get them
But if you will send me word where
to send I will send you some coffy
and ather thinges if it will be elseptabe
With you and some ground nuttes
and maney other thinges
We ar well satisfide in this country

the mane of Coller if we can not
get as much of the Benfites of this
country as you do in yours or as we
did the country that giv us Bouth
But you may know in all new country
how it is and as this is the commens
ment of things we will do all that
we can do and leve the Balance
for the rizeing ginaration and
God or father I did write you
one letter Befor this But if you reseved it
I do not know or wives sendes thare
Love you you all ---- yours truly
it is Tobers House       Tolbr Mages
   Burnte                          Austan Magers


Mr Magers
   Dear Sir it with plesher
that yore Humbel Survant attompes
to inform you that he is well and it is
   my hontes Diszer to have this
to find you Sir and family in the
Same all of my Pepel is well and
ar doing as well as can Be espected
in a new country I myself have
had meney don fals lick others But
with ambish shon it is that I over
come theme all and if there is any
one delites in this country it shorley is me
But I want you to have the goodness
to condecend so much as to wright me
if you pleas where Mr Gorge
Harland is or his famley as I have
sunte and scant letter But no anser
do Dear Sir do me this favor
I remain yours with Due Respect
                                 Wesley Harland
PS I wanto come over to see you all
Wright me if you think Best
to come and remane a few months with
you or not