File 4b (3 pages) Austin Majors to Benjamin Major

Oac tober the 17th 1840 B. cove
Dear Farther I in barche this opportun
ity to writ you these fue lines which
will inform you of my heth which is
good at presan in compliance with
your request I now give you a statme
nt of my condishon soon after I arrived
hear I was put in a thratch house
were I was taking daw sick with
the fever and when helpless the na
tives came in an taking every
thing that I pur sessed in this world
fater which thay come again in about
two years and binnd my house with
all that I had rake to geather my
sickness hell me at least two years
I have sufard much Sence I come
here but the dark clouds begin to disapear
again if you can send send us sum fue
artichels of (trade) such as tobacco clouth
pipes beed such as china beed it will be
a profft to both of us I can by palm
oil cam wood ivory & I and return
to you that is if you can make it cunven
ent to send these things as goods is so
dear hear I can not by them and make
eneay profit at all do try to send these
artichels for which you shall not loose

page 2

I am happy to in form you of
the goodness of god to my soul
sencicome here the lord have
Spook peace to bouth of our souls
or all of our souls if I never see
you in this life I thrist to meet
you in bright glory these mis
fourtins which I have told you of
have caused us to laber hard
to suport our famlys but after chri
smas we expet to clear farm land

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and commence try to do some thing
for our Selves if you do send
these things do try to send them
by some veary partiler pourson
we wont seep much hear I thank
god that I do in tend to strive to
live as much above heard as
posabe yours Auston Magor

PS you will pleas to writ george har
lin to write to my motherinlaw
Enoch Harlins wife and she have
meet with a grat misfoarthin
She have loast three of hir Sans
this is four letters I have sent I reci one

Excuse the very - hand
writing for we have got
about one of the worst
pensman that we have