File 4a (3 pages) Tolbert Majors to Benjamin Major

      Bassa Cove October the 17th 1840
Dear father I was veary happy to here
from you and the more to So to see the
much regard you have for me I re-
cived your letter aug the 8th 1840 I am
well & family I have married sence I a
moved hear and happy to say that I have
a vary good in dustrious wife and one
that may be appended on and if she had
a chance she could do much more [with] Such
as whells cards. Sums and thin utensils
not with standing Sence I left you I have
met with a great misforthon when I arrived
here I was put in a thatch house where I
was taken done with the fever and the
natives brook in upon me and takin
every thing I had in this world I like
this country vear well all to that one can
not rase as much here as they can in
the Stats on account of the enougs Sen-
ce I was robed I have been oblig to
take up all of my time in working for
people to support my self & famly
we have rice for brad & cassavan &
yams & potatos we use Palm oil for lard
meet is very Scarce here the Palm
three which I have jest menchened

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is I beleve the gratis in this country
& I think Eveay other first it the oil
Second it gives wine thirdly it
gives cabages that is as good if not bet-
ter then those with you in fact I
be leve its match is not to be foun-
d on the globe at least not in this
country the fig & bananas is veary good three
of the plantin speches which is Also veary
good and plenty in these parts this plant
never bears but ounce but yeat always
hath another ciont ready to thake its
place I was veary much obligated.

to you for the thing which you sent
me or rather us but whether we recived
all that you sent us or not I can not tell.
I Recived five peces of cloth namely
one of mixed catin one of calico thirty four
yard three peces of one bleched catin three
Roals of raw catin containing about a
bb each I Also recived 125 seans of whit
thread I would be veary glad Sir, if you
would to us how much you sent us
and the defant amt with thir thir
nums & thir numbers the box we recive
d was brook opin when we recived it
pleas to us try help us all you can
tobacco cloth larg wash. Basons is great

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Sail in this country we stand in
great need of seed such as cab
ag seed cunan mustard & bucwheat
Seed if you shuld send us eny thing
do send us your son John to bring
it or put it in veary strict hands
I am Sir yours Talbeart Magor

P.S. Friend is veary scace sence had how
misforthon no one hath ever been so
good as to give us the worth of a pin
it appears that the eople here
strives to Eat each other in the stad
of thriving to help each other I happy
to tell you that for christ cape commited my soul