File 3 (2 pages) Tolbert Majors to Benjamin Major

               Bassa Cove May 20th 1839

My Dear Master

         it is a long time since
I have seen you. I have seen very many thing
since I have seen you Some are new
& interesting in the highest degree & some a
again are to horrible to mention but the
Lord has carried us through them blesed
be his name he does all things well I have
have the honor of being married to a very
worthy woman & we have been blessed with a boy
we are all well thank God for his goodness he
is good & his kind care is over all his work
I have found something in Africa that I
could I could not find in America that's
I could not fin in the Lord Jesus
Christ whome to know is live eternal
we were geting along very well & I though
I would be able to take it to America in a
For we were all    that is Tho Au-
stin Wa & Thornton and Myself old
aunt Hanah is dead & her
         both of her sons. Why sir, your
endowed family was all doing well
we had learn how to be our own Masters
to but we have had war & that has
destroyed all very much indeed
we have had the most of things destroy-
ed Washington was short in the war
he was shot in the back near his left
shoulder the ball is not out yet
& he is not able to do anything

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we are all needy & should be glad
if you would send us out some things
if you pleas we are trying to get
along again. Tel all of your family
howde. Dear Sir I am in hast & must
bid you good bye
Benjamin             Your humble
Magers                 Servant Tol
                              ber magers
                              Bassa Cove Liberia

                  Bassa Cove May 20th 1839
Dear Mr More
         I take this oppor
tunity to write you a few lines to inform
that I & my wife (health is well pleas tell)
Mr George        that agnes Harlin
& her daug        [w]ell but her two
sons are        died first he
Died soon        - here & Henry
has been de--        six months he
died in the cou-        - that he had w
good deal of        his mother never -
of beter for it for he was alone among
the country people & agnes says that she
wishish that her good Master Harlin
pleas to send her some necessarys
for she is needy for we have had
war with the natives & they destroyed