File 2 (2 pages) Tolbert Majors to Joseph Major [forwarded to Benjamin Major]

Bassa Cove Western Africa
Sept. 1836
Dear Sir,
   We have all landed on the shores of
Africa & got into our houses. We have been
Here 3 weeks. So far I am well pleased
to my master in Illinois. Remember me affectionately
Tell him that none of us have been taken
with the fever yet. We have a prospect of war
with the natives. I hope it will be settled
without bloodshed. To Joseph Major & his
family I want my love & compliments. It rains
here almost every day more or less. When the
rain is over we com out to over 8 gallon
as the soil is sandy, we have not got our
farms laid out yet. each of us will get
40 acres. Which will be ours when we
clear 2 for every 10 - that is 8 acres, we have
a Sunday School here 3 missionary whitemen
2 baptists & a Methodist, as I expect living
here it is altogether different to that in America
here we have Palm oil & rice sweet potatoes
plantain & Banana

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& Copada a root something like artichoke tastes very
well when boiled, we have pine apples - limes etc.
though the principal article of food is rice &
palm oil. To W. Woolridge & his family & Ed my
love & Compliments - tell George Major & Henry
that it is my desire for them to come to this country.
they need not fear the heat, it is not so hot as in
america & we never expect to see frost again. this
is now the winter here & the trees are as green as spring.
Tell Master Jo. Major to please to let them come. my love
to Mr. Moore in Hopskinsville. to God - overshines my
respects. to H. Wheatley & his family
  Tabot Major