File 11 (without date) Wesley Harland to Benjamin Major

Mr Magers
         Dear Sir it with plesher that yor Humbel Survant
attompes to inform you that he is well and it is my hontes
diszer to have this to find you Sir and family in the same
all of my Pepel is well and ar doing as can Be espected in a
new country I myself have had meny don fals lick others But
with ambish shon it is that I over come theme all and if
there is any one delites in this country is shorley is me But I
want you to have the goodness to condescend so much as to wright
me if you pleas where Mr George Harland is or his famley as I have
sunte and sant letter But no answer do Dear Sir do me this favor I
remane yores with Due Respect

                                                         Wesley Harland

PS I wanto come over to see you all Wright me if you think Best to
come and remane a few months with you or not