File 10 (1 page) Selvay Majors to Benjamin Major

                                               December 26 1851*
Dear Father                             Bassa Cove Republic of Liberia
Since I heard from you last many has been my
trouble Tolbert Magers My husband volunteered to go to
Kro town on 22 of March after being there 4 months
he move his wife and children down there and
the President com( )down an emploid him two months
longer his time being up for the 4 months he listed
again two months longer thinking all things was
well and the natives seemed friendly and kind
and the 5 of november the massacree took place
an he was killed by those bardaraus people and
now I am left without a home with three small
children 2 girls and one boy about 2 years one girl about
8 years and the other six I am now depending on the
mercy of friends for a home I was at the Kro town
my self me and my children and only mad my
escape the 3 day before the massacree took place
and it was through the mercy of god they also
killed my Brother and now I have only one left
& he has lost one of his eyes in this war for those
native attacked Bassa Cove on the 15 of november and
a bloody War insued and my brother got short
through the nose and that (occasioned) the last
of his eye so you see that I am a poor (distrepece)
creature and any assistance you can render
me I will be glad of and very thankful
young Joseph Magers my son sends word to young
Benjamin magas for a (pair of houns) and my
childre often inquires after you and more so since
the death of their father there was 8 other persons got
killed in the massacree besides my husaband women an
children and I lost all I had and the rest of them
that was the lost all they had and suppose the
government last aproveds of 5 thousand dollars if
you send me the (horons) pleas to send a shet and
a dog male and female (for they are very useful in this place)
all thro very he is Dead yet
that do not hinder me from (wri)ting to you when
ever I can get an opportunity my mother send her love
to you an would like to know where all the Harbands
have gon to and if you do know please to her so when
I write to them I may know where to direct my letter

to Austin and his family are well
I would like you to write to          I remains yours
me as often as you can             truly Selvay Magers